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iTunes (US)Make one a week!Hey, this is great podcast! However they good for sure go for top 200 on the charts but for some reason Jack refuses to make one episode a week so if you can write a review like mine, and tell Jack to release one a week!! Thanks!2020-12-02the rock dada5
iTunes (NL)Sucks you right inOne of the best podcasts. Its not what or how you think or expect, but damn its good2020-11-27MaaktHetUitWie5
iTunes (US)One of my favorites!This is a great podcast delving in to the dark side of technology with great stories and interviews. I binged the entire catalog, and I can’t recommend this podcast enough. Also, if you have the means, support this show financially, these stories are incredibly relevant to our current times and need a platform to be told!!2020-11-27IanGunn135
iTunes (DE)ExcitingIT security sounds boring to you? Think again! One of the very best podcasts out there.2020-11-26PeterXYR793215
iTunes (US)Stories you won’t hear elsewhereI was so excited to see someone finally do a deep dive into the podcast top chart algorithm, and was even more excited to have learned of a new, quality podcast I can begin listening to. Great show & unique stories. Good for those who like true crime podcasts but are looking for something just a bit different.2020-11-26cashew1105
iTunes (US)A very insightful podcast.Covers very relevant topics. If your a casual tech user or hardcore nerd. You can get something out of this podcast.2020-11-24just the facts, ma'am.5
iTunes (GB)Great show - for techs and interested folks alikeI was put onto this show a couple of years ago by one of our SOC team. Having worked in Infosec for 20 years, the detail on the background stories is well researched and makes for great listening It’s that good, I point new hires at it and recommend certain episodes in order to help speed up their learning. Keep up the good work!!2020-11-24M15TA O5
iTunes (CA)Excellent, easy to understand, importantThis is an extremely well-done and important podcast that is also entertaining. It’s hard to convey such technical subjects and yet this podcast makes it seem easy.2020-11-20Jooloponoppto5
iTunes (US)Great Podcast!Thank you Jack for an always awesome listen each episode.2020-11-13RecklezzPenguin5
iTunes (US)FantasticI’m an IT student—this pod gets me so hyped to do my homework. Thank you!!2020-11-11J Montell5
iTunes (UG)great podcastthis podcast is great I always can’t waot for the next episode 👌🏼😁2020-11-10haka haker5
iTunes (US)♥️ Love♥️I'm pretty picky about podcast. Little things like someones voice or speech pattern can turn me off. This podcast is perfect. It also keeps my interest which is hard to do2020-11-07Baby Pants Ken5
iTunes (US)BESTMY ALL TIME FAVORITE2020-11-05JackBeeSix5
iTunes (US)One of Best PodcastsGreat content on well crafted podcast. Jack is a super storyteller and the whole broadcast is very professionally produced.2020-11-02BigDaddyEman5
iTunes (US)Highly addictive story telling!From the first episode I was hooked. If you are even remotely interested in IT, the internet, and/or hacking then you will love this show. They research great stories and the narrator is an excellent storyteller. You won’t regret subscribing!2020-10-30MichaelVan20205
iTunes (ES)Recent listenerI just started listening to this podcast and it’s really nice!2020-10-30Jeop105
iTunes (DE)Best IT-Security podcastI love this podcast, I’m very interested in IT, security and Crime. This podcast serve all of this and every episode is a new interesting story. Great, 5/5 Stars2020-10-29I Like wolf5
iTunes (US)Never knew this was going onThis podcast expanded my mind to the other half of the world. There’s what we can see, and then what we can’t. This is a great show, I’m hooked to say the least. Plus I’m learning stuff, that’s cool too. Nice work jack.2020-10-29 Jay Kid5
iTunes (GB)Love it!!Keep up the great work! A friend recommended it to me and I am so glad he did. Amazing story’s I cannot stop listening too them2020-10-29Marpan855
iTunes (US)Great But The Music Beds Mean Hearing Impaired Can't ListenGood well reported content, ver well written. But the music beds that are constantly playing under segments really interfere with the listening experience, if you have a little bit of hearing loss, or tinnitus these music beds make listening pretty intolerable because they interfere with your ability to distinguish sounds. A nice improvement would maybe just use intro music for a few seconds or transitions. Everyone lives music but all these music beds are junky royalty free generic crap. Beyond the taste issie it is an accessibility issue. Thanks!2020-10-27Willniccolls3
iTunes (US)Good to know stuffI’m certainly not hacking literate but completely enjoy hearing what’s going on in the darker side of the internet. Lots of details, sounds well researched and moves along quickly.2020-10-26realengineer6185
iTunes (US)A great show for technology fans overall!I enjoy the way the host switches between allowing a guest to tell his/her story, while seamlessly interjecting tidbits to help inform the listener. It allows the show to flow nicely — without any awkward gaps. My only small criticism is the intro. That jungle beat music makes me cringe. LOL The content is so compelling, the intro music is unnecessary filler (IMO).2020-10-26doggrowl4
iTunes (GB)FantasticThis is such a fantastic podcast! I am fairly tech illiterate, I listen to this and am so impressed by the abilities and knowledge of others. Such interesting stories and very well produced!2020-10-20Mumbles30005
iTunes (US)Politics...Great stories, keep your politics out of them.2020-10-14wesr232
iTunes (US)Awesome and binge worthyI started listening to this a couple weeks ago and I have managed to catch up on all the episodes. He has such fascinating guests and stories to tell. I’m hooked and way more paranoid about my security as a result. Highly recommend.2020-10-12Kathrynk125
iTunes (US)Episode 75, compromised Coms.Jack love the podcast! 5 stars for sure. This review tho contains a slight bit of criticism. And not solely at you, the CIA targeter who was the initial “Whistle Blower”. Was largely ignored and not listened to regarding his report. The two intelligence reporters, as well as you have numerous excuses as to why he wasn’t listened to. He’s just one guy, huge bureaucracy, maybe a troubled spot in his career etc. and why would the entire agency stop because of this one guy?? I must point out, that these reporters and the companies they work for covered for nearly a year an IMPEACHMENT started by a supposed “Whistle blower”, who was one guy, and was a single guy that has yet to have ever been questioned by anyone!! In your podcast the CIA whistle blower was named, the one who began an impeachment has never been. It’s just really insulting to hear these reporters (not you) give so many excuses as to why it wasn’t followed up on when doing so could have saved many lives, yet in the ridiculous case of the impeachment it was followed all the way until a final vote in the senate, all for political power sought by those who didn’t win an election. What’s more important to those in DC, and ppl who report on them, the Lives of our bravest, or Political Power? Answer seems clear.2020-10-11MagicSeaPickle5
iTunes (CA)DarkNet!I really have loved binging this podcast! I’m not very tech savvy but Jack always explains the hacks in ways even I can understand. Super interesting! Even made me change my passwords haha2020-10-10dizzymarcus5
iTunes (US)Favorite podcast!Best podcast, hands down. Very informational and interesting topics. My only complaint about this podcast is that I’ve finished all of the past episodes and now I’m forced to wait for new episodes.2020-09-12MollyL125
iTunes (PL)Best podcastBest podcast on security by far. Both entertaining and informative2020-09-11bakterja5
iTunes (GB)Great showGreat podcast that takes seriously dense subjects but explains them really well to someone without the technical knowledge. Thoroughly recommended2020-09-10BoogieWoogie20005
iTunes (US)Love this showI was referred to this show by Darknet Diaries. Definitely love the way Jordan tells stories. They are extremely well researched, and every episode I learn something new. Keep up the great work Jordan and team!2020-09-09csmag20195
iTunes (US)Suddenly talking to fastThe last couple of episodes I have tried to listen too have sounded like he was speed talking and hard to follow I loved listening to the podcast2020-09-08canotwin14
iTunes (GB)love itIt's like onlyfans for my ears! I love every show that Jack puts out.2020-09-04Bramburn5
iTunes (CA)Great podcast, some minor issuesthis is probably the best tech podcast out there, and I believe in supporting independent creators, so that’s why I give it 5 stars. I actually think I’d give it a 4/5. Jack does a lot of really good journalistic work and he gets some super interesting stories and interviews. However, sometimes he comes off as uncritical of the people/companies these stories are about. This is probably a result of many episodes focusing on solely one person’s account. For example, with the Hacker Giraffe episode, he readily accepts that the college hacker attached himself to the youtuber’s brand in a calculated move to get more press, which sounds very dubious. Further, jack tends to view corporations/ governments as “the good guys” and frowns upon ‘vigilante hacking’ or ‘hacktivism’. Like the episode about the Israeli Unit 8200 which is almost completely devoid of criticism of the israeli military from what I remember. Other than that, great podcast, would recommend.2020-09-02ClebADebDeb5
iTunes (AU)Excellent podcastSo addictive, host is great too. Please do a podcast on the Internet Research Agency! NYTimes article thinks they are back at it. Keep up the good work2020-09-02MikeDD10005
iTunes (US)My opinionI ‘ m addicted!2020-09-02Arie-L5
iTunes (US)The best for infosec newbies and expertsThis is easily the best infosec podcast out there. It’s entertaining and insightful. I only wish it aired weekly instead of every two weeks.2020-09-02Jake. Jack5
iTunes (IE)Amazing podcastThis is one of the best podcasts going. The presenter prepares really well, has a great voice, great guests and stories. The music is great too. I don't know how the consistently high standard is kept. You don't even have to be that technical to follow the stories.2020-08-31Amiga Ireland5
iTunes (AU)Wow!Fascinating exploration of the dark side of the internet... hackers, baddies and the rest. Episodes are presented in an informative and entertaining manner, and it’s often like listening to a thriller. You don’t need to be a tech-nerd to appreciate this. It’s a real eye-opener in terms of what can and does go wrong in cyberspace.2020-08-30the scoot5
iTunes (SG)My favourite podcastStories are real with good journalistic investigation and very well told. I am a big fan.2020-08-29Solo595
iTunes (US)Emphasis on “Diaries” — stick to newer episodesThis is long but I don’t usually give a podcast a review/rating if I feel that podcast in question deserves fewer that 5 stars. The stories are really good overall. I deeply appreciate the detailed descriptions of technical processes. At the same time, I have some reservations. The host’s dictation and enunciation could be polished. Also, I think that we deserve a note in the description that includes an emphasis on the “Diaries” of “Darknet Diaries.” I suppose it’s a given that left-leaning politics are so mainstream right now that they don’t need to be disclosed; this podcast has been LARGELY applauded and suggested on multiple platforms. When I started listening, I just huffed my way past some of the random mainstream political stuff. Note that the newer episodes are a lot better, but that’s usually how it goes. Though episodes in this podcast are highly researched, I think that it’s really just the interview-style episodes that truly do it justice (newer). I recognize the podcast’s positive progress— for example, in recent episodes the host at least prefaces some opinions with a “What do iiii think??” and then proceed. Sometimes this input feels valuable; at the same time, the political captions are just so mainstream and obvious and distracting. There are a couple of stories with emphases in them that I don’t understand. Ultimately, with “Diaries” in its title, and in acknowledging the podcast’s improvements, 4 stars.2020-08-29itschlosworld4
iTunes (US)I enjoy my commute thanks to this!Best podcast by far in my opinion2020-08-27mikoM0use5
iTunes (US)This podcast is AMAZINGLY GOOD.The presentation and the presenter AMAZING... it’s like you are watching a movie but with your ears. Well done everyone responsible for this pod.2020-08-23Hand of God 015
iTunes (US)Love Jack!!This was the very first podcast I started listening too about three months ago. I have since binge listened the entire series. I absolutely love this podcast.2020-08-21poodeedodaday5
iTunes (CA)Plus plus plusWhat an amazing pod cast. Exactly what I needed to binge. Exciting, knowledgeable and interesting. Highly recommended.2020-08-20The Blackspot5
iTunes (CA)Definitely worth a bingeI can’t get enough of this show. It got me interested in a world I didn’t even know existed. And jack has the most wonderfully nerdy voice. He’s a perfect fit for the show.2020-08-20Sin&Grin5
iTunes (US)Fun Look at the Dark World of the InternetThis podcast is a fascinating look into the world of computer crime and hacking. Each episode focuses on a specific story or topic, often with interviews and discussion by the people that lived them. It is well researched, engaging, and educational. You don't have to be super into computers to appreciate the real world implications of the topics discussed.2020-08-19Alexander Gates5
iTunes (BE)Good PodcastI like the show2020-08-18Q36715
iTunes (US)Awesome podcastDarknet Diaries is my FAVORITE podcast. I listen to many podcasts and this is #1 imo!2020-08-18grantegginton5
iTunes (AU)Fascinating subject matterIf you have the slightest interest about information security or internet culture in general, this show well worth your time.2020-08-14AshOverHere5
iTunes (CA)Great content!Amazing podcast Jack! Keep it up!2020-08-13j_coffee_maker5
iTunes (GB)FascinatingBrilliant insights into a world most of us (if we’re lucky) don’t get to see. Well presented, and I appreciate the practical elements (where relevant) for how to avoid being a victim.2020-08-11magd18305
iTunes (US)ExcitingShows the gen public that being on the good side of the hack world can be just as exciting as the bad. Hopefully this helps bring more people in our field.2020-08-11Gerby105
iTunes (US)MUST LISTEN IF YOU ARE A CS STUDENTBest Podcast for CS students or any normal person interested in Cyber Security2020-08-09tutiffa5
iTunes (US)MondaysThanks for giving us a reason to dig Mondays. This is a great program.2020-08-04Samir Notgonaworkhereanymor5
iTunes (US)Fun show to listen to.THIS, is DarkNet Diaries. DUN dun dun dun2020-07-30Un_Loco5
iTunes (NO)Seriously ImpressiveImmersive storytelling from the hacking community. Jack Rhysider is fantastic.2020-07-30Nimrix5
iTunes (GB)Every episode more interesting than the lastI no longer listen to LBC in the morning on my way to work. Instead I only listen to Darknet Diaries. The episodes are well researched and always interesting2020-07-27Carl00715
iTunes (DE)I love the podcastI found your podcast because of a German YouTube star (simplicissimus) who made a video about Not-Petya. They say that they had information from the Darknet Diaries podcast. I just love your podcasts!!!!2020-07-27MrRubiksCube015
iTunes (US)Amazing for IT/Cyber enthusiasts and studentsStarted listening to this in April/May with the PSYOPS episode. Ever since, I anxiously await the next episode!! This podcast has taught me so much about vulnerabilities, previous hacks, nation-state actors and more. Anyone who is interested in IT/Tech/Cyber should definitely be listening to this podcast.2020-07-26Shanay Shah5
iTunes (US)Love itI would recommend this to everyone. He focuses and searches for events that everyone needs to listen to.2020-07-26#ink5
iTunes (NL)Eye openerI have been security savvy, but this show not only entertains, but also educates me further; on why and how to improve security in my business and private domains.2020-07-24Allards5
iTunes (CA)Very good podcastI like to learn about hacking so when I found this podcast I thought it was super cool2020-07-23a green cricket5
iTunes (GB)You’ve got to listen to thisBy far my favorite podcast. Excellent story telling, and always super interesting subject matter2020-07-22curlbap5
iTunes (US)Has me waiting for my fixFrom guests to music Darknet Diaries is a world class act. I have been listening since 2018 and Jack has evolved this podcast beautifully, I can shamelessly say I refresh my “library” tab continuously like a fiend awaiting the next episode. As mentioned in other reviews, the title has become is a bit deceiving, the earlier episodes did have a fair amount of stories regarding the dark web but it has diversified into IT, hactivists, pen testers, and really everything involving “hacking” wether it be a machine, or living beings (mostly human).2020-07-21rlreesh195
iTunes (AU)So interesting and excitingThis is the best podcast I’ve found in years. Extremely well put together episodes and great stories that keep you engaged and excited to hear the outcomes. Jack is an incredible host and a wealth of knowledge. I strive to be in the Cyber Security world one day and I wait in anticipation for every new episode. Thank you jack. 👍2020-07-21Jedxgordon5
iTunes (CH)Best podcastIt’s a great podcast I love it. I find it really interesting. Now I want to lern more on computers!!!2020-07-20olletwackydooh2
iTunes (US)Podcast Name is Misleading, It so much more!This Podcast is by and far one of, if not, my favorites! The Title of the Podcast, "Darknet Diaries", is misleading. In the beginning I think that was the intention but the episodes I hear cover a wide range of IT stories and interviews. They way they are told is amazing and keeps you enthralled and entertained from the first to the last minute. I strongly recommend this to anyone whether or not they are into IT or Technology. He explains things for the common layman so anyone can understand and enjoy the Podcast. Its a wonderful show and deserves a listen to if you haven't yet!2020-07-16DrEagleTalon5
iTunes (CA)AwesomeGreat content, one of the best podcast I’ve listened to! Thank you2020-07-15G4B8775
iTunes (US)Interesting and CaptivatingI wouldn’t say that I know very much about the IT world or the dark side of the internet. However this podcast explains, without being condescending, the ins and outs of this world. It goes into human psychology and the underground of the internet that most of us know nothing about. The host is a fantastic interviewer and the information is well researched. Great podcast.2020-07-10Sircrunchee5
iTunes (NL)EpicThis podcast isn’t only about hacking. This podcast is all about computer science, and truly amazing storytelling. I wasn’t even into computers and hacking until I listened to this podcast. Jack (the podcaster) invites interesting people that are involved in the story to the podcast , uses awesome music and sound effects that really compliment the story and gives it true atmosphere. He is also very critical about his reports on being true and honest. I have huge respect for this guy. Keep up the good work jack!2020-07-10FJTvdV5
