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iTunes (US)Really love the podcast.It’s like I’m invited into an underworld.2019-08-19Bands omg vb50.906415164470673
iTunes (US)Best of the bestProduction Value is A+. Content is the same. I always enjoy the show and the hosting is engaging.2019-08-1813375p34k550.994316339492798
iTunes (US)Very InterestingGreat stories and interviews. Makes you think. Wish there were more frequent updates. Great job!!2019-08-16T3CN9N350.931010127067566
iTunes (US)Great storytelling and good detailsBest cyber podcast and one of my overall favorites. The stories are very well researched and flow beautifully. The level of detail is just right. And Jack is just right; not obnoxious (like a number of other podcasts), knows his stuff and just easy to listen to. Nicely done.2019-08-16Marcus51750.995293259620667
iTunes (CH)Best security podcastVery well researched and very high quality. I am binge listening 😻2019-08-16emilycebrat50.999703049659729
iTunes (ZA)Freaking cool podcastAlways watching out for the next one!! Keep it up!2019-08-15Fleabite0850.958377599716187
iTunes (US)Great PodcastI came by DarkNet Diaries much by accident. I’m not even a computer nerd but these stories are gripping, amazing, sad, funny and shocking all at the same time. I’m now addicted and can’t wait to hear more.2019-08-15AlanBlain50.90756893157959
iTunes (US)Fascinating and ApproachableThe host has a gift for storytelling and interviewing, and I think he does a superb job of riding that narrow line of making things approachable to those who are not familiar with jargon without boring those who are in a computer-oriented field. Some episodes are pretty funny like Manfred or the Beirut Bank Job. Some episodes are eye-opening like Black Duck Eggs. I binged them all, and you should too.2019-08-14Phistrom50.978902459144592
iTunes (SE)Really interestingLots of good advice about security. Interesting stories. Enjoyable for both techies and ppl like me who are mostly clueless.2019-08-13Rabéns50.980711221694946
iTunes (GB)Awesome!Great storytelling style, with good technical detail but also really engaging. Keep up the great work :)2019-08-12Binalbean50.999711990356445
iTunes (DK)Getting addictedJust came across this podcast and within 2 days 15+ episodes have been consumed. The narrator is fantastic, the stories breathtaking and the eye for details and facts are just amazing.2019-08-08Hjælp123454350.898899734020233
iTunes (US)learned a lotSo far have only listened to the IRS episode and the Stuxnet episode. Both were great. I’ll be listening to much more of this podcast.2019-08-08Woodgeman50.962761044502258
iTunes (GB)This is the best podcast you’ll ever listen to..That is all xox2019-08-07Georgiaajamess50.947479605674744
iTunes (US)Great podcastGreat podcast listened to every episode in 4 days2019-08-02Dye761050.978429317474365
iTunes (US)My favorite infosec podcast by far!Great content, delivery and enthusiasm. My only regret is that I have already binged all the episodes and feel annoyed when I don’t see new episodes in my feed. Just great stuff. Can’t stress enough. I love the episodes from a red team perspective especially.2019-08-02ConfigMgrGeek50.824114918708801
iTunes (GB)Frontman of Cyber PodcastsJack has nailed it with a great blend of true stories, and added suspense throughout the shows. Always learning from the podcasts and look forward to the next episodes 🙌🏻2019-08-01Livtadream50.99620133638382
iTunes (US)Love itGreat podcast. Interesting stories, great security lessons.2019-07-31sdclams50.982359051704407
iTunes (US)Great job!!Love this podcast, I get SO excited seeing a new episode came out. Keep up the great work.2019-07-30StellaLunaES50.987138986587524
iTunes (US)Fantastic interviews, good info!Not bad.2019-07-27DouDmg50.984262704849243
iTunes (DK)Amazing content with great flow!The stories are amazing and really interesting! I love listening to these when biking!2019-07-26Olde9450.997373938560486
iTunes (ZA)super topsOver tops reivew. Sending some love from South Africa.2019-07-26IOTBeanie50.971375286579132
iTunes (US)Nice!Great topics, great narration!2019-07-25Amber T M50.984350204467773
iTunes (NG)One of the best pods I’ve listened to in a whileAmazing content here. Just amazing. I listened to the first episode and I’ve been binging ever since. Good job on research, content delivery and production. PS: this review comes after listening to the episode “Chartbreakers”.....2019-07-25Sleem LDJ50.994073390960693
iTunes (AU)Really interesting podcastI especially enjoyed the latest podcast on the PPP team and defcon. Great work.2019-07-25tlyddiard50.926816701889038
iTunes (US)Great podcast.Love the pod. Great content2019-07-24P00h0l350.989711403846741
iTunes (US)Love itI am in no way a computer type person, but I love this podcast. I listen to a lot of true crime and this hits in the same vein. It is entertaining and I learn a lot of new stuff. I listen to them first and let my 9 year old listen to most of them. He loves them too.2019-07-24natenateeeeee50.963575780391693
iTunes (US)The future is bleakIf the people interviewed and stories told on this podcast are any indication, the future is bleak. The intense dedication to nothing other than malice and hedonism is the dark side of an otherwise intelligent group.2019-07-23Strongbow7310.216651082038879
iTunes (US)Great showThe stories are interesting and they are presented in a very good way. Highly recommend it2019-07-23bdjdydjdjdjduduijehe50.981627821922302
iTunes (US)Love the show and great for people who want to learn more about the underbelly of the worldI am going through a career change and wanted to learn more about cybersecurity. This show in an awesome keyhole into the digital world, the threats and problems out there, and Jack does an awesome job maintaining production value and quality content. Keep up the good work!2019-07-2312536750.942394316196442
iTunes (US)ya these reviews are reali have never reviewed a podcast before. but no podcast has inspiared my to go systech2019-07-23Nuclearfightingworm50.207632154226303
iTunes (DE)ExcellentEveryone interested in Infosec should listen to every single episode. I did. They are really educational and excellent.2019-07-20JAB-Germany50.984438598155975
iTunes (US)Amazing showAt first I didn’t really like Jack as a host but as I started watching more and I grew the really love the way he presents the show. It feels as if he is learning everything along with the listener but still has all the information and makes the show much more captivating. He definitely has the formula to a successful show down My only complaint is that it only come out every 2 weeks and I’ve run out of old episodes!2019-07-20gjshciwkdncons50.120469361543655
iTunes (NL)Ep. 34 - WTFLiterally could not believe the sympathy you guys show for revenge porn criminals in ep34. ‘He didn’t even upload the pictures himself, he just linked to them!’ ‘He got a jail sentence *just* for starting a revenge porn website and encouraging people to upload graphic photo’s of their exes [causing several suicides and even more ruined lives]!’ How in the world do you focus on the “injustice” for the *offenders*? Please look up the words ‘empathy’ and ‘ethics’ and do this episode again. That half-hearted summary at the end doesn’t cut it. Unfollow.2019-07-19plotten2910.113826215267181
iTunes (US)Like this butGreat podcast I’ve learned a lot, thanks for putting it out there. I’ll support your sponsors if I have the need for their products! Just listened to chartbreakers. The guy who ended the podcast was dead wrong. People shouldn’t be hired based on the suit they’re wearing, only the value they bring to a company. It’s not and has never been about diversity, it’s about value. Wearing a suit may get you a job but it won’t get you promoted if you’re bad at your job. Good luck and take care!2019-07-16FIRST TIME LONG TIME BUH50.927895545959473
StitcherNeed more episodes like carder, carbanak,etc.Amazing show! :) Really loved most of the episodes and truly wanna listen more on something similar to carder, carbanak, stuxnet, etc. kind of stories and tech stuff. Those episodes had a great in-depth information and explanation on how they did hack stuff. Didn't like the "Alarm lamp scooter" - though it was a good story but doesn't look like related to darkweb or something. Please add more exciting stories and more tech stuff. :)2019-07-16Neo123450.986965775489807
iTunes (AU)Jack is a great storytellerLove this podcast, one of the few series that I’ve stuck with, brilliant work. Can recommend to anyone with even a mild interest in OpSec and/or IT2019-07-16LongTimeUserFirstTimeReviewer50.908431172370911
iTunes (US)Best Security Related Podcast Of 2019 Award!For someone who does it all from the research, recording, post-production, etc. Jack's Darknet Diaries podcast should be given the title of Best Security Podcast Of 2019 as the quality of his podcasts really shows. You've got to do quite a bit to impress me, and Jack certainly does just that. I was shocked to learn that he does it all himself because something of this quality would seem like it would have a team of at least 5 full time specialists.2019-07-10UnderArmourBody50.788042902946472
iTunes (CA)Love this podcastJust started listening this morning and I’m about 7 episodes deep already! I love it! Great job2019-07-097021Dmchi50.96282172203064
iTunes (US)Very well researched and yet entertaining!Jack is not only an expert security researcher but also an accomplished podcasters. I’m not into IT much and had little idea about sophistication involved in hacking. This podcast opened my eyes to the dangers and smarts out there in cyber world. Fantastic podcast!2019-07-08Ashgreat50.914049744606018
iTunes (MX)Awesome!The voice of the host is calm and engaging, and the stories they provide us are very interesting and prove that sometimes reality surpasses fiction.2019-07-07everynicknameitstaken50.952119290828705
iTunes (US)WHOA.I'm by no means someone in the IT space, but as someone who is generally fairly security- and privacy-conscious, Darknet Diaries is amazing insight into the deeper parts of the web. Some fascinating, some hilarious and some, downright terrifying. Jack brings stories to light with life that would otherwise be pushed off as fear-mongering. He tells them in such a way that anyone with a basic understanding of how to use a computer can benefit from and appreciate. I have learned so much about the good and the bad parts of the internet, thanks to this podcast. These stories make me so incredibly happy that there are people smarter than me working hard to protect our freedoms and privacy.2019-07-07snalesman50.937271475791931
iTunes (US)Worth listeningFirst podcast I binged listened. So informative! Great storytelling !2019-07-07YeeeahBuddy!!!50.991749942302704
iTunes (US)Best podcastThis is my favorite podcasts I began around episode 20 and have listened to every episode.2019-07-06Neptune_CJ50.975917518138885
iTunes (CA)Love itMy fav podcast of them all can't wait for every new episode very interesting and informative2019-07-011979tdfm50.996129810810089
iTunes (IL)Simply the best!!When a new episode comes out I’ll take the longer way to work, suddenly traffic ain’t that bad.. Such A professional approach and spot on narrating, even the more techie parts are easy to follow and to understand. Thank you Jack for taking the infosec podcasts one step forward. Easiest 5 stars ever2019-06-30Dat-lash50.937097787857056
iTunes (DK)Subscribe!Really, really good podcast. Well researched, well presented, interesting, unbiased, honest, interesting. Thank you!2019-06-30C/C/C50.996874809265137
iTunes (US)Best Podcast EVER!This may seriously be one of the best, most interesting, most well produced, professional podcast ever made. Insanely fascinating.2019-06-29Nerfzilla64550.987605035305023
iTunes (US)Deserves a 6/5Best podcast I’ve listened to. Very well narrated by Jack and always the most interesting stories2019-06-26Snazzle crackle pop50.99225127696991
iTunes (US)New episode days feel like Christmas morning.I need more. I can’t get enough!!2019-06-26totallynotahacker50.190421849489212
iTunes (US)AwesomeGreat job, every episode has me hooked until the end2019-06-26supergmark50.831761717796326
iTunes (US)Amazing4c 6f 76 65 20 74 68 69 73 20 73 68 69 742019-06-25Mystic Hex50.82082188129425
iTunes (US)6/5 StarsYou simply won’t find a show that covers cybersecurity stories with this level of background and detail. The host is incredible at researching and writing. And he presents stories in a way that is both relatable and accessible for non-cybersecurity listeners.2019-06-25brok3nwir350.939417958259583
iTunes (US)One of my favorites.Great podcast. Keep it coming.2019-06-24Dabbner50.984435200691223
iTunes (US)Great PodcastOnce I found it, I binged all of them. Well done and great stories. Have recommended to2019-06-22Atx Big Red50.982422351837158
iTunes (DE)holyjust awesome!2019-06-20444669685574363350.984117925167084
iTunes (IT)Pure high quality podcastI think this is one of the best podcast I ever listen to in years.2019-06-18MiPnamic Von Wirklichkeit50.958129525184631
iTunes (AU)Love it!!!!This has reignited my interest in computers IT and all things technology - thanks Jack for your insights and amazing information!!2019-06-18watsonAlexander50.933330416679382
iTunes (US)Loving it!Just found this podcast and could not put it down. Great information, presented in a well researched and very entertaining way. I’d give this more than 5 stars if I could.2019-06-17Ult50.985885739326477
iTunes (AU)New favouriteDon’t scroll past this podcast. Really well presented content - the technical details are explained in a non-condescending way allowing the story to flow. The stories are fascinating and the presenter has a great voice and easy to listen tone. I’m currently binging from Season 1! It’s totally my new favourite! Well done!2019-06-17StellaB72a150.992645025253296
iTunes (AU)Interesting and eye openingLove listening to this. Every case is interesting in its own way and Jake is a great host that keeps it engaging and flowing.2019-06-16ladygagaboy50.996985793113708
iTunes (NL)My favorite by farFound it by accident. I have been hooked ever since. So far the only tech podcast that sets a amazing mood.2019-06-14Frenkie198850.772268056869507
iTunes (CA)The most entertaining security podcast out there!I look forward to every episode and even do “re-runs” - Extremely entertaining and informative!2019-06-13agiannit50.975960373878479
iTunes (US)Great podcast, love it!Just came across this podcast last night and have already listened to a handful of episodes. The host is really informed and sounds like a genuinely nice guy and not like he’s trying to be some uppity tech know it all. Highly recommended!2019-06-12jipjopflop50.922417640686035
iTunes (US)Fantastic for IT people and IT curiousThis is a great podcast. Breaks down risky IT practices and hacker “war stories”. The podcasts generally include interview/commentary either from the hacker or responder to the hack. It is very well written, produced and the tone of the host is more than tolerable. The angle on these IT Sec events are unique and unlike anything you could get from a book or articles from common IT and IT Sec sites.2019-06-12ITSecisfun50.825049102306366
iTunes (GB)ExcellentTo the point and very informative, I just wish there were more episodes!2019-06-11Verbitan50.789026618003845
iTunes (US)Well done and a pleasure to listen to.Very well produced and the content is great. Great for the beginner or seasoned cyber security it IT professional. Kudos for making this!2019-06-11Zoneboy50.997513651847839
iTunes (CA)Amazing podcastThis is the best podcast I’ve ever heard. I am an InfoSec enthusiast, and just getting into the field. I am addicted to DarkND, and eagerly await every new episode! Please make longer episodes and keep them coming! Once a month is not enough! Thanks Jack you’re the best!2019-06-11mkultra3350.972688317298889
iTunes (GB)Insanely informative!!!I simply love to hear this podcast. Very informative and entertaining. Some of the tools i heard, I use then in real life offcourse ethically. Sometimes I hear episodes in gym than hearing the high beats songs. This keeps me more energised.2019-06-11ronnyrahul50.960353195667267
iTunes (US)This is an awesome podcast!I really do love this podcast! Jack always does his best at explaining all of the stories, and he tells them in a very compelling way! I am in an IT position at work, and I can tell you, some of this even makes me think for a bit! Really, a great podcast. I listen all the time.2019-06-10TechGuy61250.977787613868713
iTunes (US)Excellent reporting, riveting storiesMy favorite new show. Although the host sometimes sounds like he’s reading picture books to a group of toddlers, the stories are compelling enough to supersede the narration style. Written well with great supprting documentation, these are stories you probably have not heard elsewhere.2019-06-10MustBeJam50.983251333236694
iTunes (US)Very entertaining, but informing.This podcast does one of the best jobs I have ever seen of someone making cyber security stories interesting. The information is presented in a way that someone that is technologically challenged could follow along easily, but it’s not too dumbed down to the point that will bore an IT professional. I’ve been a web developer for 5 years and this podcast does a good job of making me think about what I can do to beef up security.2019-06-10thatshortguy44450.971040010452271
iTunes (AU)AmazingI’m scare now. But also can’t stop listening. It’s like the opposite of reply all. In a good way!2019-06-07Drhqnril50.963292896747589
iTunes (US)AddictingI only recently discovered this podcast and became instantly addicted. So much so that I binged all the episodes. Jack’s way of storytelling instantly grabs you and he breaks down anything technical in such a way that makes it easy for any listener to understand what is happening in the story.2019-06-06Shadow of Mew50.195606201887131
StitcherGreat stories, awesome production!One of my "must listen" podcasts! The stories are well-told and interesting, and Jack's telling of them is top-notch. It's obvious that a lot of effort is put into the show and I am always dying to hear the next episode. You won't be disappointed!2019-06-05ticki50.234142154455185
iTunes (AU)Masterful research and storytellingI'm surprised to learn that there is no major operation backing this podcast: no large team of researchers, writers, and editors. It's an enormously professional production and is one of only two podcasts I gladly support on Patreon.2019-06-02StevePatonADE50.963677525520325
iTunes (US)Awesome PodcastFor newcomers: check out Episode 24 Operation Bayonet. You’ll be hooked. Excellent investigation journalism, always diving into technical talk but never esoteric. Really helpful for my work life in cyber security. Plus, in Episode 27, he specifically doesn’t request that we rate and review. How cool! Hence my rating and review. Great podcast!2019-06-01Ryan the Janker50.986293196678162
iTunes (US)Always enjoyableJust wanted to say I’m not much of a computer guy, mostly just surf craigslist, but I thoroughly enjoy this podcast. I like the stories and technical aspect of hacking and programming. Always enjoy when I see a new episode is out. Keep up the good work!2019-05-29Mikeyuhh50.977065682411194
iTunes (GB)ExcellentA truly very interesting podcast about dark thing on the internet. Very well researched and produced! Thanks for your content Jack2019-05-29Guitarsbard50.994236469268799
iTunes (AU)Best stories that are relevant and interesting to almost everyone.So professional, yet approachable and fun. The perfect depth of info for us all to (almost) understand. Feels both like Jack does everything himself, but with the good writing, interviews and sound cuts, I’d also believe if someone told me there were 15 people involved in the production. Thanks mate, love it and it’s my favourite podcast now. Eldanos2019-05-28Eldanos9950.991924047470093
iTunes (US)PerfectThis is beyond the best podcast. I tried other ones and honestly only this one really keeps me wanting more and more.2019-05-24Plutotheory50.761344254016876
iTunes (ZA)BrilliantAbsolutely fascinating podcast. Listened to all 30+ podcasts in 2 weeks. Very addictive.2019-05-17Muzza_za50.97414243221283
iTunes (US)Truly excellent!This is easily one of my top 5 favorite podcasts of any genre. The writing is great, the stories are engaging, the host is fantastic, and the production quality is great. I binged every episode of this within 2 weeks and I look forward to each new episode. Great work, Jack!2019-05-15Jennlolzbitch50.990461111068726
iTunes (US)Longtime Listener, First-time ReviewerI’m not a hacker – I’m only semi-literate in technology, even. But I love good stories, and Darknet Diaries is full of them. When a new episode pops up in my feed, I never let it sit for long. Jack Rhysider makes the arcane accessible, the complicated (not simple, but) a little more understandable, and never fails to entertain and inform me in ways no other podcast does.2019-05-15TheKevinShapiro50.873776435852051
iTunes (IE)Gripping even for non-techiesI love tech, but I don’t have the knowledge required to hack my WiFi router so it the connection doesn’t drop every two hours. And, sure, this podcast won’t teach me how to do it. But what it does do is give some phenomenal insight into the hacking world. With gripping narration, the host Jack Rhysider brings the most interesting stories to life and simplifies them so that even non-tech people could easily follow along. Dark Net Diaries is proof that amazing stories can be told even when there’s zero explosions or car chases involved. If you want to learn more on the geniality (and sometimes even naïveté) of the soldiers in 21st century virtual wars, you MUST subscribe to DND!2019-05-10canha14250.89007580280304
iTunes (US)⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I binged listened to this podcast for 24 hours. I have never been to riveted and learned so much about how the world works. I prefer this now over PBS Frontline. Thank you so much for all of your hard work Jack! Keep ‘em coming!2019-05-08adamjvogt50.854568600654602
iTunes (US)greatsuperb2019-05-07sup_g3350.998578190803528
iTunes (SE)Both for techies and non-techies alikeI really enjoy this podcast, the time Jack invests in research and the topics covered. I recommend DD to everyone (colleagues, friends, relatives, dogs...) and together with Smashing Security this pod feels like recreation for someone who’s already submerged in the sec world.2019-05-05Empiripirical50.853130459785461
iTunes (US)My current favorite podcastI love this gem tysm2019-05-04honeyglazedmami50.925256848335266
iTunes (US)Great podcastProbably hacked the ratings......lol Great and entertaining podcast2019-05-03Chato 80550.967491626739502