iTunes (US)GreatGreat podcast, highly recommend2020-07-07Y01NKUS5
iTunes (IE)One of the BestFantastic podcast. Entertaining and informative!2020-07-07Gingesan5
iTunes (US)APPS Guy -Now interested one INFOSECJack does a great job at breaking down lots of unknowns. I’ve done some work related to IT infrastructure in the past but for the past two years have focused on the apps side of the business. Jack’s interviews make me want to get into INFOSEC! I never thought that this could be a career option but with the talent he brings onto the show, I get excited about the possibilities that INFOSEC has on our future. It’s good to know guys like him are out there. To Jack directly: I binged your show in a month, the whole thing, I’m all caught up. I played it while doing yard work and while working in between meetings. Admittedly I got SUPER distracted because of how exciting this path in IT is, thanks for being my gateway into this awesome world!2020-07-06MatthewGarbo5
iTunes (FR)My favourite podcastI am a cybersecurity professional and I really love this amazing podcast. Congrats and thanks Jack. Awesome work.2020-07-05Solo595
iTunes (US)The bestIf you’re even slightly interested in cyber security, espionage, computers, or “hacking”, this show is for you. Jack knows his stuff and is a great narrator. This show got me back into the cybersecurity field after taking a brief hiatus. It took me about a week to catch up to current episodes and now I’m a faithful listener every week. Keep it up Jack!2020-07-04FunkyBananaFruit5
iTunes (US)I was duped!When I hear Darknet, I imagine people selling baby parts in glass jars and hiring hit men.Not mildly interesting cyber security failures and hacker nerd stuff. IDK maybe I didn’t listen to enough2020-07-03Mandoog0063
iTunes (GB)Great podcast, always interestingI’m always checking for new episodes, this is a great podcast. I work in IT but listening to this doesn’t feel like work at all. I’m not keen on the funky music in the background while Jack is talking on the latest episode though, normally listening to Jacks voice alone is quite relaxing and easy going, this new music ruins it for me, hopefully it’s not going to be a regular thing.2020-06-30Robham1015
iTunes (CA)GoodIt’s good2020-06-30its-nic(newgurltheme$)lolol5
iTunes (NL)Simply the bestIf you like hacker stories this is the one to listen!!!2020-06-29LiveU Streamer5
iTunes (CA)Excellent podcastEnjoy the way the stories are told. Engaging for sure2020-06-28WwHG105
iTunes (US)Definite subI mean just the IG cover art work alone is with the sub but this has become one of my top 3 podcasts!2020-06-27linuxcrypt5
iTunes (US)OMG AMAXING:D2020-06-24TheGoodTimesDailyPosts5
iTunes (US)AmazingThis show is not only narrated well and informative but entertaining as well. The host is great and quite honestly, while I’ve gained interest in the IT world from listening to this show, I actually am able to stay up on current events and news by listening to this show as well! Fantastic!2020-06-24LuzRocky8745
iTunes (US)I’m hooked!I swear this has to be the best podcast ever, and my favorite part is that you don’t need any background info on programming. The only down side is my paranoia is so high that I can’t click on a suite I don’t recognize without praying to the holy spirits that my computer won’t get a virus or my IP address won’t be stolen. Anyway this podcast is awesome!!2020-06-23Hizzlary5
iTunes (AU)SJW… disappointing turn for the worst.How ironic. The show about fake news and psyops turns out to be fake news and some sort of psyop... When you started quoting and interviewing James Clapper for his take on the Russian Collusion incident I realized this podcast had lost all credibility. So much testimony and documents have been released showing that Clapper was and is lying. Why put him on so he can keep saying his fake narrative. Psyop...2020-06-23ヤナだ1
iTunes (US)FantasticI don’t know anything about my computer and this show is still awesome2020-06-17loafbro5
iTunes (DK)GreatJust started listening last week. Great podcast! Keep up the Good work :) - listening from Denmark.2020-06-17R.Eriksen855
iTunes (US)Amazing show, amazing productionThis show was recommended to me by a coworker and I’ve loved every second of every episode. The stories are often relevant to all of us in some way or another and even the more complex and technologically advanced stories are told in dramatic yet easy to understand ways that pull the listener deep into the episode and leave me not wanting to press pause and always leave wanting more episodes. The production value is extremely high and the stories are well crafted. If you are interested in or use technology, hacking, software or other electronic devices and services, you should definitely give this a listen!2020-06-17NathanRuehle5
iTunes (US)Very good!It was very well told and kept me hooked throughout the whole episode.2020-06-17Rayzurx5
iTunes (AU)Legitimately one of my favourite podcasts!I love this podcast! It’s easy to follow, interesting. And perfecting executes! It’s in my top 3 podcasts! I love it2020-06-16nickname 297965
iTunes (DK)Great show!If you’re into internet technology, this is a very exciting podcast. Jack is a good host, and the stories along with the interviews are truly captivating.2020-06-14Ruben-E5
iTunes (AU)Episode 50Wow! Just listened to this episode and was amazed at the story and the fact we are allowed to hear it. So interesting, thank you!2020-06-13123julieee5
iTunes (GB)Can’t stop listeningI have been listening to few episodes and can’t stop listening. The narration of this podcast is simply amazing2020-06-12Fracipo5
iTunes (AU)GreatIt’s so great to get a in-depth look at Darknet. It’s crime and mystery in a well research podcast via the Darknet. Just listened to the Big House and I was laughing away and then called my mom 🥰2020-06-12Greenier15
iTunes (GB)Top of its game...One of my favourite podcasts. Listen EVERY fortnight.2020-06-11Frank Farmer5
iTunes (US)The Big HouseTouching episode. Loved every minute. A tale well-told.2020-06-11iamtiredofthis5
iTunes (US)SO GOOD!I’m a landscaper and listen to this podcast all the time while mowing! Even tho I have next to no experience in computer technology it is still super interesting and easy to understand! Great job! Keep up the good work!2020-06-10<>5
iTunes (NO)Immersive storytellingThank you2020-06-10Raukville5
iTunes (DE)Must listen toNot one single episode I didn’t like. Startet listening 6 months ago and it caught me right away. Jack makes it easy for you to understand all processes in the stories, even if you’re not that into this topic. Plus the story telling is awesome! Must listen to it, spread it!2020-06-09romanrcx5
iTunes (DE)Absolutely amazing, unbelievable and scary...Found this podcast by accident in 2020 and could not believe what I heard - in the meantime listened to all available episodes and my understanding of IT, hacking and especially the abilities of governments is not the same anymore - unbelievable what is happening out there, scary what governments all over the world can do - changed my behavior with regards to IT completely... I hope the author stays around for many years to come and keeps telling us what is out there!2020-06-09Meine bescheidene meinung...5
iTunes (IN)Love itLove the engaging real-life stories of these wonderful individuals along with the beautiful commentary of the host alongside2020-06-09An Admirer 😅5
iTunes (US)Awesome!I found this podcast as a suggestion on Reddit and now I can’t sleep because it’s so good. 😭2020-06-09paulababe5
iTunes (AU)FIRST CLASSExtremely well researched, prepared and very engaging2020-06-08athonrea5
iTunes (US)Excellent content!Very interesting show! Jack does a great job explaining complex tech processes to normal people like me! It’s not just for IT experts.2020-06-07DersDiggler5
iTunes (US)I can’t stop listeningI have listened to the first 27 episodes in three days.2020-06-06SACromwell5
iTunes (GB)Outstandingly goodJack Rhysider has done an amazing job with this podcast. The subjects he picks, and the way he tells the stories are superb.2020-06-05Bardolphus5
iTunes (US)Major liberal biasFortunately, jack has taken the route of the SJW. I’m in.2020-06-03vektrixdev5
iTunes (NO)Illuminating, educational and highly entertaining!Professionally created episodes with great content. Loving it!2020-05-31Voidrager5
iTunes (AU)Well researched stories of the shady and interesting sides of digital life, high production values.This is a top quality podcast. Like This American Life or your favourite true crime podcast, but for the digital word. That’s very much a compliment. Keep up the good work. I’ll be googling for a Patreon / donation.2020-05-28Daniel Vit5
iTunes (US)Major liberal bias.Unfortunately, Jack has taken the route of the SJW. I’m out.2020-05-27Won't sync....1
iTunes (SE)Freaking great! 🙂🏆I enjoy this podcast a lot!! Learned so many new things..and man there’s so many super interesting stories you just have to listen to.2020-05-27oldtjikko5
iTunes (CH)Love itHands down the best InfoSec podcast out there.2020-05-26bbg_6735
iTunes (US)Bridging the GapThis podcast is one of my all-time-favorite podcasts. When my husband became a programmer, this podcast bridged the gap between my interests and his new field, of which I had almost no knowledge and (I thought!) no interest. I would have never believed I would enjoy a podcast like this, and I’ve now listened to every single one. I find it well-researched, engaging, informative, and eye-opening. Even our kids listen with rapt attention. Good job, Jack Rhysider!2020-05-22KindlKolor5
iTunes (US)Great job 👍🏼Jack Rhysider has possibly made the best podcast out there. His research is excellent and his intimate storytelling style makes you feel you’re on an inside track. Even the layman with moderate interest in cybersecurity will find these stories compelling and well told! Thanks Jack! Keep it up! 👍🏼2020-05-22Braino075
iTunes (US)Best Podcast EverJack really does have one of the best podcast out there. Every episode is fact checked to the best of his ability. Thanks again for the great podcast!2020-05-21Mildred Monday5
iTunes (US)Subscribe to PewdiepieT-Series is wack2020-05-21bass ops5
iTunes (IN)Absolutely Gripping!Short of words to describe this show! Absolutely love it2020-05-21AazNz5
iTunes (AU)Can't put it downThe host, Jack Rhysider asks all the right questions towards his guests to propel the story in the most immersive and interesting way possible. Darknet Diaries is, in my honest opinion, the best podcast. I picked it up a few days ago and have already watched so many episodes. Keep it up Jack2020-05-21JesseMeyerB5
iTunes (US)Falls short of anything specialI was excited to listen to this podcast and started with early episodes. I was unimpressed but powered through the first few and got to the TalkTalk episode and like half of the episode is just the audio from the CEO of TalkTalk speaking to government officials. No real analysis or breakdown of information. I thought it was probably just because those were early episodes, everyone has to start somewhere and maybe he got better. I hopped around through some more recent episodes and was just disappointed. I don’t feel like I get anything from listening to this, it’s just a recitation of basic info about the cases. I don’t know if the host is just not super knowledgeable on the topic or if it stems from the lack of info about the cases themselves. I wish this podcast was better because it IS an interesting topic. Maybe the host is just making the information more accessible for a broad audience but he falls short of having a podcast that will keep my attention especially given the choice of podcasts today.2020-05-20Caioskckckckckcjfkcjckcqmqmq1
iTunes (US)Well researchedIndependent in-depth. It was a great listen to the pay-ops, episode 64. The disclaimer at the beginning says that it’s unlike other episodes and that it’s not in his lane but I am blown away by the results. A+2020-05-19Hitthekids5
iTunes (US)Wholesome and awesomeRecommended dudes2020-05-18zynezz5
iTunes (US)Yo, this is crazyThis is the coolest podcast I’ve ever listened to. I wish there were a lot more episodes! You don’t have to be into hacking or even into computers to get sucked in. Just turn it on and your mind will be blown. Please keep them coming!2020-05-15Jediidej5
iTunes (US)AddictedThis podcast is one of the best and most underrated on the Apple Podcast list. It shines a light on the stories from a subculture that many people aren’t aware of. I love how the stories are told and explanations of some of the deeper topics. I’m learning so much and peaking my curiosity in cyber security!2020-05-14k3nn3th5
iTunes (US)Mind bending, in a great wayEye opening and mind expanding, keep up the great work!2020-05-14MaximusMillions5
iTunes (NO)QoS guaranteedEasily one of the best podcasts out there.2020-05-1373736781881828744745
iTunes (US)Hello Mr. Rhysider!I REALLY LOVE this podcast, I gave it 5 stars out of 5 stars because it really makes sense to me. I can identify with the way that you put together all of your research and studies to put together even just a single episode. I will totally recommend this podcast to people on Twitter and be sure to give a bunch of the juicy details included in these episodes. Keep up the good work Jack!2020-05-13Jacob 2355
iTunes (CH)Darknet diresIt’s a great podcast I love it. I find it really interesting. Highly recommended it know I want to lern ho to code!!!2020-05-12olletwackydooh5
iTunes (CA)Awesome podcastLove the music, narration and topics covered. The podcasts are well done and worth listening to each one.2020-05-12Db4elle5
iTunes (IN)Amazing ShowRecently got into this podcast and the amount of research that this guy does for episodes really shows :) I'm rating because of ep 27 and it really resonated with me.2020-05-12meowholmes5
iTunes (US)Just awesomeI was looking for something boring to listen to and found this, and It did the opposite, I binged them all in one night. By no means am I a tech or IT guy. His stories are always great and has a heck of a way spinning a yarn. Keep it up man!2020-05-12hmmm yea farout, wow5
iTunes (US)By journo Jeffrey BarbeeExcellent reporting and great story telling. Keep it going team, such interesting content that is filling a void for solid computer science background, but also stories from the darkness.2020-05-10journo Jeff5
iTunes (US)Excellent podcast on all things cyberGreat host, intriguing storytelling and nail biting suspense. I don’t have deep technical knowledge but can easily follow the intricacies of the cases.2020-05-07soley kaldal5
iTunes (US)Incredible podcast!Thank you so much! Love this and eagerly await every episode.2020-05-07Estimatressco5
iTunes (GB)Addictive - BrilliantMaybe only the second review I have ever done which shows how much impact this show has had on me . Not only is the content absorbing , informative , thought provoking but it’s all been put together very well and presented perfectly for my taste . Well done, congratulations & long may it last . And of course - Thankyou. I am inspired to learn about entering into a career in cyber security . So many areas to look at though !2020-05-06Dixofile5
iTunes (US)01010111 01100101 01101100 01101100 00100000 01100100 01101111 01101110 01100101 00100000Thank you2020-05-06thebullshitters5
iTunes (GB)Interesting and educationalI know very little about computers and the cyber world but this podcast has made me take an interest. Each story is well researched and presented, I love how things are well explained with detail.2020-05-04Tunde lol'a5
iTunes (GB)Outstanding PodcastsLook forward every month to your podcasts. Outstanding programme as always.2020-05-03Alistair MacFadyen5
iTunes (AU)Love the storiesLook forward to every episode. Great stories told well2020-05-02PeterofNewtown5
iTunes (US)Perfect PodcastI’m a podcast addict and listen to 6-8 hours a day of podcasts. This is my favorite one by a mile Interesting topics Epic guests Unbiased and insightful host Perfect editing A+2020-04-23Snoopdoug855
iTunes (GB)PerfectWhat the title said2020-04-22the foggmister5
iTunes (US)Thank you jackI appreciate the cool and interesting stories, there’s a lot of technical talks but it’s honestly hard to listen to others. I love security and when things get technical but dang are the other ones boring or there are just plain out too many episodes with other guys. Keep it up man!2020-04-21crabs on security5
iTunes (US)AddictingI stumbled on to this podcast and have been hooked since! Keep it up 👍🏽 !!!2020-04-21Bass4jake5
iTunes (US)So Thrilling!Every episode is a thriller! I love that these are the best true stories you’ve never heard. The internet can be a scary place, and this show does the research so you don’t have to. Check out The Xbox episodes! Or just start at the beginning, like I did. Love this podcast, and I hope you will, too.2020-04-20J-queso-graauw5
iTunes (US)Amazing stories even for non tech peopleI’m a huge gamer but not so much into computers, programming, ect. But the stories on here are amazing. Also I love the way the narration is done. I would give more stars if possible. Ps. Listen to the Xbox underground part 1 and 2, even if you’re not a gamer or tech guy. The story should be a Netflix documentary2020-04-17He515050.95
iTunes (US)Absolutely My FavoriteI started listening recently and went back to episode 1 and have been listening to them all in order. This is without a doubt my favorite podcast. I’m a DBA/software developer and these stories fascinate and scare the crap out of me. Thanks for the great stories you share. I look forward to listening to episodes long into the future.2020-04-10ZackOJones50.96
iTunes (DE)Pure love for every computer dude!The research done by jack, the interviewed and the whole feeling are just pure love. I really love every episode of it.2020-04-09TThasd50.97
iTunes (GB)Why are they all men?I’m enjoying the podcast, the stories are very interesting and there’s nothing so interesting about the dark web out there podcast wise however I do find it a bit mind boggling that all the stories are about guys, just seems to be an oversight and I’d love some content based on a female story now and then2020-04-07sylvesterscratch30.95
iTunes (US)Real life intrigue , tech style.The intro may be a little melodramatic but this is one of my favorite podcasts. The stories are well written and the questions the writers ask are not empty. A great podcast for any level of technical.2020-03-31tektitegirl40.96
iTunes (SE)Good storytellingAnd relevant.2020-03-30Coig51.00
iTunes (DE)Jack is the bestJack your work is outstanding ! Work in IT as a Pentester and love it2020-03-22Orush50.96
iTunes (GB)ThanksThank you for the new episode2020-03-18TheBookworm43851.00
iTunes (US)Darknet DiariesLove the podcast. I’m just starting to get interested in computers and hacking and the explanations in this podcast are just at a level that I can understand but still learn and think about. Keep up the amazing episodes :)2020-03-16conifer0us50.98