iTunes (US)Awesome podcastGreat details, storytelling can be a bit overdramatized at times but it’s all good.2019-05-01Jarred Sutherland50.988030970096588
iTunes (NZ)ExcellentExcellent production and story telling!2019-04-29Element NZ50.970481872558594
iTunes (US)One of my fav tech podcasts; #1 fav for securityExcellent work on each episode. You’ll get hooked and want to keep listening for multiple episodes. Good balance of tech details and surrounding story/scenario, to get a full picture around any one hack or hacker that you rarely see in the news.2019-04-28UnrulyGrrl50.918273985385895
iTunes (GB)Fascinating!I love this podcast, it’s well produced, with fascinating stories about infosec, corporate security blunders, large scale hacking and the like. At the time of writing I’ve listened to half the episode and just want more. Long live open podcasting like this, you won’t get this quality from the upstarts trying to wall off podcasts into paid silos.2019-04-28Blue-dreamer50.892392516136169
iTunes (US)My fav-o-rite PodcastAnother tech/cyber podcast led me to discover Darknet Diaries and I have burned through every episode over the past two weeks. Jack has just the right sensibility, real-world experience, and intellectual curiosity to make this the perfect show for me. It’s also been awesome to be a part of the (accelerated) evolution of all of the show elements - intro and music included. Thank you to everyone that makes DD possible and so enjoyable. Looks like it’s time to support this podcast - this will be my first patreon endorsement!2019-04-27psynce50.955418884754181
iTunes (SE)Awesome!Probably the best podcast out there. Always interesting and entertaining.2019-04-26Eminstra50.985669732093811
iTunes (US)Excellent content!!Exellent content!! great redaction!! Kepp entertaining us within this dark world!! It is not just a podcast is thee podcast. Entertainment from the Dark Side Of The Internet!!2019-04-24JhonnyVen50.988310635089874
iTunes (US)Very novel look at security podcastsThis podcast was a real breath of fresh air for me on security podcasts. I'm a somewhat new listener but I have already binge listened thru several of his episodes. And I like it! This podcast has more of a theatrical/production type presentation to it. He doesn't just dry-reads the latest security bulletin (aka "Security Now") or brags about his cars, boats and international travel for half an episode (aka "Troy Hunt"),I like that the author picks one security related subject and makes a production out of it (and doesn't go overboard with it.) Moreover the subjects are quite interesting and his presentation is engaging. So good job, man.2019-04-24dcdc201050.954533934593201
iTunes (US)ExceptionalThis podcast is great. The production, narrative style and story matter are all top notch. Jack Rhysider is phenomenal. Couldn’t recommend enough2019-04-22tywwa1350.956839084625244
iTunes (SE)My favorite podcastVery detailed, yet easy to understand. And very entertaining!2019-04-19AVProdan50.982850790023804
iTunes (US)Great ContentLove Jack Rysider and his stories from the Dark Web......Stories are always well put together and relevant to this era of cyber and technology. The best thing about stories played on this Podcast is they are not “gruesome” or “disturbing” (in my opinion - I’ve never had to not listen to an episode because of the story line dealing with sensitive subjects like sexual abuse/murder/weird stuff). Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a Podcast you should listen to while young listeners are around. It takes a look into the back side of Cyber breaches, malware, hackers, red team/blue team/grey hats/black hats , ATP’s, Nation States actors, script kiddies, and organized cyber crime groups. I will say if you are interested in the stories behind what you read about when hacks/breaches or stories never made public by a breached company, this Podcast is for you.2019-04-19Jgunter201150.940551042556763
iTunes (GB)Entertaining and InformativeI think this Podcast is brilliant. There are definitely a few problems (or “opportunities for improvement” depending on how much of a bureaucrat you’d like to be) in my opinion. First off; the classic...I wish it was longer/more frequent. Enough said. I’d prefer a more in depth analysis of the scams where possible but, I think more importantly, it would be great to revisit scams from previous shows to provide an update. I’d very much like a segment where a victim of these scams is interviewed on the podcast (names withheld of course) to encourage the attitude and mindset which the Podcast is created in. I believe more people would be less embarrassed when they are talking in a safe environment and without the judgement people tend to be afraid of. The more people hear these stories from a 1st person perspective; the more people will follow and hopefully in a small way will prevent anyone from being too embarrassed to report these crimes. I hope that you read this yourselves guys (and gals behind the scenes maybe?). As I mentioned; to be clear I think it’s great and absolutely worth subscribing to. Thanks to everybody involved (scammers excluded haha) and I have a story of my own which hopefully will interest you. 🙏2019-04-191.Riki50.984668791294098
iTunes (CA)The passion is overflowing and it's awesomeBeen a fan of the show since the early episodes. Get content and great host!2019-04-18My Truth Today50.249031454324722
iTunes (US)Good podcast...But, the hosts voice. Not for me.2019-04-16okay208430.827766060829163
iTunes (US)So well done. And so interesting for a techno geek.This is really well done. I don’t ever review podcasts but I had to stop and review this. Audio is great. Stories are great. Everything is great. Happy to donate to the podcast to keep it going.2019-04-14Ryeguy_2350.993214130401611
iTunes (US)Love itIf your interested in IT then this is the podcast for you. You would learn so much and know stuff you didn’t know before. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LISTENING TO IT.2019-04-11xItsFreaKyx50.964011251926422
iTunes (CA)Amazing interviewsThis podcast is addictive! The show is extremely well executed and gives you a thrilling experience to embark on a dark true story of the Internet and cyber security. I can’t recommend it enough!2019-04-10Olavon50.934193015098572
iTunes (AU)Essential listeningI’m not a hacker or particularly tech savvy but Jack makes this podcast fascinating and approachable. He’s obviously putting a lot of time in to make this a really well researched, thoughtful and beautifully edited/mixed show. Well done, Jack. Thank you! (I saw your post on reddit)2019-04-08Greenbean3350.996470332145691
iTunes (DE)big recommendation for people interested in infosecThis is a great show with deep insights. I really enjoy listening to it on my way to work.2019-04-03Javasova50.937466144561768
iTunes (AU)Amazing show, must listen!Jack does an amazing job putting together deep dive storytelling on the hacker space. This should be a must listen for anyone who uses a computer.2019-04-03kristofire50.981501221656799
iTunes (US)Well-produced, fascinating storiesJack tells the stories behind cybercrime that affected my life without me ever hearing about it. It’s fascinating. The recording and editing are very good. I hope more stories keep turning up!2019-04-02lalanl50.925694346427917
iTunes (CA)So GoodThis is literally the best podcast I have ever listened to! I’m excited for new episodes and I highly recommend it to everyone!2019-03-30RMK_150.976481914520264
iTunes (ZA)Thrilling!Jack Rhysider tells the real-life stories of hackers in this thrilling podcast. There is no other podcast quite like it.2019-03-29gjsjsirooqnfbsjdkd50.913291692733765
iTunes (BG)Awesome podcastI highly recommend it!2019-03-28T.Todorov50.983811855316162
iTunes (US)PerfectGreat stories, storytelling, voice, and production. So good, it is almost a cyber crime.2019-03-28App Rover50.93428897857666
iTunes (DK)Awesome captivating podcastAwesome captivating podcast and so when done listeing to the last show i am just waiting for the next one to be published. good podcast2019-03-28VonPlaf50.914129734039307
iTunes (CA)Super !I REALLY love that podcast !!! Thx alot2019-03-28@ssenez50.990494191646576
iTunes (CZ)AwesomeI didn’t met an awesomer podcast than this one.2019-03-27Gift 50550.931068539619446
iTunes (AU)An addictive podcastIf your interested in hacking and cyber security (and how they did it ) you will be addicted! I find myself impatiently waiting for new episodes to be released.2019-03-27Huddo5850.896919250488281
iTunes (GB)I’ve told my friends about the showHello, I know you said that you would rather people tell their friends about the show instead of giving reviews. Instead I have done both. Great show, really interesting and useful2019-03-25Megadoagado50.901997804641724
iTunes (CA)Can’t wait for more episodes!I don’t know a lot about technology but Jack’s explanations make every story really easy to follow. Im so impressed with the level of research and the variety of stories- so much I’ve never heard of, incredibly interesting2019-03-24phlily50.97803270816803
iTunes (ZA)Easy yet thought provoking listeningI cant say enough about how good this podcast is. Whether you would in Infosec, a young kid breaking computers or your are simply interested in intriguing matters, this is the Podcast for you. Give it a listen, you wont regret it. -AngusRed2019-03-20TS117550.947366237640381
iTunes (US)Great show! Listen to this!If someone told me to check out a new tech podcast I would have said pass no thanks, boring! But this podcast is not boring. It’s fascinating true crime, it’s political, ethical dilemmas abound. I love it. - A loyal happy listener2019-03-20fun-lovin3450.98380982875824
iTunes (GB)The best!!I have dabbled with podcast since they came to be part of our daily audio options but never have I ever been so addicted! This is by far the beat I have ever heard. I’m not even in that industry but found the whole series fascinating. A friend informed me about this and I was not sure if I would really care but OMG! I do!! If you you are going to part with hours of your personal time, do it with this podcast. You won’t regret it. I just want more!!2019-03-20Flipflopsuperpants50.22632309794426
iTunes (CH)most pleasant voiceI really like the podcast, it‘s well researched and the stories are super interessting.2019-03-20aneahgi50.972473978996277
iTunes (GB)Brilliant podcastWell researched series with fascinating stories and interviews. Easily one of my 5 favourite podcasts.2019-03-18Apple Store Demo Phone 246850.988464713096619
iTunes (SG)Interesting storiesStories you won't normally see - history of some hacks and cyber attacks, aligned for form a narrative for you. I would love to see more IoT related stuff but perhaps that's a new field.2019-03-16ijs pear50.85400515794754
iTunes (US)FavoriteThis is by far my favorite podcast. Jack thoroughly researches the topics and goes really in depth with the stories. The fact that he doesn’t shy away from explaining the technical aspects of things is a huge plus as well. I am PUMPED for the next episode and all the episodes to follow.2019-03-14Justimoplite50.931400060653687
iTunes (GB)QualityI started at the beginning and now about half way through. Love the music - so well edited and produced - good variety of topics covered - above all really interesting. Recommended!!2019-03-14infuerno50.967451930046082
iTunes (US)Fantastic podcast for cyber security!This is a fantastic podcast if you enjoy anything related to cyber security.2019-03-13MarkyMark958950.94157475233078
iTunes (DE)Really good podcast, well presentedThis podcast has nice audio, not too much ads (just very short and non-invasive in the middle) and well researched information. Jack's voice is very pleasant to listen to. Listened now to 8 episodes and all of them where very well done and gripping. Thank you Jack!2019-03-12TonyJStark50.989734530448914
iTunes (US)Great listenLove this podcast. I’m a new listener and I couldn’t help but binge it. Interesting stories, great narration and easy to follow even for those of us that aren’t the most “tech savvy”. Hope to keep hearing more!2019-03-12Gmoth22750.994154214859009
iTunes (DE)Awesome podcastThe podcast is amazing, it is very informative about darknet & hacking topics. The stories are really great, the tech parts are explained in a very simple way. The sound is very great!2019-03-11Jasschien50.985457897186279
iTunes (CH)For any InfoSec enthusiastI've tried a lot of podcasts in the InfoSec genre and this is the one I keep returning to when I want to listen to well-researched and engaging stories. I don't want to bash other podcasters, but let's just say that the 'voice' plays an integral part of it. I've stopped listening to dozens of podcasters because of shrill voices, annoying pronunciations or song pieces. Jack Rhysider hits the right tone. He's got the engaging story and the voice.2019-03-09apfelstrudel_cookie50.212639659643173
iTunes (NL)AwesomeEven though one of the episodes proves that reviews don’t matter much on iTunes, here’s one anyway! Very interesting and well produced show, it really goes in depth but explains everything very well. Nice atmosphere and music as well!2019-03-09Smorkolama50.979686200618744
iTunes (US)Great! Just greatAmazing! Just listened to the Finn episode, and laughed cause I’ve know the password for my school district forever. If you live in Portland Oregon and go to a PPS school password is. “Portland1851”2019-03-08\not necessary50.961345434188843
iTunes (CH)For any InfoSec enthusiastI've tried a lot of podcasts in the InfoSec genre and this is the one I keep returning to when I want to listen to well-researched and engaging stories. I don't want to bash other podcasters, but let's just say that the 'voice' plays an integral part of it. I've stopped listening to dozens of podcasters because of shrill voices, annoying pronunciations or song pieces. Jack Rhysider hits the right tone. He's got the engaging story and the voice. At the risk of sounding like a creep, he's got a steady rhythm and it's just soothing hearing him talk.2019-03-03apfelstrudel_cookie50.806192576885223
iTunes (US)Great PodcastGreat production quality. Some of these stories bring me back to my Commodore 64 days back in the 80’s as a young teenager.2019-03-02Reeber7350.929155230522156
iTunes (US)Fantastic stories!I love listening to each episode. This is one that makes me happy when a new episode drops!2019-03-01Tom Smith III50.979873895645142
iTunes (DK)greatactual interesting write-ups and investigative journalism for once2019-02-26Køppendhawnor50.940138816833496
iTunes (US)Awesome Podcast and Opens Your EyesThis podcast is great, I have an interest in this even though I don't study it for school. And love listening and learning what I can do to protect myself and what hackers have done in the past. I'm always looking forward to listening to a new episode every week. Keep up the good work Jack!2019-02-26TheBaconDaddy50.985870361328125
iTunes (US)Curiosity got me to listenAnd now I’m hooked2019-02-25Joleeeeee150.755292952060699
iTunes (GB)Flippin’ love it(Ironically) My first time leaving a podcast review, even though I now know it won’t make a difference to rankings 😉 Great series, really interesting content, well put together and researched. Sound levels perfect 👌 I’m a long-time tech and gadget geek and love it2019-02-24huff.huff50.990803837776184
iTunes (GB)So interestingAll these pod casts are so interesting and varied. You get a look into the secret worlds of cyber crime and hear personal accounts from the people involved.2019-02-23p3r3gr1n350.921820998191833
iTunes (GB)Fantastic podcastJust listened to the iTunes Charts episode, which was really well researched and produced. All episodes I’ve listened to so far are detailed and hold your attention. Highly recommended, deserves more attention!2019-02-22Pnewton8450.985958337783813
iTunes (US)Must listenGreat stories, great production quality. I’ve listened since the beginning and they have only gotten better. Definitely a top infosec podcast2019-02-22angry koala150.896775007247925
iTunes (US)Excellent info!Great and relaxing2019-02-21Logical Eagle50.99421900510788
iTunes (US)Great!Being in IT I still find this fascinating. Does a great job bringing real stories to life and I share it with non IT folks to drive home the importance of security. Great job and keep it up!2019-02-20dewski350.927818059921265
iTunes (IL)Very professionalAnd interesting2019-02-19benny.bar50.998578190803528
iTunes (US)amazing stories and great hostfor a one man show, this podcast is very professional. you can tell he spends a lot of time researching and interviewing guests. The stories are also very exciting to listen to. Unfortunately now i’m paranoid about everything, it seems like anything and everything can be hacked2019-02-10JonF550.79658579826355
iTunes (MX)I really love this podcastThe explanation, topics, voice2019-02-09Hiramcoop50.871563673019409
iTunes (IN)Great content and qualityOne of the best podcasts out there. Unlike other podcasts, it's not boring or sleepy. In fact it had exciting stories and good amount of research put into the topic being discussed, with insights from various trusted and explored sources. Also the way the creator(Jack) tells the stories is good.2019-02-07PrakharYadav50.977466464042664
iTunes (AU)Hacking insights to help protect yourselfGreat research, production and stories. Great podcast!2019-02-06Crypto_b50.877138257026672
iTunes (US)Good PodcastEnjoyed the topic and thought they did a lot of research before jumping into a topic - subscribed2019-02-05leow53750.967147946357727
iTunes (AU)AwesomeI cannot stop listening. Keep them coming!2019-02-0563T5UM50.961353182792664
iTunes (CZ)From podcast hater to podcast loverReally cool stories from the tech world, really entertaning!2019-02-05G.o.m.o.r.a301250.911679148674011
iTunes (US)Top Shelf StuffWell researched, expertly produced and presented in a way to keep you engaged. Well worth a listen.2019-02-05Deanwo50.985897302627563
iTunes (US)Awesome Darknet Stories!Wow. I was directed to this site off of another podcast that I listen to. Frankly, I was stunned. The absolute incredible quality and research is off the chart. The podcaster's voice is very pleasant and I just can't tell you how blown away I was by the amount of research done. Can't recommend this podcast enough.2019-02-01Alienmojo50.846495866775513
iTunes (AU)FascinatingVery scary and so engaging.2019-02-01@thelisaskye50.964343905448914
iTunes (AU)Very informativeLove your podcast. It’s the perfect break between other true crime pods I listen to. Recommended you to friends. Keep them coming.2019-02-01nazzaboss50.989623367786407
iTunes (US)Great podcastReally love the stories and the information given. This is a great podcast to get through the day and get more info on tech and security. Also odd but his voice is calming to me for some reason ha ha.2019-01-30Yummdonuts50.948006451129913
iTunes (US)Fascinating!This podcast has become one of my top 5 favorites! Really well done, not just the events it covers but also they way they are narrated. Amazing.2019-01-30PabloViquez50.925317049026489
iTunes (CH)This is worth your time and even moneyI love this podcast and after the 5th episode I had to donate the author 10 bucks. I think down the road I will give him another donation. Despite him claiming that reviews on iTunes do nothing to him (hear episode #27) I would like to thank him for the high quality of research and the wonderful way of story telling. This stuff is fascinating!2019-01-30Sanpedrolo50.93945175409317
iTunes (US)Great storytellingThis is great podcast for a lay level to understand what is happening in the world that could affect them by being hacked either personally, in business or in industry. Enjoy!2019-01-29Abstractly thoughtful50.841896712779999
iTunes (US)YOUR NEW OBSESSIONI started listening to darknet diaries on a whim, and then I ended up binging all the available episodes in three days!! So compelling! As entertaining and story-like as fiction, but also super eductional!!! I learned so much about cyber security--thought it would be boring, but Jack makes it sound like MIssion Impossible or James Bond. Great sound design, great production, great investigation/research, great show! Also, just have to say, I dont even listen to this podcast on Apple, but apparently this chart is where the podcast fame and acclaim emerges, so here's to you Jack, a review and a subscribe from a faithful listener!2019-01-25NataliaBoots50.968322277069092
iTunes (DK)One of the best shows I’ve heard in a while.Even though rating and reviewing doesn’t help this show at all (just listened to Chartbreaker), I want to give my recommendations for this show. It is humorous, very informative and gives a glimpse into the world of digitization. I love it!2019-01-23jspr_h50.957362592220306
iTunes (US)Not Just for Tech Geeks!!This is great content that provides insight into the digital world we are all in, even if we don’t want to be! Jack is a great storyteller and a fantastic researcher. Go listen...now!2019-01-23superkit7550.93326061964035
iTunes (GB)Johnny D FoxOut of this world research and Amazingly informative A must listen for those that wish to be well informed2019-01-22Johnny D Fox50.9516361951828
iTunes (ID)ReviewVery informative. Now i knew more about the world of poscating. Thanks :)2019-01-19Jade:Eyes50.998840093612671
iTunes (US)Very enjoyableGood show for a car ride2019-01-18jmillie9950.969720482826233
iTunes (US)A hidden gemCaught this podcast off a cold search on the stuxnet virus. The next one I listened to was on gaming podcast top charts. I’m sold - the content is narrated well and the host really digs in and thoroughly researches his subjects. This is going to be my go-to listening for commutes home2019-01-18BoboXIII50.88983690738678
iTunes (CA)Tech literate - MUST LISTEN. Simple tech user - MUST LISTEN!!I was made aware of this podcast via “Malicious Life” which played one of the Darknet Diaries episodes. Having binged through the full backlog, I am fascinated and sometimes shocked. Wonderfully entertaining and educational and gives you an understanding of how our networks are susceptible.2019-01-17E.Sam.Ottawa50.969065845012665
iTunes (US)Darknet DiariesHackable sent me here! - 01/15/192019-01-15apt34250.5
iTunes (US)Subscribe and Support!I had rate and subscribe because his work is amazing. This podcast is absolutely thought provoking, educational, and very fun to listen to. Subscribe, listen, and rate—you won’t regret it. Oh yeah— buy a T-shirt! Get his swag!2019-01-13@allycodes50.9708012342453
iTunes (US)Amazing content and presentationI love listening to this podcast! It’s so informative and well produced. I binged listened to every episode released in approximately 2 weeks. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in infosec!2019-01-12Jroy8373250.988328874111176