iTunes (US)Is da beat pod cuts evaYeah yeah yeah you right 🧐🤓😎😗😫🥳🤩🥶2020-03-15William bob 150.99
iTunes (GB)Throughout, insightful and well crafted podcastAs a budding Cyber Analyst this podcast gives a great insight into the “hacking” world. Not just cyber but all kinds of blackhat, white hat and kinds off interesting stories explained eloquently with a TONNE of research. Very highly recommend :)2020-03-14RohanDylan51.00
iTunes (FR)Great very instructiveSuper interesting podcast, love it2020-03-13Croutât51.00
iTunes (US)It’s bombGoes hard in the paint2020-03-11complexclerk50.28
iTunes (NZ)ExcellentAwesome podcast, Jack is a great story teller2020-03-11tttttea bag50.99
iTunes (US)First written podcast reviewJust wanted to say how much I enjoy this podcast. Started listening about a month ago and have been hooked. Fantastic research and storytelling.2020-03-10jaykim_1150.95
iTunes (US)Such a great podcast!Not only are the stories being told interesting but the host does an amazing job telling them and the production value is great as well. One of my favorite podcast.2020-03-05RenfrowFitness50.97
iTunes (US)Is da beat pod cuts evaYeah yeah yeah you right2020-03-04William bob 150.91
iTunes (US)A Gem of a PodcastWell produced, fascinating stories. Sit back and enjoy!2020-03-04Responsible Party50.95
iTunes (PL)Best podcast everIt’s funny how addicted I’ve become and I’m not even into IT. Apart from the superb experience I get from listening to your podcast I also become more aware of tech related dangers. Your storytelling skills are brilliant and I appreciate the work you put into this so so much!2020-02-29martamartahshshs50.92
iTunes (PL)OutstandingSeriously...It’s like a damn addiction. I love your show! Quality of the actual listening experience, climate, music background, type of guests and whoaaaaa… those stories. Not sure if I should be scared or fascinated about times we all live in. Jack! Amazing work you’ve done! Keep up!2020-02-27darkman6650.94
iTunes (US)Super interesting and very well doneMy brother introduced me to this podcast. Quickly has become one of my favorites! Fascinating content and excellent storytelling2020-02-27robert foley50.99
iTunes (US)Great in-depth analysisMostly stories that received minor if any headlines from the big new entities. What I really like is the narrator’s ability to break down complex topics and subjects so the average person can understand what is going on. I can understand why some of these stories never made it to the mainstream as most people just would not get it. He does a great job of explaining why these stories are important.2020-02-26JasoSak50.94
iTunes (GB)So good I wanna be infosecI’m a software engineer and those stories are just fantastic. It’s really well produced, really enticing and above all, fun and entertaining. I feel like NOT listening to it, fearing I might run out of episodes to listen to!2020-02-24Joemontana0150.87
iTunes (US)Drama, Suspense, Information - Amazing Podcast!I had heard about this podcast from the 'Hackable' McAfee Security Podcast. I listed to a few back episodes at the time and I was hooked. Each episode gets better and better, and I would agree with many on here that 'The Courthouse' episode is the best yet! Keep up the amazing work!2020-02-23Djcomo50.95
iTunes (GB)Deliciously DarkThis series hits the ground running with a sophisticated and informative take on the dark alleys of the internet and technology. Thanks, Jack, for the best entertainment and informative journalism I’ve experienced in years. Trouble is, now I’m looking over my digital shoulder with apprehension.2020-02-22Joolsthegreat50.96
iTunes (US)Helped me become a Champion!I really enjoy this podcast—action, intrigue, drama—it’s got it all! I love the stories, and how Jack brings them to life. Really makes it easy to understand the risks out there. And this podcast helped me become my workplace Cybersecurity Champion in our Hacktober training blitz. Thanks Jack!2020-02-21Ksk362850.99
iTunes (US)Best espisodeThis podcast is so interesting. "The Courthouse" episode was the best ever!2020-02-19iamtiredofthis50.99
iTunes (AU)The best technology podcast ever!!!You are remarkably amazing Zack!2020-02-19Lok-Rules-Thanos50.98
iTunes (US)Amazing!!!I have never wrote a review on a podcast...but this was definitely one of the best podcasts I have ever listened too. To hear the Xbox episodes and actually have been in high school when they were and listen to all of that was amazing !2020-02-19dust248650.96
iTunes (US)Always great!There has not been an episode of this podcast that I have not enjoyed! Thanks so much for your work.2020-02-19Toastix50.19
iTunes (GB)Dude. LISTEN NOWThis is way too good I love the creepy music and jack, a personal thank you and to everyone on it2020-02-14TheBookworm43850.94
StitcherIncredible Show, Incredible ServiceAmazing storytelling, research, and content. My brother and I love the show so much, I decided to buy him a couple of things on the online store. Unfortunately, I didn't guess my brother's size correctly, so I messaged here asking for an exchange. Jack was incredibly friendly, generous, and professional in the exchange. I couldn't be happier!2020-02-14RyCC50.95
iTunes (US)🔥🔥🔥Very interesting and well done. Super easy to get lost in and then realize I have an hour less of my workday 😁2020-02-14Sir Ficks51.00
iTunes (US)AddictiveI listen to podcasts when I run, and if every every podcast was this good I would be running ultras.2020-02-13NecxM50.91
iTunes (US)Came for the DNMs, stayed for all the quality content!I assumed this podcast was devoted to deep net markets (I refuse to call it the “dark net” or “dark web” which is the propagandized name given to this part of the web by flaccid bureaucrats who are impotent to stem the revolutionary actions that take place there, but I understand why the host uses the term) and I gave it a try. I discovered that this podcast is full of interesting topics far beyond DNMs and I’ve learned a lot, plus this podcast has broadened my interest in the use of the interned in general. I highly recommend it!2020-02-113domfighter50.86
iTunes (PL)MindblowingIT is not even my interest and english is not my language - this is my favorite podcast and its an great example how show like this should be done2020-02-10Jaceł50.86
iTunes (US)BestIt’s a show that’s eery but not scary. I listen to it before bed. It’s amazing!!!2020-02-10Rokuo789450.95
iTunes (ZA)Very interesting true stories told very well.I have an interest in the InfoSec community and have always founds hackers, malware and cyber security very intriguing. This podcast is expertly hosted, and the story is told in a way that is easy to follow, informative and very well put together. This is currently my favorite podcast.2020-02-09Matthew Jardine50.99
iTunes (US)Love itBeat show ever!!!!!!2020-02-09Orly101250.92
iTunes (CA)Best everThanks for introducing and taking us around the scary neighbourhoods of the underworld.2020-02-07study yyt50.78
iTunes (CH)Darknet diresIt’s a great podcast I love it. I find it really interesting. Highly recommended it2020-02-06olletwackydooh50.99
iTunes (NL)Best darknet podcast out thereExcellent podcast with super detailed and great storytelling. Ps substances like fentanyl also get sold because they are low volume. So it’s easier to sell 100k doses than the same amount of doses of heroin. That’s why war of drugs is futile and actually creating more dangers!2020-02-04Cdreue50.88
iTunes (US)Love it!I personally never thought I’ll get hooked onto podcasts like this! Simply loved everything about this podcast! Now can’t get enough of Darknet diaries! Amazing guy! Jack! Hats off man! Amazing stories! Awesome content!2020-02-04fahim54750.99
iTunes (PT)Love itA great insight into the dark side of the internet. Highly recommended.2020-02-04krust50.96
iTunes (GB)Thrilling tech storiesMy work friend suggested this show to me and I’ve been hooked ever since. Highly recommend checking out episodes ‘Xbox Underground’ (part 1 and 2) and ‘Jordan’. If ReplyAll had a dark side counterpart, this would be it.2020-02-04David Darnes50.89
iTunes (AU)Love this podcastStumbled across this podcast a couple of months ago and omg. My fav pod cast to date. I really like the style it’s presented in, and I really enjoy the topics, the Xbox and hame hacking ones are my fav (hope to see more of this stuff) My only concern is I am almost through the whole catalogue and fear nothing else will compare to this. Great job.2020-02-03Mind rage50.95
iTunes (NZ)Binge-worthyGreat podcast. Jack’s narrative complements the interviews well. I have caught up by binging this podcast and am looking forward to new episodes!2020-01-27sl0wl0ris50.97
iTunes (US)LOVE IT!!!!I have been listening to episode after episode of Darknet Diaries for about 4 days now. I can’t get enough of this podcast. Jack does an amazing job of researching the events he covers and interviewing the people that he highlights. I highly recommend!2020-01-24JonDavy010150.97
iTunes (GB)ExcellentJust recently found this podcast and have been listening to it constantly for the past week. Interesting, well researched and informative. A shout out to the host and his presentation too- well spoken and erudite.2020-01-22H.Q.B50.99
iTunes (US)Justina PelletierYou didn’t seem too worried about the human rights of this young girl and her family. You sure decried the actions of the man who’s actions you didn’t agree with, but can’t help but notice that despite your pandering for cash to help non Americans keep their human rights, you shared absolutely zero opinion or judgment on the actions of the hugely powerful state apparatus which apparently escapes any opinion of your own because they have been silent. The silence says a lot, and I enjoy the podcast, but the same anonymous people who you ask us all to help around the globe are not having the powers which oppress them make statements divulging their reasoning or admissions of their actions. You don’t have a problem insinuating wrong-doing and this the need for your listeners to help fund your non profit which we hear nothing about in regard to how you actually take action to assist these oppressed masses, but the same politically and economically powerful connections that allow for and protect the silence of the hospital and the actors which stole the young girl from her family, you dare not insinuate any malevolence. You clearly have no issue taking personal and moral stances on issues covered in many of your episodes, despite not having a full story from each party, but the med center gets a pass and even the added disdain for the actions of the man and others, who many would agree with you and many who would say that the response was justified. It is just distasteful after hearing that episode, then the pitch for donations which come with zero concrete and examples of exactly how your organization effects change of such a grand scale in places where you have less knowledge and power than in the case of a young girl in the country which you live.2020-01-22Finesse0350.76
iTunes (US)FantasticAlways an engaging show with incredibly well told stories. As another reviewer said, it’s better than RadioLab.2020-01-22Macconco50.99
iTunes (US)Usually Quite InterestingUsusally, the stories are interesting and informative. Jack too often sounds like an over-excited, breathy sixteen-year-old. Bigger problem still is his need to review English grammar--especially tense, agreement, and pronouns. This is a common failing for Millennials; but it really detracts from his journalism. Jack, please pay someone to review yout script, if you can't take the time to review eighth-grade English.2020-01-22Trothboy40.76
iTunes (US)Amazing, insightful, and well-explainedIncredible podcast, love how it’s explained and explored on a technical level as well as in layman’s terms. Great guests with fascinating stories. Keep up the good work!2020-01-22TrophyMinnow50.99
iTunes (CA)Incredible podcastThis is definitely one of my favourite podcasts ever. So engaging but still informative. Highly recommend!2020-01-22loonybak50.99
iTunes (DK)AwesomePod is great!2020-01-20JajsjsksisisusjNsnan51.00
iTunes (US)Usually Quite InterestingUsusally, the stories are interesting and informative. However, Jack, please review English grammar--especially tense, agreement, and pronouns. This is a common problem for Millennials, but it really detracts from your presentation. Pay someone to review yout script, if you can't take the time to study.2020-01-20Trothboy40.18
iTunes (DE)Good idea, but too annoying to listen toMade by an 16yo sounding gay guy voice annoyingly rephrasing & pointing out the obvious. Good idea generally, but impossible to listen to over multiple episodes.2020-01-19double_negative10.20
iTunes (GB)Best out thereHands down the best technical, cyber security podcast around.2020-01-14Joel.Miller50.93
iTunes (US)Better than RadiolabIs it actually? You decide. But have I listened to every single episode of Radiolab? Nah. But I have for Darknet Diaries. I listen to this when I’m blocked from writing, one of my characters is now inspired by this recurring theme in the show of kids who discover the power of hacking and the life bender they end up on. I even sometimes find myself wishing I was Jachary Cider. That’s not actually his name, but I like to pretend every time he says it— I hope you read this Jack and I hope you never die and your brain and heart for cyber security gets uploaded into the Cloud so you can do this forever. I don’t know what it is, but I’m addicted to hacking or hearing about other people doing it. Can’t wait for more.2020-01-10Joeleo50.97
iTunes (US)Amazing stories and qualityAlways an amazing story, done with very high quality. Some of the interviews are just incredible. Such detailed dives into some topics.2020-01-10One Ohm50.99
iTunes (US)Great podcastI was turned on to this podcast from the Coding Blocks podcast. I listened to one episode then another then all of them in about three days and needless to say am hooked. I love learning and I love cyber security so this is right up my ally. It really does bring to light the evils that can lurk behind the monitor on the internet! Just listen and I am sure you will love it too.2020-01-09Jla11550.92
iTunes (US)The podcaster went full woke with ep54Update: After listening to episode 54 my expectations for this podcast went way down. I stoped listening when he mentioned the Muller report. Clearly the podcaster has not researched anything about the “Russian collusion”. It was good until now. I wonder if he also reads the New York Times?2020-01-08Don0909198310.85
iTunes (DK)Amazing podcastHeard all episode thru december, amazing podcast, Jack has the right personality for making this show great, keep up the good work, patreon sub on the way from me2020-01-08Kristian krogstrup50.97
iTunes (US)FantasticAlways engaging.2020-01-07robertjzughetti51.00
iTunes (GB)Highly recommendSuper interesting content, well researched, and Jack is a great host! Really nice way of presenting the content and very likeable2020-01-07wwalshie51.00
iTunes (NZ)I’m not that hot on technology but this is insaneThe title says it all. I’m not the most tech smart person but this podcast is so great for any level. Mixture of spy, tech, politics and all round great stories. Favourite podcast. Thank you!2020-01-07ELO NZ50.89
iTunes (US)FascinatingThis podcast is absolutely FASCINATING in a way that’s super hard to describe. If you’re really into true crime stuff but need a break from blood, bad alibis, poor police work and always knowing it was the husband, I definitely recommend checking out this podcast. It talks about computers and hacking, but not in a nerdy or geeky way, and you don’t need to know how to hack to enjoy this podcast.2020-01-07Oogledorf50.24
iTunes (US)Great Nerd-Rage Content!This podcast is a must-listen for any and all digital and online technical-oriented junkies. If you spend 50% or more of your free time obsessing over MMOs, digital or network tech, don’t waste another minute and download the first 5 episodes and play them in the background of your next late night. You will not be disappointed.2020-01-07Kyros Harmony50.89
iTunes (US)The best tech podcast about dark netThis is the best podcast if you work in technology and love to hear about these stories of breaches and hacks . Jack narrates this amazing like and the guests are awesome . I look forward to the next episode and now I’m binging all the episodes and love every second .!!2020-01-06autobotsrollout50.93
iTunes (US)Accessible and InformativeI have very little background in computer science, but I found this podcast to be accessible, informative, and exciting to listen to. It so different to anything else I’ve listened to!2020-01-06TinyTimay50.94
iTunes (US)AwesomeI love this podcast, it’s very entertaining and you always get great stories.2020-01-04Liveeyephoto 50.97
iTunes (US)So Good!Such a great podcast. I really do enjoy every episode, recommended it to friends and family. Jack does a great job at keeping things interesting. It’s amazing to hear some of these stories behind some of the patches I have pushed. Keep up the good work!2019-12-30antarcticwanderer50.99
iTunes (US)Made me love podcastA friend of mine told me about Darknet Diaries. I no longer listen to music, just this podcast.2019-12-30W4rp3dL0g1c50.93
iTunes (US)Best podcast I’ve foundEvery episode is really good, Some of them I’ll read the title and think it’s going to be boring because I just don’t find the topic interesting but it ends up grabbing my attention and being extremely good.2019-12-30Magowan9650.91
iTunes (US)Long time iPhone user, first review everI don’t do reviews, ever, but this podcast is so great I figured it’s time to break my silence. It’s engaging from the start and keeps me entertained throughout the work day. This production deserves 5 stars and anyone interested in the infosec field should listen to it. I appreciate the fact that the episodes that have a little bit of cussing are labeled, because I listen to some of these podcasts with my kids. I hope to see many more episodes into the future!2019-12-28IceMan hacker50.98
iTunes (US)Amazing!!!This is one of my all time favorite podcasts, I always look forward to the next episode. Keep up the great work!!!!2019-12-24Lelouch3350.99
iTunes (BE)Good PodcastTop podcast 2019 Welcome to the AA Fokcast Ochtend in Pretparkland Gremlins Strike Back Nerdland maandoverzicht De Appels en Peren Show Tech45 Tweakers Podcast De Technoloog De BRN Techniektour Nieuwkomer , New. Ready for take-off Darknet Diaries2019-12-24Q367150.99
iTunes (BE)Good PodcastTech45 , dank voor de tip2019-12-24Q367150.81
iTunes (US)Best Podcast for InfoSec EnthusiastsThis show is amazingly put together with deep research and meticulous organization. Definitely the best podcast for infused enthusiasts on Apple Podcasts. I have not been able to stop listening to these episodes and have now finished ALL of them. Show host makes the delivery really interesting.2019-12-23talent@berg50.96
iTunes (CH)love it!Interesting and well researched, I got hooked immediately2019-12-18krämbi50.99