iTunes (CA)Damn interestingFull of fascinating tech darkside stories. I’ve listened to a few and the content is fascinating and production high quality as well. Definitely highly recommend.2019-01-09Tardisstowaway50.987020373344421
iTunes (US)My favorite podcastThis Stuxnet episode was what I have been waiting on for so long. I have always been so intrigued with this virus, so much so I named my home network after it. Darknet Diaries has been by far my favorite podcast. I highly recommend this podcast if you are the least bit curious. The stories are always well rounded and very interesting.2019-01-09xWILDxRINZLERx50.886462807655334
iTunes (US)The Best InfoSec podcast out thereDarknet diaries is top notch. Every episode is good. Unlike other podcasts, there is very little filler or waste. Stories are engaging with strong details to make it vivid. A must listen!2019-01-08Konscept50.938194394111633
iTunes (US)Recently foundFound the pod last week and listened to all the episodes! So interesting and well-produced.2019-01-06DrinkingIrishTonight50.885430574417114
iTunes (DK)Really great podcastLooking forward to more episodes2019-01-05Tkryhlamm50.97481095790863
iTunes (US)I love Jack.So so amazing.2019-01-04Cdubbsftw50.989527881145477
iTunes (SK)Great podcastSimply great and interesting podcast about dark side of the web. Very well created and presented :). Thank you.2019-01-04lacomartinsky50.992874205112457
iTunes (GB)IncredibleJack does an amazing job! Best podcast out there!!!2019-01-04TSkubala50.995092272758484
iTunes (GB)Precise amateur journalismWell produced, good stories weaved a hidden gem!2019-01-04Adzkenobi50.809610724449158
iTunes (US)Surprised!Initially I didn’t think that I would be interested in this show until I listened to an episode after hearing about it on while listening to Swindled (Great Show!). I’m normally a true crime, Guns & Gear & Military fan. However, after the first show I subscribed and am working on listening to every episode. A lot of the verbiage is over my head. BUT when this happens Jack does a great job of using some type of analogy that clearly explains it in words that make sense so I can understand it. Hacking is Fascinating. Great show! Eve if computers aren’t your thing!2019-01-03Burgetti00750.983064889907837
iTunes (US)So informative!I really love this podcast. I am learning so much!2018-12-28Miss Ackee 12350.952473640441895
iTunes (US)Great content!!!Exellent content!! great redaction!! Kepp entertaining us within this dark world!!2018-12-23JhonnyVen50.996886849403381
iTunes (US)So impactfulThis is my favorite podcast. Each episode has really made a mark on me. It’s very well done, thoughtful, and deeply insightful.2018-12-20blackheartrescuenetwork50.969679594039917
iTunes (GB)Absolutely fantastic show on hackers and moreExcitingly well researched show about the darker part of the Web, involving hackers, crime, shady characters and most importantly a brilliant story teller.2018-12-18iRadu50.862163364887238
iTunes (GB)Educational & entertainingI have now listened to all the episodes of Darknet diaries and have loved every minute of it. Great work.2018-12-18M1ckle3350.975342392921448
iTunes (US)Keeps me coming backYep, good tales. Worth an upvote and patreon subscription. Thank’s Jack2018-12-14PrometheusDXII50.96338152885437
iTunes (US)Well researched, great storytellingLove it!2018-12-12Mr Poop butthole50.999004602432251
iTunes (US)Been listening for almost a yearLove this stuff! Well researched and produced, crazy it's all done by just one guy. I've been learning a ton about the security world and it's given me new things to study on my own.2018-12-11greencat5350.916116237640381
iTunes (US)A Must listenAmazing stories. Expertly produced. The sound mixing and editing is on par with Radio Lab. Excellent podcast for fans of security, hacking or even people who just like good mysteries.2018-12-10moej0j0j050.946366131305695
iTunes (GB)Utterly brilliantGenuinely one of the best researched, uniquely interesting and original. This is the podcast I recommend the most.2018-12-10quality only please50.995888292789459
iTunes (CA)Fantastic PodcastI typically don’t review or rate anything but I have listened to about 6 of these things while driving around and they are awesome. Mays me wish I had more places to drive so I can listen to more. Keep them coming you have a subscriber!2018-12-08Palmolive178450.905587911605835
iTunes (US)Hungry for moreBy far one of the bests PodCasts I have come across. Each story is pefectly balanced with story telling and facts. Jack Does an amazing job hosting each episode and I look forward to each pod. Keep up the great work!2018-12-07anmocd50.947811007499695
iTunes (US)Love love loveI need more. I can’t get enough!!2018-12-07totallynotahacker50.887149810791016
iTunes (US)Terrific podcast!Jack and his unassuming persona, combined with his own love of podcasting and internet security, make for a truly ‘listenable’ experience. Please give it a try! You (hopefully) won’t be disappointed! If you are, I’ll give you your money back… 😂2018-12-06Senor MegaPelo50.957069396972656
iTunes (US)Can’t get enough!The perfect blend of tech and entertainment. This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts and it’s an instant listen every time it pops up in my feed.2018-12-05Doomtickle50.865930080413818
iTunes (US)DarkNet is my Highlight!So I am very picky when it comes to Podcast. My time is limited and my attention is short, (I have my own security breaches to worry about!) but Jack does an amazing show! Each week is better than the last, the quality is perfect, topics are on point, his research and dedication into the content of each episode is to be commended. I always learn something new. As soon as a new episode comes out all other podcasts in my list are put on hold. Highly Highly recommended!2018-12-05GregHogan50.860035061836243
iTunes (GB)Can’t Stop telling people about thisI was recently introduced to this podcast and I can’t stop telling friends about it! It is such high quality and continuously interesting stories l.2018-12-04Joshwright1050.813420176506042
iTunes (US)FavoriteBest infosec/hacking podcast available. So look forward to hearing each episode. Keep up the good work. A++++2018-12-04juanchopancho50.99381422996521
iTunes (GB)IncredibleJack does an amazing job!2018-12-04TSkubala50.992809414863586
iTunes (PT)Probably my favorite podcastUnbelievably weird, funny and real stories. I’m loving the investigative journalism in the latest episodes, really making me want to spend more time digging weird things on the internet.2018-12-04inesmartns50.153409689664841
iTunes (NZ)Awesome!Just an awesome show. Amazing content!2018-12-04timcee4250.997441411018372
iTunes (US)I downloaded this app just to leave a reviewHonestly this is my favorite podcast. I initially thought it was going to be just about the dark web but it’s about topics I didn’t even think about. Like how all of our information is out there and how easily people are able to access it at any time and do with it whatever they want. It’s fascinating to hear about companies being breached or how hackers are able to bypass top notch security online and in person. This podcast has opened my eyes to a whole new side of the internet that I didn’t know about. Majority of the time I’m just sitting there in awe as I listen to these true stories. Anyway, keep it up dude. I always look forward to new episodes. Also, Ep. 27 made me wanna leave this review lol2018-12-04Alisun213350.943957030773163
iTunes (US)Great PodcastGreat stories with interesting topics of all the stuff you wish you knew about the internet.2018-12-03Atm107200250.792397975921631
iTunes (GB)Utterly brilliantGenuinely one of the best researched, uniquely interesting and original.2018-12-03quality only please50.99822723865509
iTunes (US)DarkNet DiariesI can not say enough about how insightful and knowledge the author is. I sit in my podcast app and wait for a new episode to be released. You don’t have to be into hacking to listen to this podcast, the author does a good job of explains and niche hacking phrasing that are used. It if you enjoy listening about how The dark side of the internet functions or how some weird things unfolded this is the best podcast out there, hands down no questions asked.2018-12-03Zeathrul50.940261960029602
iTunes (ZA)I can’t wait for each new episode.This is by far my favorite at the moment2018-12-03HitmanV50.95440936088562
iTunes (IN)Anyone using technology should listen to this.Informative and really really well narrated. It’s entertaining and also educational in a lot of ways.2018-12-03Sushant 9350.994395017623901
iTunes (CA)Incredibly interesting podcast.Well-researched, thought-provoking & fascinating podcast. Download now!2018-12-03RachRS50.914046823978424
iTunes (US)I’m hookedI didn’t know anything about tech before I started to listening to this show. My sister recommended it, and I’m so glad she did. I’m hooked!2018-12-03Hhoersch50.854426920413971
iTunes (IN)The best podcastDefinitely listen to it. I love the research and dedication he puts into it.2018-12-02Marzooq Shah50.969116985797882
iTunes (SE)Great pod!!After the last episode I definately have to give an excellent rating and review.2018-12-02Gunnar Nilsson50.867814898490906
iTunes (TR)Love it .It makes you addicted, thanks !2018-12-02Davinjii50.998572289943695
iTunes (US)RivetingI ran into this program months ago and was sucked in. For a DIY show, the quality is incredible: the editing, research, and story telling are top notch--and it keeps getting better and better. Each show tackles a cyber crime tale or mystery. But it's more than forensic retelling. It's subtle, humorous, and compelling.2018-12-02DrChugClamato50.806687772274017
iTunes (CA)Love the storiesI always get really excited when i see new episodes.2018-12-02Phgnome50.937878251075745
iTunes (US)Great showsReally enjoy the shows. It has interesting topics, good flow, and the host has a pleasant voice.2018-12-02gmperf50.985243439674377
iTunes (US)Curiosity FuelThis is for those days you feel uninspired and need something to think about. This will make the world feel interesting again. Jack Rhysider dives into stories about the internet, hacking, and InfoSec. He illuminates both little-known and well known people and stories to examine the “how” and the “why” that went into various events. You’ll be able to follow along and hear what went right and what went wrong that lead to these situations. If you want to hear about the Carna botnet, early 2000’s game hacks, or even IRS security breaches, this podcast is worth a listen.2018-12-02againstth3grain50.112089544534683
iTunes (US)My favorite Technology PodcastAll episodes are interesting and a very engaging podcast! Thank you for the information, & story telling.2018-12-01jms01050.990223705768585
iTunes (AU)Well researched and presentedEasy listening, well written, researched and presented. If you’ve any interest in hacking related stories you’ll enjoy this. And if you listen to only one episode, make it Chartbreakers. I’m leaving this review because of that ep!2018-12-01JonDoe500050.939306139945984
iTunes (DE)Very goodGood sound design.2018-12-01kuidaore50.970848143100739
iTunes (US)Love it!Amazing podcaster here!! Im into IT and I usually listen to a few network security podcast. I don’t listen to any other type but after stumbling on yours one day I was hooked immediately! You have so much variety in the IT mischief stories and I love how well put together it is. I especially like you how you have the actual people or actors voice in their own accounts. Every story is about something different but each one is cool in its own way and so far have loved them all. I actually learn things on computer security from your stories in a different way than from my usual fact told podcast I usually listen to. I’m sure it takes a lot of time to do your episodes the way you do but let me tell you the quality is amazing and it shows. Keep doing what you do. You got a lifelong fan here!2018-12-01Jimmut50.988483071327209
iTunes (IE)This is one podcast worth listening tooInterested in Cybersecurity and learning about the mischievous on-goings in the Dark Web. Well researched, professional put together and always interesting. Thank you Rhys.2018-12-01Cyber Smurf50.996648192405701
iTunes (US)Outstanding!I was hooked from the very first episode. Being a 20 year IT person with a very diverse tech background, I found these podcasts not only informative, but very eye opening! Keep up the great work!2018-12-01Eclypse201850.987413763999939
iTunes (US)Always excited to see a new showJack is a new to the podcast world but it doesn’t show. He strives for good quality shows. More than once I thought a show would be boring because I had known about it or it was about a security issue from a while back, but I am often proven wrong when it is relevant and interesting. Thanks for brightening my day and keeping me motivated in my field of work!2018-12-01lo_n_slo50.89964485168457
iTunes (US)Excited by new episodes in feed!I do not know how I stumbled onto this podcast but really glad I did. Not only is it super entertaining, well researched and well produced, but it has also caused me to examine my (lack of) cyber security and make some changes.2018-12-01Psuedorandom_Gibberish50.868580222129822
StitcherNerdy newsAs a geek, I'm pretty interested in the world of hacking. Always thought it would be more difficult but the subjects of these episodes make it sound like it's ridiculously easy and we're relying on the general goodness of society to prevent chaos. Very interesting topics.2018-11-27wadingmoose50.831662178039551
iTunes (GB)Original, high-quality, binge-worthy podcastJack’s podcast is just fantastic. I don’t come from a hacking background or even have in-depth knowledge of computers, but this has become one of my favourite podcasts. Bridging the gap between true-crime and cyberspace, most of the stories covered aren’t any that I’ve encountered in mainstream news outlets. Along with the storytelling, the production quality is excellent and I can’t believe Jack makes this all on his own. Truly binge-worthy!2018-11-27tabadabbadoo50.895044088363647
iTunes (US)Very well done, excellent contentI’ll just “ditto” what the user 0x6869 says in the reviews. Definitely addicted to these podcasts and look forward to each new episode.2018-11-27Cmprather50.975060284137726
iTunes (GB)A busman’s holiday!As a cyber investigator you’d think I’d get my fill of crime in work! Yet I’m engrossed in this podcast. Jack is doing some brilliant work by bringing these cases into public consciousness. I’ve just finished listening to the IRS case, and I’m fascinated by the similarities between this and one of my current investigations with HMRC here in the UK! Great work Jack, easily my favourite podcast. 👍2018-11-24ColJGG50.963230013847351
iTunes (US)CyberSec Gold.Long Live Jack Rhysider! Long Live Darknet Diaries!2018-11-19Medinz50.5
iTunes (US)Content rich and eye-openingwhen so many podcasts have so little content (just some guy(s) rambling), it's amazing that Darknet Diaries have in-depth content and great edit that captivate me episode after episode. This podcast opened my eyes to so many things that I didn't know about!2018-11-16led200050.951347708702087
iTunes (BE)Excellent podcast about the dark side of the InternetI really enjoy all the stories reported in this podcast ... they’re concret, well explained and very interesting.2018-11-16Louisdd50.970507025718689
iTunes (US)Very well doneOne of the things I love about this podcast so far (I’m only two episodes in) is how the host gets right to the chase. No intro, no shoutouts, and no crypto ads. Press play and BOOM you’re spoon deep in Darknet soup! He’s so good at this he doesn’t even bother introducing himself. I’ve don’t know that I’ve seen that before. I think the only thing I am craving for in these stories is a little extra natural sound. Sound from tv news or interviews from the time the story took place. Buy now, this podcast is going to the moon!2018-11-16EchoBrav050.834461390972137
iTunes (US)If you're into tech, give it a listenGreat venture into the history of tech, as well as where we are going. A well balanced mix of technical info, and storytelling.2018-11-09Great topic, great podcast50.890099883079529
iTunes (GB)Cunning cyber insightCongratulations on delivering quality podcast with splendidly relayed insights from the darker side of cyber security. Gaining inputs from characters involved from policing or cyber plaintiff.2018-11-03LxsB50.856322467327118
iTunes (US)So interesting!I can’t recommend this podcast enough! It’s interesting, well written and thought provoking. The technical concepts are explained simply - logically and yet eloquently. The hosts’ voice is calm and smooth, but not annoying or patronizing. (Ahem, Aaron Mahnke...) He stays quite neutral, even though he works in the technology field. The stories told are interesting and varied, but also all contain that common thread of tech. The research and facts provided are in-depth and relevant, no off-topic ramblings or rants - because the subject and the content is interesting enough without them. I look forward to every new episode. I can’t get enough. If you’re into tech - or if you just wish you were - listen to this!2018-11-02Mrs.Storey66250.933503866195679
iTunes (ZA)Great contentThe best of it’s kind2018-10-30Gaddez8850.983469724655151
iTunes (US)Super excitingTop quality production and keeps me on the edge of my seat with all the crazy things that have happened! My favorite podcast out of the 30 others I listen to2018-10-27scmgames250.947105705738068
iTunes (US)Incredible tech writingAn engaging and important bit of tech writing. I’m always so impressed with how the host breaks down complex technical issues while also getting across their general importance. I’d definitely give it a listen.2018-10-25justkatarin50.918870031833649
iTunes (KE)Worth that 5 star rating.The production quality is beyond that of an average podcast. Content quality is really good and last but not least, the best use of vocal range, intonation, diction etc. Really impressive. Good work.2018-10-18nixorb50.975829362869263
iTunes (AU)BrilliantThis is such a fantastic podcast . Being interested in technology and computers and to find such a podcast with interesting and informative retellings of events is a treat. Jack does a terrific job researching and presenting these episodes . I look forward to each new one and an always excited to see a new ep released. Keep up the great work .2018-10-17JamesSouthAustralia50.995782911777496
iTunes (GB)Such an amazing showEntertaining, well produced, and each episode is a wonderfully engrossing listen. I'm currently binging all past episodes and am totally hooked to this brilliant project, keep up the great work Jack!2018-10-17llapgoch50.98089987039566
iTunes (US)Keep going!Listened to every episode, really interesting!2018-10-15Bored&seeking50.965174078941345
iTunes (CA)Seriously awesome!Easily one of the best podcasts on this subject. I wish I could give it 10 stars! Definitely recommended if you're into computers, security or just good story telling.2018-10-14Q665950.899063467979431
iTunes (AU)An instant favourite!I listened to all of the available episodes in one week. Keep them coming!2018-10-14nickdrewe50.967885971069336
iTunes (US)Endless streamingMy favorite podcast.. I have and continue to listen for hours. I am dreading fully catching up!2018-10-12Xojessicamoon50.846365928649902
iTunes (US)Awesome show!I work as a full stack dev and it’s reassuring to see that all of the security measures that I take, in all aspects of my life, are well worth it! Very interesting episodes, I’ve just finished listening to every one and they’re all amazing.2018-10-09the_LizardKing50.989008903503418
iTunes (US)Interesting and informativeThis podcast is definitely worth your time. I love this podcast and listen to it daily. I 100% recommend everyone listen to this!2018-10-08Sean_Reviews50.99165153503418
iTunes (US)Best podcast everI listen to podcasts everyday while I work so I’ve listened to them all. This is by far the best podcast I listen to and wish the creator could put out more content! The story’s are great and it gets me thinking about the dark side of the internet that I barely know.2018-10-01Elroy Bennington50.888823926448822
iTunes (CA)👍Great job, loving it. Keep them coming!!2018-09-30TheClutchBear50.999600887298584
StitcherInteresting and informativeReally well done. Well produced and the topics are really unique and interesting. Always worth a listen.2018-09-27slapshot1250.984588980674744
iTunes (US)Unexpectedly DelightfulI discovered this podcast by accident (on the recommendation from a fellow true crime podcast fan in a Facebook group) and am glad I did! I consider myself moderately techy but only enough that I know I could get myself in over my head easily by mistake. From this position I genuinely appreciate the accessibility of the stories and explanation breakdown of how things like blockchain, bitcoin and different ways hacking is accomplished. At the same time the podcast’s pace isn’t hampered by these explanations and tell throughly satisfying stories. I love the interviews with individuals who the stories are about- it really adds to uniqueness of the story. Can’t wait for many more episodes!2018-09-24Demi 😈50.955838203430176
iTunes (AU)Interesting...While I was listening to the episode about people stealing card numbers I got the urge to check my latest transactions to make sure they were legitimate. I noticed that my card had been used to purchase online software not 2 minutes before. I did not make that purchase and I did not recognise the company that charged me. So I called up the bank and they froze my account...my account is still frozen...2018-09-23snipper88850.0902336239814758
iTunes (PL)Great storytellingThe author has awesome storytelling skill. These podcasts are great stories told in very entertaining way. Listen and learn from them.2018-09-20The SiliconMind50.984786629676819
iTunes (US)OutstandingI recently discovered this podcast having an interest in Network security and privacy. The stories are fascinating and Jack Rhysider is a master storyteller. I have now listened to all the available episodes. I was familiar with many of stories covered, but this presentation was a unique look at the story from a perspective not found elsewhere. I have made a small donation to the podcast and plan to donate in the near future. Please keep up the good work.2018-09-16mjd179150.95904016494751
iTunes (US)Great stories and very well doneThis is a great podcast. The stories are ones I can’t find anywhere else and the host does a great job of leading you through the stories. Very well done keep it up. Thank you2018-09-15TimScannell50.994741916656494