iTunes (US)Great, even for those who don’t know computers inside and out.Started listening because of a recommendation from Donut Operator on YouTube, and I’m hooked. Everything that isn’t an every-day term for the average person is explained a bit, so everyone that has at least a basic idea of how to use computers can keep up.2019-12-16Dyllea50.82
iTunes (NZ)Fantastic!This is an awesome podcast! Informative and Thrilling this never gets boring. I’ve learnt so much about the InfoSec industry which has me hanging out for the next episode waiting for more!2019-12-15ActiveMatrix50.89
iTunes (US)A new spin on InfoSecYou won’t be able to stop listening to these story-based podcasting episodes! They’re interesting, suspenseful and best of all educational. Give one episode a listen and you’ll be hooked from the start!2019-12-14Onub350.88
iTunes (BE)Great podcast!I just accidentally found this podcast. But really love the way the stories are told. Defiantly give it a try if you are even remotely interested in computers or hacking!2019-12-12DrHaze55550.86
iTunes (US)Best in the Business.I’ve been in IT for over 15 years and Jack’s podcast is the best in the business for everything Security and IT related.2019-12-11itypar50.90
iTunes (US)Great podcast but your political opinion isn’t necessaryI really enjoy this podcast until you start going all lefty on us.2019-12-11blamegameistired50.90
iTunes (US)Like this butThe last episode about the shadow brokers irked me. If I were a hacker communicating on twitter I would use broken English to throw off the trail. Perhaps I missed the evidence connecting this to Russia but it seemed like the conclusion that Russians were behind this hack was based on broken English and Trump. It feels like a hit piece. The bottom line is that the NSA had these zero days and hid them from the public. Shocking to all reading, I’m sure. The NSA is the opposite of everything America stands for and should be dismantled. The shadow brokers did the American public a favor by exposing these exploits that we paid for. Pitiful job, Jack. You’re comprised even if you don’t know it yet.2019-12-10FIRST TIME LONG TIME BUH10.06
iTunes (US)Has completely changed my life… really!This is an absolute must listen to podcast channel. I was hooked from the first episode I listened to about a month ago. Thanks to my long commute to work and home, I binged the entire library. DD has not only changed how I perform my job as a System Administrator, it was changed how I look at every aspect of security in my life and my family’s lives. Thanks Jack!2019-12-09Sudo_brandon50.90
iTunes (US)Engaging and interestingThis is a fantastic podcast.2019-12-09Pleroo50.99
iTunes (US)👍Really cool and entertaining!!!2019-12-07yeeting_yeti51.00
iTunes (US)Scratches the itchJack is an amazing host and this show completely scratches my Mr Robot itch. I’m so fascinated with this subject but myself know very little. Jack has a great way of exposing enough to help you understand but not over explain as to complicate. I love his pacing and tone and I feel like I learn something with every episode. Keep it up!2019-12-07BMAXBK50.97
iTunes (US)Absolutely love it!I love this podcast. Jack has an engaging way to tell stories and his commentary is very relevant, it’s like we’re having a talk in person, very natural in the way he tells the stories. So many other podcasters have interesting subjects but the their tone or pitch or speed makes it extremely painful to listen to. Not the case with this one, at all.2019-12-06alliebeep50.94
iTunes (US)Fantastic!A friend told me about this podcast. I’m on day 3 of listening to it about 8 hours a day at work and I love it. I’m gonna be really sad when I run of episodes. Amazing stories and excellent narration. Every episode is a unique treat.2019-12-06Mac Sn0wd3n50.84
iTunes (US)Excellent narration.I’m a sr infoSec engineer and the breakdown of IT jargon for those who are not familiar will find this easy to comprehend. This is one my biggest challenges in this industry when presenting to those less knowledgeable.2019-12-06ChrisChicago1!50.92
iTunes (CH)True CybercrimeFormell gesehen ist Darknet Diaries ein IT Security-Podcast. Aber unter seiner dünnen cyberner Hülle pulsiert das schwarz-rote Herz eines True Crime-Podcasts, voll menschlicher Abründe, perfider Taktik und einer Neugier, die das Leben ganzer Katzengenerationen auf dem Gewissen hat. Jack Rhysider erzählt Geschichten über Hacker, Geldwäscher, Cybercrime-Syndikate und Pen-Tester. Es sind nicht bloss die Geschichten, die mitreissen - auch die unnachahmlich drängende, verblüffte Art, wie er diese erzählt, hält die Spannung hoch. Wem Mr. Robot gefällt, wird hier auf seine Kosten kommen.2019-12-05Timm S.50.23
iTunes (US)Great Content! Entertaining and Informative!Pick any one episode and you will realize quickly that this podcaster has a gift! Jack delivers relevant and interesting content and his methods of delivering the message and telling the story take you on a journey each time. That’s not even the best part... above all else it is clear that this talented Cyber Security Professional and content curator is just being himself and enjoying this avenue for sharing his knowledge and gifts with his listeners; he’s not selling out to make the top charts or trying to duplicate anything else out there!2019-12-05Neo190851.00
iTunes (US)Must subscribeThis show rocks2019-12-05CustomerNumberOne50.92
iTunes (US)My #1My #1 podcast. Thanks for an awesome podcast!2019-12-04dmcearchern50.97
iTunes (US)Best infosec podcastNothing else like it. Other than jacks ignorance on why pewds is the best YouTubed (excusable for a young boomer) this podcast is my favorite2019-12-02Shia LaBeef50.97
iTunes (US)sicksick podcast, Jackery Cider2019-11-27Devilisheggs50.02
iTunes (AU)A window into the Darknet without all the scare tacticsJack does a great job showing not only what’s possible but also explaining the methods in a way that anyone can follow. A refreshing change from boring highly technical or over the top dramatisation of hacking and the dark web.2019-11-25Chris Westman50.95
iTunes (CA)Arabian Gulf!!?Please read more about geography as well as you research about hacking world and infiltration!! It’s Persian Gulf! Check any historical paper you like!!2019-11-24faraa50.85
iTunes (IN)Waste of timeThis podcast is a waste of time , which tells fake news.2019-11-20RajveerKochhar10.05
iTunes (US)Best show for any level!This is a show that have gotten even my daughters interested in the never boring InfoSec industry!!! Highly recommended for anyone, the storyteller ability of Mr. Jack Rhysider is second to none!2019-11-20Eromeu50.96
iTunes (DE)The best Podcast ever!I’m totally into Info Sec - it’s my job and my hobby. This Podcast is my Addiction! There are many great Podcasts about Info Sec, but Jack does just a great job here. I enjoy it and waiting for new episodes is just like a little child is waiting for Christmas.2019-11-19BenMoe8950.96
iTunes (AU)Love the content. And his voice.I love how he actually uses his voice to project a bit of suspense. Much better than a boring drone on some podcasts. The content is great, a little bit scary (what is possible), enlightening and entertaining. It’s explained well enough for the listener that’s not necessarily a hacker, but not dumbed down too much.2019-11-19ratsac50.98
iTunes (US)Great listen!If you're in IT or cyber security or interested in either, you should have this podcast in your rotation. Best podcast out there.2019-11-15Zman522550.94
iTunes (US)OutstandingInteresting dark net stories, told well, without hype.2019-11-15Trothboy50.99
iTunes (CA)Deep and delightful to listen toI do enjoy this podcast that provide a very well formatted and narrated content Keep up the great work2019-11-15Nabilus50.99
iTunes (CA)Need I say moreIf so, this is the only thing that makes my 40min commute to school worth it2019-11-14Kayme5550.22
iTunes (US)VERY GODAbsolutely love this show. If you're in IT, you'll definitly like it.2019-11-13_undecided50.92
iTunes (NZ)So good.You’ll never look at your pc the same way again. An excellent, well produced podcast that explains many of the darker aspects of the internet to which most people are blissfully unaware. Well researched and written.2019-11-13Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!50.95
iTunes (GB)A great seriesVery well put together with brilliant content!2019-11-12Darkweb_Dave50.99
iTunes (US)Fantastic!If you work in the IT industry this is awesome! However, just about anyone who works with or around computers (or likes CSI tv shows) would find this to be both educational and entertaining. I’ve never listened to another podcast like this.2019-11-12ALL Lives Matter Idiots!50.92
iTunes (IE)This is the best podcastI recommend to everyone this podcast really good one2019-11-12Jim-10050.98
iTunes (US)Really interesting!I'm not a hacker, but I find this interesting -- good storytelling! Thank you.2019-11-11yakgirl5250.96
iTunes (IE)Very entertaining for infosec and not infosec peopleThis podcast presents the subject matter with enough detail for those in the field, while still being interesting for those with no background in infosec.2019-11-07Larryisgood50.89
iTunes (AU)Awesome podcastLove the content, the only thing I don't like is that he puts on a dramatic voice for the whole thing instead of to highlight things - it is like reading something that is all in bold and underline. Loses its effect quickly.2019-11-06fjwlsdflkh50.76
iTunes (AU)Informative interesting listeningGreat stories told very well2019-11-06Rippin Surfer dude50.99
iTunes (US)Above and BeyondDarknet Diaries by Jack Rhysider is my all time fav cyber podcast. 🎧 Episode 50 went above and beyond my expectations offering rare official insight into US Cyber Command’s offensive operations.2019-11-05CPT Kendy50.93
iTunes (US)Best podcast available.Just wish you would start a subscribe star. I refuse to use patreon since they are total trash and should be shut down for all the clear violations and law breaking they have committed. Over 2000 reviews and a 5 out of 5! WOW!2019-11-05Won't sync....50.20
iTunes (AU)Great PodcastLove your show, very interesting and informative going back to listen from the start Baz Perth Australia2019-11-03Baz 600050.96
iTunes (AU)Fantastic podcastEasily my favourite pod in the internet / crime genre. The host is great. The format is great. I’ve listened to most available episodes and they have all been very engaging. Favourite so far is the Defcon capture the flag ep, was excellent. Good job Jack.2019-11-03myrtle190850.99
iTunes (PT)Very well produced and with great contentOne of the best podcasts on security, looking into the dark side of the internet. Great stories (both recent and old) which allows the listener to draw a line in the evolution of cyberspace security flaws and attacks.2019-11-01ffgameiro50.92
iTunes (US)So cool.I’m not a hacker or anything close to it, but this podcast is so cool. It paints a really easy to digest picture of the hidden world of hacking. Super awesome. The host is fantastic as well!2019-10-31Abterra50.98
iTunes (US)Binged It All over about 1 week! Awesome podcast!Jack, you are awesome. A Great story teller and podcast creator! Where do you get the ideas for these stories? Each one is more fascinating than the last! I binged the entire series up to a couple weeks ago, when I had to start waiting for new episodes. Feels like forever. Lol. Just finished Operation Glowing Symphony and OMG, can you imagine sitting in that command center waiting for the official “Go” command so you can hit the keyboard and get to work tearing down ISIS? That would be so cool! I was completely swept away with the XBox 2-part story. I’m going to listen to it again because it was hard to keep track of so many people. You did an amazing job putting that complex story together! Love every angle of the field/industry that you’ve come up with. Learning about Zero Days all over the place in every system, application, hardware, etc. is just alarming to me. How do so many glaring bugs get released to the public? And NOT get fixed, even after the creator knows about the bug? Crazy! Please keep up the amazing job you are doing! Keep bringing us those amazing hacker stories! I need my Darknet fix every week! Thank you.2019-10-31StinaMasFina50.87
iTunes (US)who needs to listen to the? .... EVERYONE!To understand humanity at this moment in time..you must first have a grasp of the tecnology available to them and the depths of depravity they will go to use that technology... this has been true since the dawn of time... many just don't realise that we are the humanity of history.2019-10-31koogleka50.87
iTunes (NO)Amazing podcastWe use Darknet Diaries as curriculum at work. Just listen. It’s very good!2019-10-31Dnaletos50.96
iTunes (RU)Best tech-related podcast everHeard from Hackable? Podcast. Since then I listened most of the episodes and this podcast felt like the thing missing in my life. Yes, that good!2019-10-31dasKelvin50.79
iTunes (CA)Well done!!!Brilliant stories that even my mother can follow along. Keep it up!2019-10-31iMobile50.97
iTunes (US)Best podcast available.Just wish you would start a subscribe star. I refuse to use patreon since they are total trash and should be shut down for all the clear violations and law breaking they have committed.2019-10-31Won't sync....50.21
iTunes (SA)This show is so goodBasically the best podcast about hacking that you could find2019-10-28Cfghjjk50.79
iTunes (US)My favorite Podcast hands downI am a podcast power user and consume around 30 hours of content a week in various genres and this one is my absolute favorite. The host is an excellent story teller and makes complex information easy to digest. 5 Stars ! Download it now.2019-10-28Jdubbed8050.97
iTunes (KW)PerfectAmazing storytelling of what could be called dull and boring security stories but with Jacks proper style its a masterpiece2019-10-27q8smokeme50.87
iTunes (AU)Austrailian getting his Geek.Great show Jack! Your detailed stories with helpful explanations of 'Hard Tech' with humour and great expressions of sorry & joy as you tell the story and interview people. Love it!. It's been interesting going back to the start of you podcast and hear the work you've gone too that makes these stories so enjoyable.2019-10-24Toy Captain50.98
iTunes (US)Tech nubeI’m a very mechanical person I drive tractors for a living Easy to fallow tech podcast that I’ve learned from quickly2019-10-23bobcat dave50.96
iTunes (US)Great showLike many others I binged this podcast and I have to say it’s one of my favorites in regards to cyber. Keep it going Jack!2019-10-22Big Pache50.95
iTunes (US)Wow!This podcast is awesome. Top notch content.2019-10-22Laurosilvacom50.99
iTunes (SE)This is gold!One of the best podcasts i have ever stumbled upon. Perfect for bingelistening and really made me aware of how little mist perplex know about computer science and sequrity. Very valuable!2019-10-21willywaste50.96
iTunes (IT)Simply amazing!Wow what a gem! Amazing job, keep it on!2019-10-19Frezzz50.98
iTunes (US)Amazing Podcast!!This podcast is so amazing! It goes into detail about every little thing the people do l. It has awesome music and the stories are the best!2019-10-18Carter Rarick50.97
iTunes (GB)Awesomely awesomeThis is an amazingly awesome and informative podcast, having started to listen a few months back, I'm now going back to the beginning, and listening to the back episodes; I'm currently in December 2018 Whether or not you work in Information Security, this is a really useful source of knowledge, and definitely worth a listen ....2019-10-17david_hay50.96
iTunes (US)I live for Darknet DiariesI binged all (at the time) 45 episodes as soon as I found the podcast. I look forward to every new episode, and when one comes out, it’s always a treat. Jack is not only an excellent researcher and interviewer but a spot-on storyteller and podcast producer. These kind of smooth, seamless, and crazy interesting episodes are really hard to make, and he knocks it out of the park.2019-10-17Bridgelle50.96
iTunes (AU)Instant favourite podcast!Thanks for a great podcast Jack. I stumbled upon your podcast about a week ago and have already binged all of your episodes. Now I’m looking forward to each new episode. Great show, I’ve learnt plenty and find your show quite entertaining/fascinating. Keep up the good work.2019-10-16Bradman00650.99
iTunes (MY)Thrilling!!You’ll love the vibes from the narrator. Don’t let the word “Stories” fool you. All of them are backed by credible references. The only way to tell if it’s fiction, is when it is wrongly imagined by the listener. Kudos.2019-10-16Praz5550.84
iTunes (US)If "This American Life" did a podcast about hackingThe production quality of this podcast is truly at NPR levels. Jack's ability to tell stories is crazy good. I was thrust into a security compliance role and the daily grind of compliance work is soul crushing. Thanks to this podcast, I have a why for what I do and it has helped me keep my sanity and given me insight into more interesting kinds of work that I can get into. Thank you, Jack!2019-10-16jMoHereWeGoYoYoYo50.91
iTunes (AU)Very bingeable.Great show. I’m a big fan.2019-10-16Laurie O 👍🏻50.96
iTunes (CH)One of the BestI subscribed directly!2019-10-15iDorje50.79
iTunes (US)1000% I give it 10/10This is my first podcast and and it’s really really helpful and interesting and I even knew about new tools and techniques and can’t wait for new episodes and thumps up for the team who make possible and all the effort.. I will definitely donate and I encourage everyone to do the same because the least we can do to have this and spread the knowledge around the world ♥️2019-10-15Z8rtty50.99
iTunes (US)Best Postcast EverThis podcast not only ruined all other podcasts for me, but made me start questioning my finance career because infosec is so interesting.2019-10-14BassnectarLOL50.84
iTunes (AU)Great podcastI’m totally addicted from catching Xbox Underground at random, now I’m a Patreon. Love your work Jack!2019-10-13KJezza50.95
iTunes (IS)Solid stuffBest podcast I have come across, if you have any interest in technology this is the podcast for you!2019-10-12Bjöggi909950.85
iTunes (US)Good source of information securityThis is the podcast I was looking for. Keep the good information coming! Please don’t be bias on politics or social issues, always say it like it’s, if someone gets their feelings hurt, they don’t need to listen to these podcast.2019-10-11Don0909198350.89
iTunes (US)The bestBy far my favorite podcast2019-10-11OfficialSkyG50.93
iTunes (AU)Fantastic Podcast!I absolutely love Darknet Diaries. Jack always has truely interesting stories and also has a great way of explaining some of the more technical details.2019-10-10TrustyTristan50.99
iTunes (US)WowLove the stories of who is doing what and how.2019-10-09LaundryLu50.86
iTunes (US)Great showI love the ominous approach to the stories but they are wonderfully crafted. Keep up the good work!2019-10-09darkishrogue6450.96
iTunes (NZ)Amazing Story TellerJack you are doing a great job mate! Not in the industry at all and only have an amateur understanding of computer systems but the way you tell these stories make them easy to follow and just technical enough that it makes you want to learn more. Thank you for the entertainment. Keep up the great work!2019-10-09sethchitty50.98