StitcherReally great stories, keep 'em coming!All of the episodes are excellent. Some bring to light little known events from history, usually with some interviews with those involved or surrounding the event. Sometimes they're interviews with the people who did those interesting things. Great Podcast, reminds me of a favorite book called Approaching Zero.2018-09-14pkp_50.980767548084259
iTunes (US)Tremendous PodcastIf you're not listening to this show, you are missing a lot. Great show.....addictive. Keep up the good work.2018-09-10samike50.933252573013306
iTunes (US)SweetVery interesting & relevant 🙌🏼2018-09-09❤️Mtns♥️51
iTunes (AU)fabulous stuffnuthin beats a cold beer, sunshine,and cranking up the pwnage...2018-09-08haveibeenpwned50.767880260944366
iTunes (US)So fun and informative!I’m just your average computer user. I am fascinated by, but know nothing about the dark side of the internet. I love this podcast since it introduces me to fabulous characters doing things I can’t imagine doing. It’s also beautifully produced. You will not be disappointed if you give it a try.2018-09-08mezzsing50.93140983581543
iTunes (NZ)Thrilling and informativeThis podcast is one of the most interesting and gripping I’ve ever listened to. There’s something to learn about security and privacy in every episode. Must listen for anyone interested in IT2018-09-06BenP_00050.975389122962952
iTunes (US)Exactly what the Cybersecurity Scene NeedsThis is hands down the best cyber security podcast out there. I was floored when i found out he was interviewing the maker of Sub7! From botnets, crypto, APTs, and game hacking this podcast goes everywhere! Thank you very much Jack!2018-09-05braker1550.82043594121933
iTunes (US)Factual entertainment for your infosec needsThis is an increadibly solid and well produced podcast that continues to offer interesting and thought provoking content.2018-09-03Prion250.928263127803802
iTunes (US)AwesomeI absolutely enjoy this podcast, thank you!2018-09-03RRX1150.986693620681763
iTunes (GB)Great podcastDarknet Diaries is one of my favourite podcasts. It offers a fascinating insight into some of the internet’s most mysterious and compelling stories, from hacking to the deep web. The true stories are well researched, and Jack delivers them in a simple, concise manner without any cringe jokes or random tangents. I’d recommend this to pretty much anyone with any interest in technology.2018-09-01benspeight50.96257609128952
iTunes (US)The most underrated podcast out thereThis podcast is an endless torrent about all the important hacks in the world, produced with the quality of This American Life. Check this out now.2018-09-01GrayZabel50.805103659629822
iTunes (US)Amazing, bingeworthy podcast on infosecBefore you listen to one, make sure you’ve cleared your calendar. This is bingeworthy content, the likes of which you’ve never heard before.2018-09-01Wakler50.988196969032288
iTunes (US)Excellent DocuDrama Style Podcast on Real Hacks/HackersThis is the "Serial" of stories from the dark side of cybersecurity. Extremely well researched and explanations provided to explain the techniques being used by the hacker featured and the music and narrative really brings you into these fascinating stories. This should be recommended listening to anyone who works in cybersecurity or interested in learning more about how hacks/hackers work which should be a must for anyone working in the field! Offense informs defense. Keep up the awesome work, Jack Rhysider!2018-09-01xchg eax,eax50.982566893100739
iTunes (US)love this podcastAwesome host with a soothing voice. Love the interesting topics he covers. Please keep making these!2018-08-29bren956550.986891865730286
iTunes (DK)Well told stories about the dark side of the webEntertaining and educational podcast about the shady side of the internet. Hacking and cybercrimes. Very well put together with relevant soundbits and interviews.2018-08-29Peter von L50.863819599151611
iTunes (AU)Interesting and thought provoking...So amazingly good... Such interesting content.2018-08-27balthakk50.99590539932251
iTunes (US)Best for info concerning what we are up against in the wildThe info in this podcast is essential to understanding just how seriously marginalized we are when we open that browser and head out into the wild Wild West that is the Internet. The host has a great presentation style and a smooth non irritating voice.2018-08-27Ldonelson50.917354583740234
iTunes (SE)More!!Please, best podcast I have heard!2018-08-26Patrullen50.841009259223938
iTunes (AU)AhhhmazingThis is such a great listen. So much research and love for the nerdier things in life. Awesome presentation and draws you in. Huge fan. 👊🏼2018-08-24Jezz15850.969465613365173
iTunes (US)RadioLab for HackersI recently discovered this podcast after a co-worker shared the Mobman & Sub7 episode. I'm hooked! The show is well worth keeping in your podcast feed if you're remotely interested in security and hacking. Keep 'em coming!2018-08-23AndrewC987550.936159431934357
iTunes (CA)Super InterestingInteresting and exciting hacking and cyber crime stories. I’m sold. My new favorite podcast. My only suggesting would be to....make them daily!2018-08-19Joeyjango50.890369176864624
iTunes (US)In my top 3 InfoSec Tech podcastsJack does an amazing job introducing us to these interesting characters. He’s turning into the Malcolm Gladwell of InfoSec. Keep up the good work Jack. I can’t wait for the next episode.2018-08-18Evanx11125248150.988979458808899
iTunes (US)good stuffRecently found this show and really dig the tone and topics. Looking forward to diving in more.2018-08-17fil--50.982053816318512
iTunes (US)Right up my alleyDude is balling.2018-08-17Von666650.703324615955353
iTunes (CA)Great storytelling on a complex topicJack Rhysider has a great storytelling style that brings the human side of complex stories to your ears. If you are interested in cyber security at all, you should be listening to Darknet Diaries.2018-08-16MacAdk50.964914202690125
iTunes (US)Fantastic showI love listening to this, even though I’m closer to the novice end of the computer knowledge spectrum. I can’t get enough!2018-08-15YourPretzel50.821415901184082
iTunes (US)So Interesting!Just started listening yesterday and I can’t stop. I enjoy the fact that an explanation of technology is broken down for non techies to understand. Currently binging!2018-08-14mommytothemaxx50.817303597927094
iTunes (US)Darknet DiariesThis is a fascinating podcast, and it made me realize how little I really know about cyber security and the shadier sides of the internet. Jack clearly puts a lot of work and research into each episode, and that makes for a great listening experience. Even when some of the tech talk goes over my head I still find myself engaged and always looking forward to the next episode.2018-08-12houndsmoon50.765457630157471
iTunes (US)Intriguing and Excellently ProducedI love this show. Every episode has been intriguing and thought provoking, especially as a software engineer. I’m quickly running out of episodes and I only started listening a couple weeks ago!2018-08-07Troutinator50.925335109233856
iTunes (US)Awesome storytelling!I enjoy listening to this podcast because of its cool subject matter and awesome storytelling. My background is in IT but I think that anyone interested in tales of hackers would love this show. Keep it up!2018-08-03kriss50.991074681282043
iTunes (US)If you like Reply All and Breakmaster CylinderSuper happy to have discovered this podcast. Like them on Facebook and check them out. Deep dive into hacks and other cool stuff about depths of the Internet!2018-08-02bionicgram_on_IG50.980391502380371
iTunes (ZA)*****Thanks for effort. Always happy when this show appears in my feed2018-08-01danielmalan50.820009112358093
iTunes (US)AwesomeBest podcast about this topic since Hacked suddenly stopped making episodes.2018-08-01its_bmo_time50.756503880023956
iTunes (US)really well researched good toneif you like this stuff it's up your alley for sure2018-07-31Bill Automata50.982732892036438
iTunes (US)Good timesI would have to say this podcast wasn’t what I expected. I certainly judged a book on its cover. To my delight. I have been enthralled by the story’s and learned a thing or two as well. If anyone is reading this and can’t decide to listen or not. Let me be the first to say, trust me. It’s a fun rabbit hole to jump down.2018-07-26Saucey198150.963403820991516
StitcherBest netsec/cyberops podcast out thereReally well researched and put together, episodes aren't overly dramatic or sensationalized. Wouldn't change anything other than having more in my queue!2018-07-26erehydobon50.888117492198944
iTunes (US)Love it!Well done! Glad I found this podcast.2018-07-23Snowpenny50.990289807319641
iTunes (US)Can't stop listeningI came across this podcast when there were already 16 episodes available and I binged through them. Stories are amazing, the guests intriguing, the narration oustanding. I keep wondering how Jack dug up these captivating stories and guests. Highly recommend this to anyone who loves computers, the internet or just a good yarn.2018-07-15RunnerLuis50.96506679058075
iTunes (US)Stakes are too lowIt’s like locked up abroad, if they were smuggling fruit at the risk of a stern reproach.2018-07-14Crustopher Colonpus50.108511418104172
iTunes (US)Fascinating and InformativeI always learn something new with every listen. Great quality production and well written. It should be right up there with This American Life. Jack Rhysider has a wonderful voice and keeps you on the edge of your seat. One of my favorite podcasts!2018-06-30TLDuke50.993289589881897
iTunes (CA)Awesome showEven if you’re not a computer geek, all the stories are well executed. They are all entertaining, well narrated, genuinely good story. Now go listen to it!2018-06-27Kane7750.991336464881897
iTunes (US)Absolutely Excellent!Fascinating stories and great info every episode. Highly entertaining. Highly recommended!2018-06-24TuneTalker50.987850368022919
iTunes (US)One of My Top 3 Fave Podcasts of All-TimeOne of my friends works in cyber security security introduced me to this podcast, and I listened to the first episode. Thought it was pretty good, so I subscribed. Then within 30 days, I had finished all of the episodes. I really love the audio quality as well as the editing. But most importantly, the topics discussed are very dear to my heart and I think that the quality of guests that are on the show are top notch.2018-06-23Rob Xander50.902077257633209
StitcherGreat showVery well put together, with great content and guests.2018-06-21vu1can50.988283514976501
iTunes (GB)top podcastthis is a very well made podcast. nothing much around as well done.2018-06-21aidans audio review50.978448688983917
iTunes (SE)Best podcastBest pod ever. This is for you If you love hacking, gaming or crimes. The music is perfect (especially in manfred 1 & 2) it’s just so much feeling in this one!... and have you noticed the hidden/secret messages in the first couple of episodes? Think this mystery is unsolved... Maybe something to check out.2018-06-13Honor...50.908374190330505
iTunes (DK)NiceVery interesting and good interlude music! Nice!2018-06-13mester950.994967460632324
iTunes (GB)Great PodcastI have listened to every episode back to back I love these podcasts.. keep doing these Jack, they are awesome. Well done Would love to hear you on the smashing Security podcast one day2018-06-09ChrisTimm150.986577868461609