iTunes (IN)Top notchThis podcast is up there with hardcore history. Top notch stuff. Extremely fascinating yet so revealing about the world we live in. Please keep giving us the good stuff.2019-10-05KrishtaJ50.96
iTunes (US)Awesome.I’m no hacker or infosec professional, but I can’t get enough of this show. Jack curates and expertly narrates fascinating stories from the darker corners of internet culture. I really appreciate the narrators ability to quickly break down technical aspects of the stories and present them in a way that’s simple to understand, without having to RTFM. Keep em’ coming Jack!2019-10-04visualust50.90
iTunes (US)In my top 3This is easily one of my favorite podcasts ever. It contends with the likes of Hardcore History, Radiolab, and Rogan. Production quality is phenomenal and plays like a tv show (but more entertaining). Keep up the awesome work Jack!2019-10-04blizz4850.97
iTunes (GB)BrilliantWell researched and put together podcast, super interesting stories too. Honestly, it’s the best podcast I’ve heard in a long while2019-10-03Chonka Goo Har50.97
iTunes (US)My new addictionI absolutely love this podcast. The content is spectacular and informative. I have always neared on the side of conspiratorial thinking...now I know, I was right to be.2019-10-03Leesa 50.97
iTunes (US)Incredibly well doneI have tried for a long time to get into podcasts. Not a fan of comedy ones, not a fan of anything Barstool related, just could not get into anything people recommended to me. Stumbled upon DND and I can’t stop listening. This is the only podcast I have ever enjoyed and I recommend it to everybody. Personally I enjoy saving up a few at a time and then running through them. Jack does a great job and each story is as good as the last!2019-10-02Sean truxzy50.95
iTunes (US)Incredibly interesting and addictiveJust heard about this podcast on twitter and have been listening to multiple shows a day to catch up. Started at Episode 1 and I'm halfway thru now.2019-10-02darknet fan50.88
iTunes (US)Very well done, excellent contentI’ll just “ditto” what the user 0x6869 says in the reviews. Definitely addicted to these podcasts and look forward to each new episode. Perfect amount of time for a podcast and the right amount of detail in each podcast. My favorite for commuting or binge-listen to them on a road trip! Don’t forget to buy a shirt from his online store - and some stickers!!! Support this dude and his awesome podcast!2019-10-01Cmprather50.99
iTunes (US)Great contentI have recommended this to everyone who will listen. The only goofy thing is having to preface the name so people don’t get turned off to it before giving it a listen. But the content is superb. As someone who knows very little about computers and networks, I really enjoy the simple technical explanations/summaries and especially enjoy how Jack puts many of the events into the context of history and the world economy. As hacking has been a topic at work lately, as phishing attempts have ramped up, I’ve found myself explaining to colleagues why certain precautions are important and what has happened to other companies. Even events as significant and relatively widely known as Stuxnet aren’t that widely known amongst normal people, and I’ve enjoyed going down these rabbit holes and introducing others to this.2019-10-01Impyimpalafish50.88
iTunes (CA)Amazing podcastBeen listening to quite a few info sec pod casts for info sec news and Patrick Gray from risky.biz turned me on to this podcast. Decided to give it a listen and I was hooked. Jack does a great job story telling, would highly recommend listening to this on your commute!2019-10-01nousersnull50.97
iTunes (ZA)Great all aroundDidn’t know anything about security before this podcast and I’m still no expert, just a little more paranoid. But it’s insanely well made and worth your time!2019-10-01@kem.inc50.78
iTunes (US)Best computer security podcast hands down!Love seeing new episodes of DND appear in my feed!2019-09-30Tacosmchamburger50.93
iTunes (US)SpectacularI listen everyday at work learning while killing time2019-09-30Gubuda50.75
iTunes (AU)Don’t stop!Love love love this podcast and can’t get enough. Very well thought out and all angles covered. Really enjoy the bits of personality thrown in and the thought provoking information. Thank you for helping educate us all.2019-09-29Green poo50.94
iTunes (NL)Great for techiesI binge listened to this podcast and it is great storytelling with super interesting people.2019-09-29AbelWhite_50.99
iTunes (NZ)Super interesting and addictiveI am interested in IT but in no way understand half of what is being talked about. However, that doesn’t seem to matter. Jack is an amazing story teller who has the ability to bring to life super technical stories in a way that everyone can enjoy. I recommend listening on 1 1/2 speed which helps make the hacking stories sound way more exciting! I’ve been bingeing.2019-09-27MandylTait50.94
iTunes (US)WonderfulWhile I know the host will be happier to hear I have recommended this podcast to several people who have since subscribed, I can't help but leave a review. Fantastically well done, and accessible to people of all skill levels. This is one of my top 3 podcast favorites. Thank you for all the great work!2019-09-27Hammontre51.00
iTunes (US)Favorite show !!!I learn SO MUCH every episode and I’ve never been so into cyber security. Well done Jack!2019-09-26ex-waze user50.93
iTunes (US)Happy I subscribed!I’m a huge fan now! Tried other podcasts, couldn’t get into them. Well executed and great stories. Even became a Patreon member just to support Darknet Diaries. Thank you!2019-09-26Lil_phoenix50.96
iTunes (DE)New favorite podcast!Got introduced to this podcast by a coworker and just can’t stop listing! Attention: really addictive content! Keep it up dude ! Definitely my new #1 podcast! Love from Berlin2019-09-22dimmtunker50.98
iTunes (US)Tech Savvy entertainment!This host is fantastic! Have you lost faith in the tech world because you are continually exposed to creeps and trolls? This podcast is hosted by a human being that is both compassionate and intelligent. This is my favorite podcast now because it gives phenomenal advice about protecting yourself from cybercrime as well as being really fascinating and inciteful.2019-09-22Chefjen6850.93
iTunes (NO)Great podcast!Thank You2019-09-22Lisefims50.98
iTunes (US)Jack feels like a close friend !!!As someone who’s not into computers or technology , I find this podcast fascinating but also easy to understand. After listening for a few months,Jack grew to feel like a close friend!!! Look forward to every episode , and even recommended the podcast to my IT department at work !2019-09-20lunarf0x50.94
iTunes (US)If you like mysteries & cloud computingBring back the OG album art Great work2019-09-20jkw1000050.97
iTunes (US)It’s a must listenVery very very interesting I get latched on to every episode it’s very addicting every story gets you hooked.2019-09-19eliessel50.92
iTunes (US)Lives up to the hypeI know just enough about software to know that there’s a lot more out there. However, the stories are explained well, clarification is included when needed and the narrative is always good. I have binged every episode available since finding this podcast two weeks ago. I hadn’t seen many 5 star shows before, but it lives up to the hype. It’s entertaining, informational and it’s so varied that you never feel like screaming “come on! Get to the interesting stuff” like a lot of true crime shows make you feel. Well done.2019-09-19JEHBALDWIN50.92
iTunes (FI)After listening you’ll use your tinfoilhat moreAs an it professional I love this podcast, makes you take a look at security even more than before. Thanks for the great job Jack, keep it up. +12019-09-19=NiklasW=51.00
iTunes (GB)Jack is a master!!!An insanely interesting and well produced podcast. Jack’s attention to detail is second to none. Story telling is sublime. A real must for anyone interested in hacking stories.2019-09-18Dave_Stark_8650.95
iTunes (US)Excellent!I’ve learned so much. Fun to listen to!2019-09-18Joecool1232350.99
iTunes (US)Excellent content and productionThe content itself is riveting, and so well delivered that I find myself going back to it at least twice, out of fear that I missed something the first time. The editing and time obviously spent on production is outstanding. This is the podcast I have been looking for.2019-09-18Bicky24750.81
iTunes (US)Amazing!This podcast is my absolute favorite! As a software developer, I find this podcast super interesting and super entertaining. It talks about technical concepts in a really interesting way that makes it understandable for anyone! I highly recommend this for anyone who loves a good crime story, hacking concepts, or technology in general!2019-09-18Tre123tin50.99
iTunes (GB)Interesting and entertainingA genuinely interesting and thought provoking look at infosec stories. You don’t need to be a security expert, to appreciate the stories and issues raised. I look forward to a fortnightly dose of the podcast, keep up the great work Jack.2019-09-17pedaleye50.98
iTunes (US)DarkNet Diaries whips the llamas....I’ve loved listening to the entire library by Jack. Only problem is I’m into the single digits of the series- what will I do after I finish!!?! Keep going, Reciter!! I need more DND!2019-09-17Paulie42050.77
iTunes (GB)Great podcastBrilliant production, great stories and massively entertaining. Definitely worth checking out!2019-09-17furryronin50.99
iTunes (US)Brilliant!!!Hands down one of the best podcast..the Xbox episodes by far one of my favorites!! Keep up the good work!!!2019-09-17FlyRoute50.96
iTunes (AU)So interesting!I don’t know anything about tech or the internet, but I am addicted to this show. The episodes play out like a murder mystery or a spy novel - full of crime and intrigue and crazy plot lines. The narrator explains the tech side of things well so you can still follow along if your not technically minded, and the production is slick and professional. Highly recommended for tech nerds and fans of true crime alike!2019-09-17MuscovyDuckling50.89
iTunes (US)AddictedThis show is spectacular. Listened to every episode and always excited for the next. Also inspired me to finally start learning coding2019-09-16Djdnsjdbssjqarnqrjrqh50.98
iTunes (US)Masterfully Done !!!!One of the BEST podcasts bare none !!!!2019-09-1501kdx220r50.98
iTunes (US)A++I absolutely love it and binge listened until there was no more I really can’t wait to see what’s next and jack if you read these please keep me coming your hard work is greatly appreciated by keeping me from the boring nights of driving around2019-09-15Jimechanga50.93
iTunes (US)Excellent ShowJack, what can I say... this podcast is incredible. Completely exceeded my expectations. You are a great storyteller and these episodes just get better and better. 5 FULL STARS2019-09-15jujubee_mike50.99
iTunes (US)Fantastic!If you like creepy stories, technology, wild explanations of crazy hacks, or infosec in general... This is the podcast for you. I’m so hooked I frequently re listen to episodes I’ve heard time after time. Check Jack out. It’s a wild ride.2019-09-15Word1995-50.92
iTunes (US)Brilliant!I absolutely love this podcast! I've always been curious about the hacker community and this series does a phenomenal job investigating a wide array of hacking contexts. Thorough research and excellent storytelling makes this one of my favorite podcasts out there. Well done!2019-09-14davemanroth50.99
iTunes (NZ)greatone of the best podcasts out there2019-09-14🔦📟💎💸📺⏲💵⏰📡50.97
iTunes (US)WowWhat I’ve been wanting for so long2019-09-13H_Hammer50.22
iTunes (SE)10star!One of the best podcasts what I heard and following. Very good quality show. Thank you!2019-09-13Xmodule51.00
iTunes (US)AwesomeAmazing stories. Amazing work. So addicting. Keep up all the great and hard work. A++2019-09-13Kiss that goodbye50.98
iTunes (CA)Most favourite podcast everHey jack I know you read these so I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your podcast. I listened to all of them least twice lol. Totally recommend this podcast for both those in the industry and those interested lurkers out there. Anyway keep up the great work! From you big whitehat fan in toronto2019-09-13seymorefrog50.99
iTunes (NZ)Top rate show!Interesting and well selected subject matter. Well researched, organised and presented without bloated monologue. Interesting guest slots/interviews.2019-09-12kieearans50.99
iTunes (US)IT LoverI have been HOOKED since starting. I’ve recommended to all of my IT field pals and even my non-tech husband has said how interesting the stories are. I can’t pick a favorite episode. 10/10 my favorite podcast. Typically I listen to true crime. Introducing: True CyberCrime2019-09-12Halieek50.95
iTunes (GB)Do yourself a favour, listen to Darknet Diaries!Hands down my favourite podcast. It does not matter if you’re a cyber expert or not, the stories told by J. Rhysider are fascinating, and obviously well-researched. There’s a mixture of interviews and story-telling, with abstract of relevant audio documents.2019-09-12lelaurastan50.96
iTunes (US)Great showHighly recommend it. Jack is doing good stuff for the community. Burke tanner approves!2019-09-11daveschaff50.98
iTunes (US)Fantastic!What a great show. Been glued to it. Only thing I can’t get by is how the commentator introduces himself as, what sounds to be a combination of Jack and Zachary, and it comes outs Jackary. Jackary Cidar. And it makes me laugh every time.2019-09-10Olszewja50.93
iTunes (US)Great podcast!I am almost done benging this podcast and know I will be sad when I get to episode 1. Insightful, interesting and very well done. Very close to true crime podcasts. Jack makes me sad that I wasn’t into gaming as a teenager and take a gaming console apart to figure out programming and coding, cause I woulda been good at it! ❤️.2019-09-09alissann50.92
iTunes (US)Great listeningGreat podcast! Covers a ton of topics in physical and internet security and provides ample context and explanation for people who don't know all the ins and outs. It's how I first learned about a wide variety of hacks, and taught me a few things I should be doing to secure the apps I write and maintain.2019-09-09Nathan_unity50.87
iTunes (DE)Absolute recommendationTop speaker and thrilling stories2019-09-09Mokkapps50.96
iTunes (AU)Darknet Diaries is an awesome podcast!Darknet Diaries is always a fascinating listen, no matter which episode. Really makes my long commute time into something to look forward to. Some of my non-tech family members accidentally listened to it and now they're hooked as well. The stories are gripping and exciting whether you're in tech or not. (One small detail, which is a big plus for them, is that if a technical term is coming up in the story Jack will pause and swiftly explain the jargon in terms anyone can understand, so no one's left behind.) A huge thanks to Jack Rhysider and the team for all the effort and research behind each episode - it's a brilliant production!2019-09-09Zyph1350.96
iTunes (AU)Yes yes yesFirst time since I binged Reply All that I’ve sat in my car after getting home from work, just to finish an episode without taking a break.2019-09-09Emmagee8850.50
iTunes (US)The Perfect PodcastThis was a sleeper pick for me and I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. I think this podcast is as close to perfect as it gets; thoughtfully produced, utterly riveting, and able to make complex subject matters easier to understand plus more interesting. I really appreciate all the hard work I imagine goes into producing each episode and all the five star ratings show I’m probably not alone on that front.2019-09-09contendunt50.88
iTunes (US)Some very interesting subjects but...I love the topics and stories but the guy repeats himself so much. Often he will state something and then say it in a different way 4-5 times. The episode of gaming the podcast chart was solved halfway and I have no idea what further questions he had.2019-09-08iiyngrdde40.88
iTunes (US)Love itI’m a tech person and this is the stuff that lives in the background that I have always interested in. Well researched, interesting and easy to understand.2019-09-08spcarver50.98
iTunes (US)Binge at your leisureI feel special finding this podcast, like I’ve found something of value that I want to horde and keep all to myself. What a Gem! Such a great podcast! Checks all boxes I’m hooked2019-09-07Naaomas50.91
iTunes (AU)RrqItem number tell him you need a Goodwin is here for a you and you2019-09-07Wazzanumerouno30.50
iTunes (US)This is top notch... what a podcast should be.The Xbox cast was my favorite. So far. Well done. 5 stars and one more on top2019-09-07Feckyah50.99
iTunes (US)Wiggity wackA mediocre podcast meant to scare clearnet boomer normies2019-09-06Dudiwhfiekwhdhfh10.06
iTunes (US)Well doneSolid balance of tech and storytelling. Concise, informative and entertaining. Absolutely recommend.2019-09-06ee galitarian50.99
iTunes (US)Absolutely phenomenalExtremely well told, well produced, and best of all extremely in-depth. This one is a sleeper.2019-09-05JordanAE50.98
iTunes (AU)Shedding light on the DarknetI’ve always wondered about hacking and data theft, this podcast is easy to follow for less tech savvy people interested in who lurks in those dark corners of the inter webs........ The Xbox Hacking episode part 1 was lighthearted, but strap in for part 2 things get pretty hairy!2019-09-05JC Goodchap50.94
iTunes (US)The Best!First off, thank you, Jack, for all the amazing content! This is one of the best if not the best security podcasts out. Jacks research, topics, and delivery make Darknet Diaries a top-notch podcast. Jack covers the topics in ways that both technical and not so technical ways so he makes it entertaining to even my not so tech-savvy friends and family and I get to geek out with it with anybody. Absolutely love this podcast. Thank you again, Jack. Please don't stop. I am learning so much .2019-09-04M1k3Thirteen50.99
iTunes (AU)Xbox hackWow what a podcast. I have zero idea about the dark web and hacking and was so intrigued by this podcast. The ending was F.... up! 10/102019-09-04bunniesnrl50.16
iTunes (AU)Unbelievably good!I binged this after hearing an episode on snap judgement. Great stories told well and hard to believe it’s a very small production team. Jack has a very engaging way of telling a story that makes me look forward to every new episode. The Xbox episodes in particular must’ve taken so much work. So impressed every time. Keep up the great work.2019-09-04held2ransom50.98
iTunes (US)¡ᏩĘĖK༄HĒÅVÊN!Awesome podcast!!! One of a kind gem!2019-09-04Mr Isidro50.95
iTunes (AU)Great podcastHours of interesting and enjoyable listening. I really enjoyed the XBOX episode and am looking forward to part 2.2019-09-03Mickle250.99
iTunes (US)Fun and not *too* technicalTop notch story telling, kind of like if Malcolm Gladwell was an infosec nerd. Sometimes goes mildly technical but I found it easy to follow and just immensely entertaining. Bingeing it so hard right now!2019-09-03mattonomics51.00
iTunes (NO)My absolute favorite podcastDarknet Diaries is by far my favorite podcast. It takes on complex situations in a way that most people can follow along - both with and without an it-background. When a new episode is released I jump to this as soon as I can, and love every second of it. One of my favorite episodes must be The Beirut Bankjob.2019-09-01Andreaspeters150.96
iTunes (US)Binge-worthyRandomly found the podcast. After the first episode (started from the beginning) I was hooked. I binged all the episodes and now I’m waiting for each new one. Keep it up Jack!!!2019-08-30n@chtwolfe50.85
iTunes (US)The best programming oriented podcast everThe only reason I go on this app is to listen to dark net diaries. Please keep doing these, they are so good!!2019-08-30Analcavity50.83
iTunes (US)Darknet Diaries needs to be on your radarInteresting IT stories for all slices of the technology pizza2019-08-29XarmageddonX50.80
iTunes (US)Great showHighly recommend it. Jack is doing good stuff for the community.2019-08-29daveschaff50.98
iTunes (US)Duuuude.Give me part 2 of Xbox right now. This is torture.2019-08-29BarefootNate12350.68
iTunes (GB)IncredibleAfter listening to just 1 episode I was hooked. Within a week I’d listened to them all. Now I find myself eagerly waiting for new content I just can’t get enough! Congrats Jack on making such a gripping podcast.2019-08-28QuadraTee50.98
iTunes (AU)I’m addicted!This is the first podcast I’ve actually subscribed to and eagerly await for new episodes. Thank you for making my commutes to work something to look forward to!2019-08-27M. Wills50.90
iTunes (US)Great PodcastA guy I work with told me about this show, and I thought I’d just listen to one and then nine episodes later I was hooked.2019-08-25that bat guy50.88
iTunes (US)Addictively informative and insightfulThis podcast is so awesome I tore through every episode in like a week.2019-08-25Luke18_50.86
iTunes (GB)FantasticJust keeps getting better and better can’t wait for part 2 of the Xbox episode amazing what people get up to clever ***** lol keep up the good work !!!2019-08-24Nebs65750.99
iTunes (DE)I'm hooked.Very interesting storys, with a great story teller2019-08-23Kkdndäylfspaöt50.98
iTunes (GB)I can’t get over how good this podcast isThe title says it all, if you have an interest in Information Security give it a try!2019-08-22RedundantPS350.76
iTunes (NL)Great stories told even better, keep up👌💪Great hacker storytelling2019-08-21Jack 0150.99
iTunes (GB)BrilliantExcellent podcasts perfect delivery and full of knowledge to keep yourself safe in the digital world even for a IT novice2019-08-21Noxy4250.94
iTunes (GB)Beanz145If your into technology, cyber security or hacking, this is the podcast for you. My favourite podcast by far. Excellent delivery and awesome stories! Look forward to it every week! 👍🏻2019-08-20Chris_W_Green51.00
iTunes (US)Really love the podcast.It’s like I’m invited into an underworld.2019-08-19Bands omg vb50.91
iTunes (US)Best of the bestProduction Value is A+. Content is the same. I always enjoy the show and the hosting is engaging.2019-08-1813375p34k550.99
iTunes (US)Very InterestingGreat stories and interviews. Makes you think. Wish there were more frequent updates. Great job!!2019-08-16T3CN9N350.93
iTunes (US)Great storytelling and good detailsBest cyber podcast and one of my overall favorites. The stories are very well researched and flow beautifully. The level of detail is just right. And Jack is just right; not obnoxious (like a number of other podcasts), knows his stuff and just easy to listen to. Nicely done.2019-08-16Marcus51751.00
iTunes (CH)Best security podcastVery well researched and very high quality. I am binge listening 😻2019-08-16emilycebrat51.00
iTunes (ZA)Freaking cool podcastAlways watching out for the next one!! Keep it up!2019-08-15Fleabite0850.96
iTunes (US)Great PodcastI came by DarkNet Diaries much by accident. I’m not even a computer nerd but these stories are gripping, amazing, sad, funny and shocking all at the same time. I’m now addicted and can’t wait to hear more.2019-08-15AlanBlain50.91
iTunes (US)Fascinating and ApproachableThe host has a gift for storytelling and interviewing, and I think he does a superb job of riding that narrow line of making things approachable to those who are not familiar with jargon without boring those who are in a computer-oriented field. Some episodes are pretty funny like Manfred or the Beirut Bank Job. Some episodes are eye-opening like Black Duck Eggs. I binged them all, and you should too.2019-08-14Phistrom50.98
iTunes (SE)Really interestingLots of good advice about security. Interesting stories. Enjoyable for both techies and ppl like me who are mostly clueless.2019-08-13Rabéns50.98
iTunes (GB)Awesome!Great storytelling style, with good technical detail but also really engaging. Keep up the great work :)2019-08-12Binalbean51.00
iTunes (DK)Getting addictedJust came across this podcast and within 2 days 15+ episodes have been consumed. The narrator is fantastic, the stories breathtaking and the eye for details and facts are just amazing.2019-08-09Hjælp123454350.90
iTunes (US)learned a lotSo far have only listened to the IRS episode and the Stuxnet episode. Both were great. I’ll be listening to much more of this podcast.2019-08-08Woodgeman50.96
iTunes (GB)This is the best podcast you’ll ever listen to..That is all xox2019-08-07Georgiaajamess50.95
iTunes (US)Great podcastGreat podcast listened to every episode in 4 days2019-08-02Dye761050.98
iTunes (US)My favorite infosec podcast by far!Great content, delivery and enthusiasm. My only regret is that I have already binged all the episodes and feel annoyed when I don’t see new episodes in my feed. Just great stuff. Can’t stress enough. I love the episodes from a red team perspective especially.2019-08-02ConfigMgrGeek50.82
iTunes (GB)Frontman of Cyber PodcastsJack has nailed it with a great blend of true stories, and added suspense throughout the shows. Always learning from the podcasts and look forward to the next episodes 🙌🏻2019-08-01Livtadream51.00
iTunes (US)Love itGreat podcast. Interesting stories, great security lessons.2019-07-31sdclams50.98
iTunes (US)Great job!!Love this podcast, I get SO excited seeing a new episode came out. Keep up the great work.2019-07-30StellaLunaES50.99
iTunes (US)Fantastic interviews, good info!Not bad.2019-07-27DouDmg50.98
iTunes (DK)Amazing content with great flow!The stories are amazing and really interesting! I love listening to these when biking!2019-07-26Olde9451.00
iTunes (ZA)super topsOver tops reivew. Sending some love from South Africa.2019-07-26IOTBeanie50.97
iTunes (US)Nice!Great topics, great narration!2019-07-25Amber T M50.98
iTunes (NG)One of the best pods I’ve listened to in a whileAmazing content here. Just amazing. I listened to the first episode and I’ve been binging ever since. Good job on research, content delivery and production. PS: this review comes after listening to the episode “Chartbreakers”.....2019-07-25Sleem LDJ50.99
iTunes (AU)Really interesting podcastI especially enjoyed the latest podcast on the PPP team and defcon. Great work.2019-07-25tlyddiard50.93
iTunes (US)Great podcast.Love the pod. Great content2019-07-24P00h0l350.99
iTunes (US)Love itI am in no way a computer type person, but I love this podcast. I listen to a lot of true crime and this hits in the same vein. It is entertaining and I learn a lot of new stuff. I listen to them first and let my 9 year old listen to most of them. He loves them too.2019-07-24natenateeeeee50.96
iTunes (US)The future is bleakIf the people interviewed and stories told on this podcast are any indication, the future is bleak. The intense dedication to nothing other than malice and hedonism is the dark side of an otherwise intelligent group.2019-07-23Strongbow7310.22
iTunes (US)Great showThe stories are interesting and they are presented in a very good way. Highly recommend it2019-07-23bdjdydjdjdjduduijehe50.98
iTunes (US)Love the show and great for people who want to learn more about the underbelly of the worldI am going through a career change and wanted to learn more about cybersecurity. This show in an awesome keyhole into the digital world, the threats and problems out there, and Jack does an awesome job maintaining production value and quality content. Keep up the good work!2019-07-2312536750.94
iTunes (US)ya these reviews are reali have never reviewed a podcast before. but no podcast has inspiared my to go systech2019-07-23Nuclearfightingworm50.21
iTunes (DE)ExcellentEveryone interested in Infosec should listen to every single episode. I did. They are really educational and excellent.2019-07-20JAB-Germany50.98
iTunes (US)Amazing showAt first I didn’t really like Jack as a host but as I started watching more and I grew the really love the way he presents the show. It feels as if he is learning everything along with the listener but still has all the information and makes the show much more captivating. He definitely has the formula to a successful show down My only complaint is that it only come out every 2 weeks and I’ve run out of old episodes!2019-07-20gjshciwkdncons50.12
iTunes (NL)Ep. 34 - WTFLiterally could not believe the sympathy you guys show for revenge porn criminals in ep34. ‘He didn’t even upload the pictures himself, he just linked to them!’ ‘He got a jail sentence *just* for starting a revenge porn website and encouraging people to upload graphic photo’s of their exes [causing several suicides and even more ruined lives]!’ How in the world do you focus on the “injustice” for the *offenders*? Please look up the words ‘empathy’ and ‘ethics’ and do this episode again. That half-hearted summary at the end doesn’t cut it. Unfollow.2019-07-19plotten2910.11
iTunes (US)Like this butGreat podcast I’ve learned a lot, thanks for putting it out there. I’ll support your sponsors if I have the need for their products! Just listened to chartbreakers. The guy who ended the podcast was dead wrong. People shouldn’t be hired based on the suit they’re wearing, only the value they bring to a company. It’s not and has never been about diversity, it’s about value. Wearing a suit may get you a job but it won’t get you promoted if you’re bad at your job. Good luck and take care!2019-07-16FIRST TIME LONG TIME BUH50.93
StitcherNeed more episodes like carder, carbanak,etc.Amazing show! :) Really loved most of the episodes and truly wanna listen more on something similar to carder, carbanak, stuxnet, etc. kind of stories and tech stuff. Those episodes had a great in-depth information and explanation on how they did hack stuff. Didn't like the "Alarm lamp scooter" - though it was a good story but doesn't look like related to darkweb or something. Please add more exciting stories and more tech stuff. :)2019-07-16Neo123450.99
iTunes (AU)Jack is a great storytellerLove this podcast, one of the few series that I’ve stuck with, brilliant work. Can recommend to anyone with even a mild interest in OpSec and/or IT2019-07-16LongTimeUserFirstTimeReviewer50.91
iTunes (US)Best Security Related Podcast Of 2019 Award!For someone who does it all from the research, recording, post-production, etc. Jack's Darknet Diaries podcast should be given the title of Best Security Podcast Of 2019 as the quality of his podcasts really shows. You've got to do quite a bit to impress me, and Jack certainly does just that. I was shocked to learn that he does it all himself because something of this quality would seem like it would have a team of at least 5 full time specialists.2019-07-10UnderArmourBody50.79
iTunes (CA)Love this podcastJust started listening this morning and I’m about 7 episodes deep already! I love it! Great job2019-07-097021Dmchi50.96
iTunes (US)Very well researched and yet entertaining!Jack is not only an expert security researcher but also an accomplished podcasters. I’m not into IT much and had little idea about sophistication involved in hacking. This podcast opened my eyes to the dangers and smarts out there in cyber world. Fantastic podcast!2019-07-08Ashgreat50.91
iTunes (MX)Awesome!The voice of the host is calm and engaging, and the stories they provide us are very interesting and prove that sometimes reality surpasses fiction.2019-07-07everynicknameitstaken50.95
iTunes (US)WHOA.I'm by no means someone in the IT space, but as someone who is generally fairly security- and privacy-conscious, Darknet Diaries is amazing insight into the deeper parts of the web. Some fascinating, some hilarious and some, downright terrifying. Jack brings stories to light with life that would otherwise be pushed off as fear-mongering. He tells them in such a way that anyone with a basic understanding of how to use a computer can benefit from and appreciate. I have learned so much about the good and the bad parts of the internet, thanks to this podcast. These stories make me so incredibly happy that there are people smarter than me working hard to protect our freedoms and privacy.2019-07-07snalesman50.94
iTunes (US)Worth listeningFirst podcast I binged listened. So informative! Great storytelling !2019-07-07YeeeahBuddy!!!50.99
iTunes (US)Best podcastThis is my favorite podcasts I began around episode 20 and have listened to every episode.2019-07-06Neptune_CJ50.98
iTunes (CA)Love itMy fav podcast of them all can't wait for every new episode very interesting and informative2019-07-011979tdfm51.00
iTunes (IL)Simply the best!!When a new episode comes out I’ll take the longer way to work, suddenly traffic ain’t that bad.. Such A professional approach and spot on narrating, even the more techie parts are easy to follow and to understand. Thank you Jack for taking the infosec podcasts one step forward. Easiest 5 stars ever2019-07-01Dat-lash50.94
iTunes (DK)Subscribe!Really, really good podcast. Well researched, well presented, interesting, unbiased, honest, interesting. Thank you!2019-06-30C/C/C51.00
iTunes (US)Best Podcast EVER!This may seriously be one of the best, most interesting, most well produced, professional podcast ever made. Insanely fascinating.2019-06-30Nerfzilla64550.99
iTunes (US)Deserves a 6/5Best podcast I’ve listened to. Very well narrated by Jack and always the most interesting stories2019-06-26Snazzle crackle pop50.99
iTunes (US)New episode days feel like Christmas morning.I need more. I can’t get enough!!2019-06-26totallynotahacker50.19
iTunes (US)AwesomeGreat job, every episode has me hooked until the end2019-06-26supergmark50.83
iTunes (US)Amazing4c 6f 76 65 20 74 68 69 73 20 73 68 69 742019-06-25Mystic Hex50.82
iTunes (US)6/5 StarsYou simply won’t find a show that covers cybersecurity stories with this level of background and detail. The host is incredible at researching and writing. And he presents stories in a way that is both relatable and accessible for non-cybersecurity listeners.2019-06-25brok3nwir350.94
iTunes (US)One of my favorites.Great podcast. Keep it coming.2019-06-25Dabbner50.98
iTunes (US)Great PodcastOnce I found it, I binged all of them. Well done and great stories. Have recommended to2019-06-22Atx Big Red50.98
iTunes (DE)holyjust awesome!2019-06-20444669685574363350.98
iTunes (IT)Pure high quality podcastI think this is one of the best podcast I ever listen to in years.2019-06-18MiPnamic Von Wirklichkeit50.96
iTunes (AU)Love it!!!!This has reignited my interest in computers IT and all things technology - thanks Jack for your insights and amazing information!!2019-06-18watsonAlexander50.93
iTunes (US)Loving it!Just found this podcast and could not put it down. Great information, presented in a well researched and very entertaining way. I’d give this more than 5 stars if I could.2019-06-17Ult50.99
iTunes (AU)New favouriteDon’t scroll past this podcast. Really well presented content - the technical details are explained in a non-condescending way allowing the story to flow. The stories are fascinating and the presenter has a great voice and easy to listen tone. I’m currently binging from Season 1! It’s totally my new favourite! Well done!2019-06-17StellaB72a150.99
iTunes (AU)Interesting and eye openingLove listening to this. Every case is interesting in its own way and Jake is a great host that keeps it engaging and flowing.2019-06-16ladygagaboy51.00
iTunes (NL)My favorite by farFound it by accident. I have been hooked ever since. So far the only tech podcast that sets a amazing mood.2019-06-14Frenkie198850.77
iTunes (CA)The most entertaining security podcast out there!I look forward to every episode and even do “re-runs” - Extremely entertaining and informative!2019-06-13agiannit50.98
iTunes (US)Great podcast, love it!Just came across this podcast last night and have already listened to a handful of episodes. The host is really informed and sounds like a genuinely nice guy and not like he’s trying to be some uppity tech know it all. Highly recommended!2019-06-12jipjopflop50.92
iTunes (US)Fantastic for IT people and IT curiousThis is a great podcast. Breaks down risky IT practices and hacker “war stories”. The podcasts generally include interview/commentary either from the hacker or responder to the hack. It is very well written, produced and the tone of the host is more than tolerable. The angle on these IT Sec events are unique and unlike anything you could get from a book or articles from common IT and IT Sec sites.2019-06-12ITSecisfun50.83
iTunes (GB)ExcellentTo the point and very informative, I just wish there were more episodes!2019-06-11Verbitan50.79
iTunes (US)Well done and a pleasure to listen to.Very well produced and the content is great. Great for the beginner or seasoned cyber security it IT professional. Kudos for making this!2019-06-11Zoneboy51.00
iTunes (CA)Amazing podcastThis is the best podcast I’ve ever heard. I am an InfoSec enthusiast, and just getting into the field. I am addicted to DarkND, and eagerly await every new episode! Please make longer episodes and keep them coming! Once a month is not enough! Thanks Jack you’re the best!2019-06-11mkultra3350.97
iTunes (GB)Insanely informative!!!I simply love to hear this podcast. Very informative and entertaining. Some of the tools i heard, I use then in real life offcourse ethically. Sometimes I hear episodes in gym than hearing the high beats songs. This keeps me more energised.2019-06-11ronnyrahul50.96
iTunes (US)This is an awesome podcast!I really do love this podcast! Jack always does his best at explaining all of the stories, and he tells them in a very compelling way! I am in an IT position at work, and I can tell you, some of this even makes me think for a bit! Really, a great podcast. I listen all the time.2019-06-10TechGuy61250.98
iTunes (US)Excellent reporting, riveting storiesMy favorite new show. Although the host sometimes sounds like he’s reading picture books to a group of toddlers, the stories are compelling enough to supersede the narration style. Written well with great supprting documentation, these are stories you probably have not heard elsewhere.2019-06-10MustBeJam50.98
iTunes (US)Very entertaining, but informing.This podcast does one of the best jobs I have ever seen of someone making cyber security stories interesting. The information is presented in a way that someone that is technologically challenged could follow along easily, but it’s not too dumbed down to the point that will bore an IT professional. I’ve been a web developer for 5 years and this podcast does a good job of making me think about what I can do to beef up security.2019-06-10thatshortguy44450.97
iTunes (AU)AmazingI’m scare now. But also can’t stop listening. It’s like the opposite of reply all. In a good way!2019-06-07Drhqnril50.96