iTunes (CA)Love itI look forward to listening to darknet diaries at the start of every month. It is full of quality content and editing. I am always intrigued by the stories Jack tells. This podcast deserves more credit!!2018-06-06emmajonuts50.952158331871033
iTunes (US)Great contentGreat stories without ads besides the mention of his website at the very end. Which isn’t really an ad to me.2018-06-06Mus1cF1end50.88527250289917
iTunes (US)Must listen. Top notch across the board.Excellent production quality, exceptionally written, Brilliantly narrated, and excellent soundtrack.2018-06-06jp7x750.984346389770508
iTunes (GB)Such an amazing podcoastI’ve been waiting for something like this for ages. I always wanted to know what happens on the dark side of the net. I would like longer episodes and better quality voice coming from the people telling the story. The host sound perfectly fine it’s just the people saying there story. I’ve been spreading the word to all my tech guys as this is perfect for them.2018-06-05kiran.thomson50.942573666572571
iTunes (US)GordonLove all the stories. Wish they came out more often.2018-06-05ddresdfg50.135810166597366
iTunes (US)Great podcast!!!Love the stories love the production quality. The story of finn is the greatest!2018-06-04argo7650.965347051620483
iTunes (US)History LessonsIt’s fantastic to hear the history behind some of these incidents that I’d completely forgotten about. Keep up the great work Jack.2018-06-04l0st1nw4ttz50.857043623924255
iTunes (US)Don’t stop making these!It’s a niche show with a niche topic set, but I love it.2018-05-24carbon_350.916402220726013
iTunes (AU)Great PodcastGreat podcast once you start you can't stop. It just gets better and better. Gives you a great perspective and inside look on hacking and the law side. Keep going Jack love ya work.2018-05-04Toastercheese50.980237603187561
iTunes (US)Great Cyber PodcastExcellent podcast - well done, intriguing and informative for techies and non techies!2018-05-02Littlemissmedamnit50.99677312374115
iTunes (US)PhenomenalThe best representation of what it means to be a hacker in any form of media, ever.2018-05-02dimethal50.938296020030975
iTunes (US)Inspiration!Stumbled upon the cast and it’s incredible! It inspired me not to tread water and to venture out and learn more.2018-05-01Dutch25350.93606698513031
iTunes (US)Highly Recommended, fascinating!!!This is one of the best podcast I’ve ever listen to. I highly recommend it. If you guys come on, and you into the darker side of the web for a fantastic stories that many cases are extremely exclusive.2018-04-28Deschutes8850.987230181694031
iTunes (US)Entertaining and informativeThis is the only podcast I currently follow2018-04-27Calebmadrigal50.967788755893707
iTunes (US)5 🌟This podcast dives deep into some of the craziest stories ive ever heard of the Internet. Of all the things to get complete details about, these episodes will basically let you understand what its like to be on both the good and bad side of cyberspace. Amazing show! Send this out to EVERYONE you know, lets make Jackery famous!2018-04-05alexxeladua50.928503811359406
iTunes (GB)Really enjoy listening to how the deep web cogs workReally enjoy listening to this podcast whilst in bed falling asleep, however I find them far too short and would of given 5 stars if each podcast was gone into in more detail and been longer. Should be 1hr minimum as I find them very informative Keep up the great work2018-04-02Rottie Mad40.933998107910156
iTunes (CA)Darknet Diaries is Addictively goodWe love good storytelling in infosec. Fascinating topics and very well told. I was mesmerized. More please!2018-03-233ncr1pt3d50.967283129692078
iTunes (US)Entertaining and informative.I listen to a lot of info/cyber sec podcasts, and this one is unique in the style of addressing a story in an end-to-end fashion. Great production and content; two of these are required listening for my students. Keep up the great work!2018-03-08sal.a50.987801909446716
iTunes (US)Excellent PodcastI just recently discovered this podcast. Ripped through every episode, love it!2018-03-04Kyle Craft50.853748679161072
iTunes (US)Great podcast great hostExplains hacking in a very easy to understand way. Excellent2018-02-27Skunz1850.996946454048157
iTunes (GB)Absorbing and interestingWell I listen to quite a few podcasts, some tech and some entertainment, and I think this is the first time I've been inspired enough to write a review. Darknet Diaries combines elements of tech and entertainment. The sheer quality of the story-telling, and the unique angle - taking a security incident that I might recognise from the news and telling it as a logical narrative make this my new favourite podcast! We hear from some of the protagonists in interviews or quotes, there's detail on what happened in the aftermath and great quality audio, music, and a good "radio voice" from the presenter. I'd be happy with all the technical detail they care to throw into the episodes but I can see that too much would detract from the flow. Just excellent, thanks.2018-02-22splut50.988245487213135
iTunes (US)Great info!This is one of the most thorough Infosec podcasts I have ever heard! Very thorough historical background and great storytelling. I think the production team could use a little boost, but despite that - 5 stars!2018-02-20AcroTiger50.98026305437088
iTunes (US)Excellent overview of those stories you didn't pay attention toReally great podcast that covers some of the topics/people you never really heard of (but should). Excellent technical writing about things like a famous game hacker, Bitcoin, the Crypto Wars, and more. Really strikes a good balance between clarifying just enough for typical people to follow, but still enough details for more technical folk to find interesting.2018-02-05Ninja_kitteh50.978696048259735
iTunes (SE)Interesting and well producedMost interesting podcast I have ever listened to. <>2018-01-25Mr. Musman50.972918391227722
iTunes (US)Great crime story telling!If you're into crime stories you will love it. If you're in tech, even better. Well paced, edited and produced.2018-01-24NYC794950.940599083900452
iTunes (US)Incredibly engaging and well-producedIf I sent you an episode of this podcast, unmarked, you'd be forgiven for thinking it had some serious backing from NPR, or Gimlet. It's professional, well-produced and engaging as heck. Darknet Diaries is a seductive show that lures you in with its storytelling prowess, so while I'm only an episode deep, I won't be for long.2018-01-19Michael Callahan50.883932173252106
iTunes (US)This One's Gonna Be HUGEThis pod has everything needed in the formula for success. This isn't just some guy with two hours, a case of energy drinks, a mic and Wikipedia. It's well-written and listener friendly for a wide audience, not just tech people. Jack explains just enough of tech concepts or terms without interrupting the flow, or turning off those who already get it. Production values and sound quality are top-notch. Narration is excellent, there are no weird pacing or syntax issues, and Jack has an appealing podcasting voice. The stories are engaging with mass appeal, for these are issues that can affect any one of us. Jack has also done his due diligence in research and fact-checking (I checked for a couple stories) and has relied on multiple, legit sources. I would not be surprised to see this podcast listed as a "Best Of" or some other distinguishing rating for 2018. This one will only get better with time.2018-01-16eeveel50.837573051452637
iTunes (US)Amazing Tech Deep DivesEverything about this podcast is done right. Hopefully it gets more traction, the podcast is too good not be noticed.2018-01-03willvio50.867860913276672
iTunes (US)One of my favorite podcastsFirst off, the production value is fantastic. I have absolutely zero complaints in thag area. To be honest I don't have a great complaints. This podcast is awesome, I find myself re-listening to the episodes all of the time. Extremely interesting topics, guests, and topics with every episode. Highly recommended.2017-12-20Zachary Rohrbach50.942421436309814
iTunes (US)A must listen to podcast.I really enjoy this podcast. The topics are informative, well researched, and entertaining. I very much look forward to every episode showing up in my feed. The sound quality and pacing are great.2017-11-18Bddst750.983313977718353
iTunes (US)Truly enjoyableGreat stories. Great production quality. This is quickly becoming my favorite podcast.2017-11-17Latroc50.98109894990921
iTunes (GB)A very good listenA interesting, wish there was more podcasts like this. Keep up the good work- thank you!!2017-11-16MikesMessage50.965098977088928
iTunes (GB)Ridiculously goodHeard about this on Libsyn Feed and took a listen. What an excellent show! Very engrossing episodes and very professional, with good music and sound quality. I’m hooked for good, not often I become a devout fan of a new show. Thanks for the many days, weeks and even months that I’m sure each episode takes to put together! Paul from the Fighting Through WW2 Podcast2017-11-14JustMePaul50.988028347492218
iTunes (US)You need to listen to this!This is easily becoming a favorite, very interesting and in depth!2017-11-03k fred 6750.951341867446899
iTunes (US)CS student / tech enthusiastI really hope this podcast keeps turning out more content. Great production, soundtracks/sound designs are well done, narrator’s voice is great, and the stories are interesting and very well presented. My favorite new podcast!2017-10-30Red-noobie50.992013454437256
iTunes (US)Interesting/entertaining/informativeI found this podcast on a Reddit post and decided to give it a try. There’s a lot I didn’t know about security wise that I’m learning from listening and this has just really stoked my interest. I want to be in web security as a Career so I couldn’t ask for a podcast better fit for my interests. I recommend to anyone with interest in the web or crime.2017-10-25AudioGrail50.8934286236763
iTunes (CA)Great stuff!Love listening to stories like this.2017-10-23josh10910950.992514371871948
iTunes (US)You can't miss this.I'm a HUGE fan of crime/hacker YouTube shows and Mr. Robot... this podcast is my new favorite addiction! The quality of the sound and editing is top notch - 10 out of 5 stars. Can I get a new episode every day!?! Brilliance, Jack.2017-10-19fashionablyfrank50.928405046463013
iTunes (US)A must to listen tooStories are great and the production quality is top notch. If you love listening to hacking stories you’ll love this podcast.2017-10-18w@rr@nt50.967916786670685
iTunes (US)A great view into a seldom seen worldFirst off the production value is really great on this podcast. The background music really draws attention to the episodes without being overpowering. Jack has a subtle and yet cognet voice that draws you in to the story, and in some ways reminds me of Ira Glass. The series provides a good balance between technical details and piecing together the big picture of what happened in the story. I would recommend it if you want to expose people into the infosec world through through some interesting stories.2017-10-180x686950.9088014960289
iTunes (GB)Great and interesting stories for such a big hidden worldReally interesting to see how the dark web works and the people involved!2017-10-17RemakingEden50.95988667011261
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