iTunes (US)AddictingI only recently discovered this podcast and became instantly addicted. So much so that I binged all the episodes. Jack’s way of storytelling instantly grabs you and he breaks down anything technical in such a way that makes it easy for any listener to understand what is happening in the story.2019-06-06Shadow of Mew50.20
StitcherGreat stories, awesome production!One of my "must listen" podcasts! The stories are well-told and interesting, and Jack's telling of them is top-notch. It's obvious that a lot of effort is put into the show and I am always dying to hear the next episode. You won't be disappointed!2019-06-05ticki50.23
iTunes (AU)Masterful research and storytellingI'm surprised to learn that there is no major operation backing this podcast: no large team of researchers, writers, and editors. It's an enormously professional production and is one of only two podcasts I gladly support on Patreon.2019-06-02StevePatonADE50.96
iTunes (US)Awesome PodcastFor newcomers: check out Episode 24 Operation Bayonet. You’ll be hooked. Excellent investigation journalism, always diving into technical talk but never esoteric. Really helpful for my work life in cyber security. Plus, in Episode 27, he specifically doesn’t request that we rate and review. How cool! Hence my rating and review. Great podcast!2019-06-01Ryan the Janker50.99
iTunes (US)Always enjoyableJust wanted to say I’m not much of a computer guy, mostly just surf craigslist, but I thoroughly enjoy this podcast. I like the stories and technical aspect of hacking and programming. Always enjoy when I see a new episode is out. Keep up the good work!2019-05-29Mikeyuhh50.98
iTunes (GB)ExcellentA truly very interesting podcast about dark thing on the internet. Very well researched and produced! Thanks for your content Jack2019-05-29Guitarsbard50.99
iTunes (AU)Best stories that are relevant and interesting to almost everyone.So professional, yet approachable and fun. The perfect depth of info for us all to (almost) understand. Feels both like Jack does everything himself, but with the good writing, interviews and sound cuts, I’d also believe if someone told me there were 15 people involved in the production. Thanks mate, love it and it’s my favourite podcast now. Eldanos2019-05-28Eldanos9950.99
iTunes (US)PerfectThis is beyond the best podcast. I tried other ones and honestly only this one really keeps me wanting more and more.2019-05-24Plutotheory50.76
iTunes (ZA)BrilliantAbsolutely fascinating podcast. Listened to all 30+ podcasts in 2 weeks. Very addictive.2019-05-17Muzza_za50.97
iTunes (US)Truly excellent!This is easily one of my top 5 favorite podcasts of any genre. The writing is great, the stories are engaging, the host is fantastic, and the production quality is great. I binged every episode of this within 2 weeks and I look forward to each new episode. Great work, Jack!2019-05-15Jennlolzbitch50.99
iTunes (US)Longtime Listener, First-time ReviewerI’m not a hacker – I’m only semi-literate in technology, even. But I love good stories, and Darknet Diaries is full of them. When a new episode pops up in my feed, I never let it sit for long. Jack Rhysider makes the arcane accessible, the complicated (not simple, but) a little more understandable, and never fails to entertain and inform me in ways no other podcast does.2019-05-15TheKevinShapiro50.87
iTunes (IE)Gripping even for non-techiesI love tech, but I don’t have the knowledge required to hack my WiFi router so it the connection doesn’t drop every two hours. And, sure, this podcast won’t teach me how to do it. But what it does do is give some phenomenal insight into the hacking world. With gripping narration, the host Jack Rhysider brings the most interesting stories to life and simplifies them so that even non-tech people could easily follow along. Dark Net Diaries is proof that amazing stories can be told even when there’s zero explosions or car chases involved. If you want to learn more on the geniality (and sometimes even naïveté) of the soldiers in 21st century virtual wars, you MUST subscribe to DND!2019-05-11canha14250.89
iTunes (US)⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I binged listened to this podcast for 24 hours. I have never been to riveted and learned so much about how the world works. I prefer this now over PBS Frontline. Thank you so much for all of your hard work Jack! Keep ‘em coming!2019-05-09adamjvogt50.85
iTunes (US)greatsuperb2019-05-07sup_g3351.00
iTunes (SE)Both for techies and non-techies alikeI really enjoy this podcast, the time Jack invests in research and the topics covered. I recommend DD to everyone (colleagues, friends, relatives, dogs...) and together with Smashing Security this pod feels like recreation for someone who’s already submerged in the sec world.2019-05-05Empiripirical50.85
iTunes (US)My current favorite podcastI love this gem tysm2019-05-04honeyglazedmami50.93
iTunes (US)Great podcastProbably hacked the ratings......lol Great and entertaining podcast2019-05-03Chato 80550.97
iTunes (US)Awesome podcastGreat details, storytelling can be a bit overdramatized at times but it’s all good.2019-05-01Jarred Sutherland50.99
iTunes (NZ)ExcellentExcellent production and story telling!2019-04-29Element NZ50.97
iTunes (US)One of my fav tech podcasts; #1 fav for securityExcellent work on each episode. You’ll get hooked and want to keep listening for multiple episodes. Good balance of tech details and surrounding story/scenario, to get a full picture around any one hack or hacker that you rarely see in the news.2019-04-28UnrulyGrrl50.92
iTunes (GB)Fascinating!I love this podcast, it’s well produced, with fascinating stories about infosec, corporate security blunders, large scale hacking and the like. At the time of writing I’ve listened to half the episode and just want more. Long live open podcasting like this, you won’t get this quality from the upstarts trying to wall off podcasts into paid silos.2019-04-28Blue-dreamer50.89
iTunes (US)My fav-o-rite PodcastAnother tech/cyber podcast led me to discover Darknet Diaries and I have burned through every episode over the past two weeks. Jack has just the right sensibility, real-world experience, and intellectual curiosity to make this the perfect show for me. It’s also been awesome to be a part of the (accelerated) evolution of all of the show elements - intro and music included. Thank you to everyone that makes DD possible and so enjoyable. Looks like it’s time to support this podcast - this will be my first patreon endorsement!2019-04-27psynce50.96
iTunes (SE)Awesome!Probably the best podcast out there. Always interesting and entertaining.2019-04-26Eminstra50.99
iTunes (US)Excellent content!!Exellent content!! great redaction!! Kepp entertaining us within this dark world!! It is not just a podcast is thee podcast. Entertainment from the Dark Side Of The Internet!!2019-04-24JhonnyVen50.99
iTunes (US)Very novel look at security podcastsThis podcast was a real breath of fresh air for me on security podcasts. I'm a somewhat new listener but I have already binge listened thru several of his episodes. And I like it! This podcast has more of a theatrical/production type presentation to it. He doesn't just dry-reads the latest security bulletin (aka "Security Now") or brags about his cars, boats and international travel for half an episode (aka "Troy Hunt"),I like that the author picks one security related subject and makes a production out of it (and doesn't go overboard with it.) Moreover the subjects are quite interesting and his presentation is engaging. So good job, man.2019-04-24dcdc201050.95
iTunes (US)ExceptionalThis podcast is great. The production, narrative style and story matter are all top notch. Jack Rhysider is phenomenal. Couldn’t recommend enough2019-04-22tywwa1350.96
iTunes (SE)My favorite podcastVery detailed, yet easy to understand. And very entertaining!2019-04-19AVProdan50.98
iTunes (US)Great ContentLove Jack Rysider and his stories from the Dark Web......Stories are always well put together and relevant to this era of cyber and technology. The best thing about stories played on this Podcast is they are not “gruesome” or “disturbing” (in my opinion - I’ve never had to not listen to an episode because of the story line dealing with sensitive subjects like sexual abuse/murder/weird stuff). Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a Podcast you should listen to while young listeners are around. It takes a look into the back side of Cyber breaches, malware, hackers, red team/blue team/grey hats/black hats , ATP’s, Nation States actors, script kiddies, and organized cyber crime groups. I will say if you are interested in the stories behind what you read about when hacks/breaches or stories never made public by a breached company, this Podcast is for you.2019-04-19Jgunter201150.94
iTunes (GB)Entertaining and InformativeI think this Podcast is brilliant. There are definitely a few problems (or “opportunities for improvement” depending on how much of a bureaucrat you’d like to be) in my opinion. First off; the classic...I wish it was longer/more frequent. Enough said. I’d prefer a more in depth analysis of the scams where possible but, I think more importantly, it would be great to revisit scams from previous shows to provide an update. I’d very much like a segment where a victim of these scams is interviewed on the podcast (names withheld of course) to encourage the attitude and mindset which the Podcast is created in. I believe more people would be less embarrassed when they are talking in a safe environment and without the judgement people tend to be afraid of. The more people hear these stories from a 1st person perspective; the more people will follow and hopefully in a small way will prevent anyone from being too embarrassed to report these crimes. I hope that you read this yourselves guys (and gals behind the scenes maybe?). As I mentioned; to be clear I think it’s great and absolutely worth subscribing to. Thanks to everybody involved (scammers excluded haha) and I have a story of my own which hopefully will interest you. 🙏2019-04-191.Riki50.98
iTunes (CA)The passion is overflowing and it's awesomeBeen a fan of the show since the early episodes. Get content and great host!2019-04-18My Truth Today50.25
iTunes (US)Good podcast...But, the hosts voice. Not for me.2019-04-16okay208430.83
iTunes (US)So well done. And so interesting for a techno geek.This is really well done. I don’t ever review podcasts but I had to stop and review this. Audio is great. Stories are great. Everything is great. Happy to donate to the podcast to keep it going.2019-04-14Ryeguy_2350.99
iTunes (US)Love itIf your interested in IT then this is the podcast for you. You would learn so much and know stuff you didn’t know before. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LISTENING TO IT.2019-04-11xItsFreaKyx50.96
iTunes (CA)Amazing interviewsThis podcast is addictive! The show is extremely well executed and gives you a thrilling experience to embark on a dark true story of the Internet and cyber security. I can’t recommend it enough!2019-04-10Olavon50.93
iTunes (AU)Essential listeningI’m not a hacker or particularly tech savvy but Jack makes this podcast fascinating and approachable. He’s obviously putting a lot of time in to make this a really well researched, thoughtful and beautifully edited/mixed show. Well done, Jack. Thank you! (I saw your post on reddit)2019-04-09Greenbean3351.00
iTunes (DE)big recommendation for people interested in infosecThis is a great show with deep insights. I really enjoy listening to it on my way to work.2019-04-03Javasova50.94
iTunes (AU)Amazing show, must listen!Jack does an amazing job putting together deep dive storytelling on the hacker space. This should be a must listen for anyone who uses a computer.2019-04-03kristofire50.98
iTunes (US)Well-produced, fascinating storiesJack tells the stories behind cybercrime that affected my life without me ever hearing about it. It’s fascinating. The recording and editing are very good. I hope more stories keep turning up!2019-04-02lalanl50.93
iTunes (CA)So GoodThis is literally the best podcast I have ever listened to! I’m excited for new episodes and I highly recommend it to everyone!2019-03-30RMK_150.98
iTunes (ZA)Thrilling!Jack Rhysider tells the real-life stories of hackers in this thrilling podcast. There is no other podcast quite like it.2019-03-29gjsjsirooqnfbsjdkd50.91
iTunes (BG)Awesome podcastI highly recommend it!2019-03-28T.Todorov50.98
iTunes (US)PerfectGreat stories, storytelling, voice, and production. So good, it is almost a cyber crime.2019-03-28App Rover50.93
iTunes (DK)Awesome captivating podcastAwesome captivating podcast and so when done listeing to the last show i am just waiting for the next one to be published. good podcast2019-03-28VonPlaf50.91
iTunes (CA)Super !I REALLY love that podcast !!! Thx alot2019-03-28@ssenez50.99
iTunes (CZ)AwesomeI didn’t met an awesomer podcast than this one.2019-03-27Gift 50550.93
iTunes (AU)An addictive podcastIf your interested in hacking and cyber security (and how they did it ) you will be addicted! I find myself impatiently waiting for new episodes to be released.2019-03-27Huddo5850.90
iTunes (GB)I’ve told my friends about the showHello, I know you said that you would rather people tell their friends about the show instead of giving reviews. Instead I have done both. Great show, really interesting and useful2019-03-25Megadoagado50.90
iTunes (CA)Can’t wait for more episodes!I don’t know a lot about technology but Jack’s explanations make every story really easy to follow. Im so impressed with the level of research and the variety of stories- so much I’ve never heard of, incredibly interesting2019-03-25phlily50.98
iTunes (ZA)Easy yet thought provoking listeningI cant say enough about how good this podcast is. Whether you would in Infosec, a young kid breaking computers or your are simply interested in intriguing matters, this is the Podcast for you. Give it a listen, you wont regret it. -AngusRed2019-03-20TS117550.95
iTunes (US)Great show! Listen to this!If someone told me to check out a new tech podcast I would have said pass no thanks, boring! But this podcast is not boring. It’s fascinating true crime, it’s political, ethical dilemmas abound. I love it. - A loyal happy listener2019-03-20fun-lovin3450.98
iTunes (GB)The best!!I have dabbled with podcast since they came to be part of our daily audio options but never have I ever been so addicted! This is by far the beat I have ever heard. I’m not even in that industry but found the whole series fascinating. A friend informed me about this and I was not sure if I would really care but OMG! I do!! If you you are going to part with hours of your personal time, do it with this podcast. You won’t regret it. I just want more!!2019-03-20Flipflopsuperpants50.23
iTunes (CH)most pleasant voiceI really like the podcast, it‘s well researched and the stories are super interessting.2019-03-20aneahgi50.97
iTunes (GB)Brilliant podcastWell researched series with fascinating stories and interviews. Easily one of my 5 favourite podcasts.2019-03-18Apple Store Demo Phone 246850.99
iTunes (SG)Interesting storiesStories you won't normally see - history of some hacks and cyber attacks, aligned for form a narrative for you. I would love to see more IoT related stuff but perhaps that's a new field.2019-03-16ijs pear50.85
iTunes (US)FavoriteThis is by far my favorite podcast. Jack thoroughly researches the topics and goes really in depth with the stories. The fact that he doesn’t shy away from explaining the technical aspects of things is a huge plus as well. I am PUMPED for the next episode and all the episodes to follow.2019-03-14Justimoplite50.93
iTunes (GB)QualityI started at the beginning and now about half way through. Love the music - so well edited and produced - good variety of topics covered - above all really interesting. Recommended!!2019-03-14infuerno50.97
iTunes (US)Fantastic podcast for cyber security!This is a fantastic podcast if you enjoy anything related to cyber security.2019-03-13MarkyMark958950.94
iTunes (DE)Really good podcast, well presentedThis podcast has nice audio, not too much ads (just very short and non-invasive in the middle) and well researched information. Jack's voice is very pleasant to listen to. Listened now to 8 episodes and all of them where very well done and gripping. Thank you Jack!2019-03-12TonyJStark50.99
iTunes (US)Great listenLove this podcast. I’m a new listener and I couldn’t help but binge it. Interesting stories, great narration and easy to follow even for those of us that aren’t the most “tech savvy”. Hope to keep hearing more!2019-03-12Gmoth22750.99
iTunes (DE)Awesome podcastThe podcast is amazing, it is very informative about darknet & hacking topics. The stories are really great, the tech parts are explained in a very simple way. The sound is very great!2019-03-11Jasschien50.99
iTunes (CH)For any InfoSec enthusiastI've tried a lot of podcasts in the InfoSec genre and this is the one I keep returning to when I want to listen to well-researched and engaging stories. I don't want to bash other podcasters, but let's just say that the 'voice' plays an integral part of it. I've stopped listening to dozens of podcasters because of shrill voices, annoying pronunciations or song pieces. Jack Rhysider hits the right tone. He's got the engaging story and the voice.2019-03-10apfelstrudel_cookie50.21
iTunes (NL)AwesomeEven though one of the episodes proves that reviews don’t matter much on iTunes, here’s one anyway! Very interesting and well produced show, it really goes in depth but explains everything very well. Nice atmosphere and music as well!2019-03-09Smorkolama50.98
iTunes (US)Great! Just greatAmazing! Just listened to the Finn episode, and laughed cause I’ve know the password for my school district forever. If you live in Portland Oregon and go to a PPS school password is. “Portland1851”2019-03-08\not necessary50.96
iTunes (CH)For any InfoSec enthusiastI've tried a lot of podcasts in the InfoSec genre and this is the one I keep returning to when I want to listen to well-researched and engaging stories. I don't want to bash other podcasters, but let's just say that the 'voice' plays an integral part of it. I've stopped listening to dozens of podcasters because of shrill voices, annoying pronunciations or song pieces. Jack Rhysider hits the right tone. He's got the engaging story and the voice. At the risk of sounding like a creep, he's got a steady rhythm and it's just soothing hearing him talk.2019-03-03apfelstrudel_cookie50.81
iTunes (US)Great PodcastGreat production quality. Some of these stories bring me back to my Commodore 64 days back in the 80’s as a young teenager.2019-03-02Reeber7350.93
iTunes (US)Fantastic stories!I love listening to each episode. This is one that makes me happy when a new episode drops!2019-03-01Tom Smith III50.98
iTunes (DK)greatactual interesting write-ups and investigative journalism for once2019-02-27Køppendhawnor50.94
iTunes (US)Awesome Podcast and Opens Your EyesThis podcast is great, I have an interest in this even though I don't study it for school. And love listening and learning what I can do to protect myself and what hackers have done in the past. I'm always looking forward to listening to a new episode every week. Keep up the good work Jack!2019-02-26TheBaconDaddy50.99
iTunes (US)Curiosity got me to listenAnd now I’m hooked2019-02-25Joleeeeee150.76
iTunes (GB)Flippin’ love it(Ironically) My first time leaving a podcast review, even though I now know it won’t make a difference to rankings 😉 Great series, really interesting content, well put together and researched. Sound levels perfect 👌 I’m a long-time tech and gadget geek and love it2019-02-24huff.huff50.99
iTunes (GB)So interestingAll these pod casts are so interesting and varied. You get a look into the secret worlds of cyber crime and hear personal accounts from the people involved.2019-02-23p3r3gr1n350.92
iTunes (GB)Fantastic podcastJust listened to the iTunes Charts episode, which was really well researched and produced. All episodes I’ve listened to so far are detailed and hold your attention. Highly recommended, deserves more attention!2019-02-22Pnewton8450.99
iTunes (US)Must listenGreat stories, great production quality. I’ve listened since the beginning and they have only gotten better. Definitely a top infosec podcast2019-02-22angry koala150.90
iTunes (US)Excellent info!Great and relaxing2019-02-22Logical Eagle50.99
iTunes (US)Great!Being in IT I still find this fascinating. Does a great job bringing real stories to life and I share it with non IT folks to drive home the importance of security. Great job and keep it up!2019-02-20dewski350.93
iTunes (IL)Very professionalAnd interesting2019-02-19benny.bar51.00
iTunes (US)amazing stories and great hostfor a one man show, this podcast is very professional. you can tell he spends a lot of time researching and interviewing guests. The stories are also very exciting to listen to. Unfortunately now i’m paranoid about everything, it seems like anything and everything can be hacked2019-02-10JonF550.80
iTunes (MX)I really love this podcastThe explanation, topics, voice2019-02-09Hiramcoop50.87
iTunes (IN)Great content and qualityOne of the best podcasts out there. Unlike other podcasts, it's not boring or sleepy. In fact it had exciting stories and good amount of research put into the topic being discussed, with insights from various trusted and explored sources. Also the way the creator(Jack) tells the stories is good.2019-02-07PrakharYadav50.98
iTunes (AU)Hacking insights to help protect yourselfGreat research, production and stories. Great podcast!2019-02-06Crypto_b50.88
iTunes (US)Good PodcastEnjoyed the topic and thought they did a lot of research before jumping into a topic - subscribed2019-02-05leow53750.97
iTunes (AU)AwesomeI cannot stop listening. Keep them coming!2019-02-0563T5UM50.96
iTunes (CZ)From podcast hater to podcast loverReally cool stories from the tech world, really entertaning!2019-02-05G.o.m.o.r.a301250.91
iTunes (US)Top Shelf StuffWell researched, expertly produced and presented in a way to keep you engaged. Well worth a listen.2019-02-05Deanwo50.99
iTunes (US)Awesome Darknet Stories!Wow. I was directed to this site off of another podcast that I listen to. Frankly, I was stunned. The absolute incredible quality and research is off the chart. The podcaster's voice is very pleasant and I just can't tell you how blown away I was by the amount of research done. Can't recommend this podcast enough.2019-02-01Alienmojo50.85
iTunes (AU)FascinatingVery scary and so engaging.2019-02-01@thelisaskye50.96
iTunes (AU)Very informativeLove your podcast. It’s the perfect break between other true crime pods I listen to. Recommended you to friends. Keep them coming.2019-02-01nazzaboss50.99
iTunes (US)Great podcastReally love the stories and the information given. This is a great podcast to get through the day and get more info on tech and security. Also odd but his voice is calming to me for some reason ha ha.2019-01-30Yummdonuts50.95
iTunes (US)Fascinating!This podcast has become one of my top 5 favorites! Really well done, not just the events it covers but also they way they are narrated. Amazing.2019-01-30PabloViquez50.93
iTunes (CH)This is worth your time and even moneyI love this podcast and after the 5th episode I had to donate the author 10 bucks. I think down the road I will give him another donation. Despite him claiming that reviews on iTunes do nothing to him (hear episode #27) I would like to thank him for the high quality of research and the wonderful way of story telling. This stuff is fascinating!2019-01-30Sanpedrolo50.94
iTunes (US)Great storytellingThis is great podcast for a lay level to understand what is happening in the world that could affect them by being hacked either personally, in business or in industry. Enjoy!2019-01-29Abstractly thoughtful50.84
iTunes (US)YOUR NEW OBSESSIONI started listening to darknet diaries on a whim, and then I ended up binging all the available episodes in three days!! So compelling! As entertaining and story-like as fiction, but also super eductional!!! I learned so much about cyber security--thought it would be boring, but Jack makes it sound like MIssion Impossible or James Bond. Great sound design, great production, great investigation/research, great show! Also, just have to say, I dont even listen to this podcast on Apple, but apparently this chart is where the podcast fame and acclaim emerges, so here's to you Jack, a review and a subscribe from a faithful listener!2019-01-25NataliaBoots50.97
iTunes (DK)One of the best shows I’ve heard in a while.Even though rating and reviewing doesn’t help this show at all (just listened to Chartbreaker), I want to give my recommendations for this show. It is humorous, very informative and gives a glimpse into the world of digitization. I love it!2019-01-23jspr_h50.96
iTunes (US)Not Just for Tech Geeks!!This is great content that provides insight into the digital world we are all in, even if we don’t want to be! Jack is a great storyteller and a fantastic researcher. Go listen...now!2019-01-23superkit7550.93
iTunes (GB)Johnny D FoxOut of this world research and Amazingly informative A must listen for those that wish to be well informed2019-01-22Johnny D Fox50.95
iTunes (ID)ReviewVery informative. Now i knew more about the world of poscating. Thanks :)2019-01-19Jade:Eyes51.00
iTunes (US)Very enjoyableGood show for a car ride2019-01-18jmillie9950.97
iTunes (US)A hidden gemCaught this podcast off a cold search on the stuxnet virus. The next one I listened to was on gaming podcast top charts. I’m sold - the content is narrated well and the host really digs in and thoroughly researches his subjects. This is going to be my go-to listening for commutes home2019-01-18BoboXIII50.89
iTunes (CA)Tech literate - MUST LISTEN. Simple tech user - MUST LISTEN!!I was made aware of this podcast via “Malicious Life” which played one of the Darknet Diaries episodes. Having binged through the full backlog, I am fascinated and sometimes shocked. Wonderfully entertaining and educational and gives you an understanding of how our networks are susceptible.2019-01-17E.Sam.Ottawa50.97
iTunes (US)Darknet DiariesHackable sent me here! - 01/15/192019-01-15apt34250.50
iTunes (US)Subscribe and Support!I had rate and subscribe because his work is amazing. This podcast is absolutely thought provoking, educational, and very fun to listen to. Subscribe, listen, and rate—you won’t regret it. Oh yeah— buy a T-shirt! Get his swag!2019-01-13@allycodes50.97
iTunes (US)Amazing content and presentationI love listening to this podcast! It’s so informative and well produced. I binged listened to every episode released in approximately 2 weeks. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in infosec!2019-01-12Jroy8373250.99
iTunes (CA)Damn interestingFull of fascinating tech darkside stories. I’ve listened to a few and the content is fascinating and production high quality as well. Definitely highly recommend.2019-01-09Tardisstowaway50.99
iTunes (US)My favorite podcastThis Stuxnet episode was what I have been waiting on for so long. I have always been so intrigued with this virus, so much so I named my home network after it. Darknet Diaries has been by far my favorite podcast. I highly recommend this podcast if you are the least bit curious. The stories are always well rounded and very interesting.2019-01-09xWILDxRINZLERx50.89
iTunes (US)The Best InfoSec podcast out thereDarknet diaries is top notch. Every episode is good. Unlike other podcasts, there is very little filler or waste. Stories are engaging with strong details to make it vivid. A must listen!2019-01-08Konscept50.94
iTunes (US)Recently foundFound the pod last week and listened to all the episodes! So interesting and well-produced.2019-01-06DrinkingIrishTonight50.89
iTunes (DK)Really great podcastLooking forward to more episodes2019-01-05Tkryhlamm50.97
iTunes (US)I love Jack.So so amazing.2019-01-05Cdubbsftw50.99
iTunes (SK)Great podcastSimply great and interesting podcast about dark side of the web. Very well created and presented :). Thank you.2019-01-04lacomartinsky50.99
iTunes (GB)IncredibleJack does an amazing job! Best podcast out there!!!2019-01-04TSkubala51.00
iTunes (GB)Precise amateur journalismWell produced, good stories weaved a hidden gem!2019-01-04Adzkenobi50.81
iTunes (US)Surprised!Initially I didn’t think that I would be interested in this show until I listened to an episode after hearing about it on while listening to Swindled (Great Show!). I’m normally a true crime, Guns & Gear & Military fan. However, after the first show I subscribed and am working on listening to every episode. A lot of the verbiage is over my head. BUT when this happens Jack does a great job of using some type of analogy that clearly explains it in words that make sense so I can understand it. Hacking is Fascinating. Great show! Eve if computers aren’t your thing!2019-01-04Burgetti00750.98
iTunes (US)So informative!I really love this podcast. I am learning so much!2018-12-28Miss Ackee 12350.95
iTunes (US)Great content!!!Exellent content!! great redaction!! Kepp entertaining us within this dark world!!2018-12-23JhonnyVen51.00
iTunes (US)So impactfulThis is my favorite podcast. Each episode has really made a mark on me. It’s very well done, thoughtful, and deeply insightful.2018-12-20blackheartrescuenetwork50.97
iTunes (GB)Absolutely fantastic show on hackers and moreExcitingly well researched show about the darker part of the Web, involving hackers, crime, shady characters and most importantly a brilliant story teller.2018-12-18iRadu50.86
iTunes (GB)Educational & entertainingI have now listened to all the episodes of Darknet diaries and have loved every minute of it. Great work.2018-12-18M1ckle3350.98
iTunes (US)Keeps me coming backYep, good tales. Worth an upvote and patreon subscription. Thank’s Jack2018-12-14PrometheusDXII50.96
iTunes (US)Well researched, great storytellingLove it!2018-12-12Mr Poop butthole51.00
iTunes (US)Been listening for almost a yearLove this stuff! Well researched and produced, crazy it's all done by just one guy. I've been learning a ton about the security world and it's given me new things to study on my own.2018-12-12greencat5350.92
iTunes (US)A Must listenAmazing stories. Expertly produced. The sound mixing and editing is on par with Radio Lab. Excellent podcast for fans of security, hacking or even people who just like good mysteries.2018-12-10moej0j0j050.95
iTunes (GB)Utterly brilliantGenuinely one of the best researched, uniquely interesting and original. This is the podcast I recommend the most.2018-12-10quality only please51.00
iTunes (CA)Fantastic PodcastI typically don’t review or rate anything but I have listened to about 6 of these things while driving around and they are awesome. Mays me wish I had more places to drive so I can listen to more. Keep them coming you have a subscriber!2018-12-08Palmolive178450.91
iTunes (US)Hungry for moreBy far one of the bests PodCasts I have come across. Each story is pefectly balanced with story telling and facts. Jack Does an amazing job hosting each episode and I look forward to each pod. Keep up the great work!2018-12-07anmocd50.95
iTunes (US)Love love loveI need more. I can’t get enough!!2018-12-07totallynotahacker50.89
iTunes (US)Terrific podcast!Jack and his unassuming persona, combined with his own love of podcasting and internet security, make for a truly ‘listenable’ experience. Please give it a try! You (hopefully) won’t be disappointed! If you are, I’ll give you your money back… 😂2018-12-06Senor MegaPelo50.96
iTunes (US)Can’t get enough!The perfect blend of tech and entertainment. This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts and it’s an instant listen every time it pops up in my feed.2018-12-05Doomtickle50.87
iTunes (US)DarkNet is my Highlight!So I am very picky when it comes to Podcast. My time is limited and my attention is short, (I have my own security breaches to worry about!) but Jack does an amazing show! Each week is better than the last, the quality is perfect, topics are on point, his research and dedication into the content of each episode is to be commended. I always learn something new. As soon as a new episode comes out all other podcasts in my list are put on hold. Highly Highly recommended!2018-12-05GregHogan50.86
iTunes (GB)Can’t Stop telling people about thisI was recently introduced to this podcast and I can’t stop telling friends about it! It is such high quality and continuously interesting stories l.2018-12-04Joshwright1050.81
iTunes (US)FavoriteBest infosec/hacking podcast available. So look forward to hearing each episode. Keep up the good work. A++++2018-12-04juanchopancho50.99
iTunes (GB)IncredibleJack does an amazing job!2018-12-04TSkubala50.99
iTunes (PT)Probably my favorite podcastUnbelievably weird, funny and real stories. I’m loving the investigative journalism in the latest episodes, really making me want to spend more time digging weird things on the internet.2018-12-04inesmartns50.15
iTunes (NZ)Awesome!Just an awesome show. Amazing content!2018-12-04timcee4251.00
iTunes (US)I downloaded this app just to leave a reviewHonestly this is my favorite podcast. I initially thought it was going to be just about the dark web but it’s about topics I didn’t even think about. Like how all of our information is out there and how easily people are able to access it at any time and do with it whatever they want. It’s fascinating to hear about companies being breached or how hackers are able to bypass top notch security online and in person. This podcast has opened my eyes to a whole new side of the internet that I didn’t know about. Majority of the time I’m just sitting there in awe as I listen to these true stories. Anyway, keep it up dude. I always look forward to new episodes. Also, Ep. 27 made me wanna leave this review lol2018-12-04Alisun213350.94
iTunes (US)Great PodcastGreat stories with interesting topics of all the stuff you wish you knew about the internet.2018-12-03Atm107200250.79
iTunes (GB)Utterly brilliantGenuinely one of the best researched, uniquely interesting and original.2018-12-03quality only please51.00
iTunes (US)DarkNet DiariesI can not say enough about how insightful and knowledge the author is. I sit in my podcast app and wait for a new episode to be released. You don’t have to be into hacking to listen to this podcast, the author does a good job of explains and niche hacking phrasing that are used. It if you enjoy listening about how The dark side of the internet functions or how some weird things unfolded this is the best podcast out there, hands down no questions asked.2018-12-03Zeathrul50.94
iTunes (ZA)I can’t wait for each new episode.This is by far my favorite at the moment2018-12-03HitmanV50.95
iTunes (IN)Anyone using technology should listen to this.Informative and really really well narrated. It’s entertaining and also educational in a lot of ways.2018-12-03Sushant 9350.99
iTunes (CA)Incredibly interesting podcast.Well-researched, thought-provoking & fascinating podcast. Download now!2018-12-03RachRS50.91
iTunes (US)I’m hookedI didn’t know anything about tech before I started to listening to this show. My sister recommended it, and I’m so glad she did. I’m hooked!2018-12-03Hhoersch50.85
iTunes (IN)The best podcastDefinitely listen to it. I love the research and dedication he puts into it.2018-12-02Marzooq Shah50.97
iTunes (SE)Great pod!!After the last episode I definately have to give an excellent rating and review.2018-12-02Gunnar Nilsson50.87
iTunes (TR)Love it .It makes you addicted, thanks !2018-12-02Davinjii51.00
iTunes (US)RivetingI ran into this program months ago and was sucked in. For a DIY show, the quality is incredible: the editing, research, and story telling are top notch--and it keeps getting better and better. Each show tackles a cyber crime tale or mystery. But it's more than forensic retelling. It's subtle, humorous, and compelling.2018-12-02DrChugClamato50.81
iTunes (CA)Love the storiesI always get really excited when i see new episodes.2018-12-02Phgnome50.94
iTunes (US)Great showsReally enjoy the shows. It has interesting topics, good flow, and the host has a pleasant voice.2018-12-02gmperf50.99
iTunes (US)Curiosity FuelThis is for those days you feel uninspired and need something to think about. This will make the world feel interesting again. Jack Rhysider dives into stories about the internet, hacking, and InfoSec. He illuminates both little-known and well known people and stories to examine the “how” and the “why” that went into various events. You’ll be able to follow along and hear what went right and what went wrong that lead to these situations. If you want to hear about the Carna botnet, early 2000’s game hacks, or even IRS security breaches, this podcast is worth a listen.2018-12-02againstth3grain50.11
iTunes (US)My favorite Technology PodcastAll episodes are interesting and a very engaging podcast! Thank you for the information, & story telling.2018-12-02jms01050.99
iTunes (AU)Well researched and presentedEasy listening, well written, researched and presented. If you’ve any interest in hacking related stories you’ll enjoy this. And if you listen to only one episode, make it Chartbreakers. I’m leaving this review because of that ep!2018-12-02JonDoe500050.94
iTunes (DE)Very goodGood sound design.2018-12-01kuidaore50.97
iTunes (US)Love it!Amazing podcaster here!! Im into IT and I usually listen to a few network security podcast. I don’t listen to any other type but after stumbling on yours one day I was hooked immediately! You have so much variety in the IT mischief stories and I love how well put together it is. I especially like you how you have the actual people or actors voice in their own accounts. Every story is about something different but each one is cool in its own way and so far have loved them all. I actually learn things on computer security from your stories in a different way than from my usual fact told podcast I usually listen to. I’m sure it takes a lot of time to do your episodes the way you do but let me tell you the quality is amazing and it shows. Keep doing what you do. You got a lifelong fan here!2018-12-01Jimmut50.99
iTunes (IE)This is one podcast worth listening tooInterested in Cybersecurity and learning about the mischievous on-goings in the Dark Web. Well researched, professional put together and always interesting. Thank you Rhys.2018-12-01Cyber Smurf51.00
iTunes (US)Outstanding!I was hooked from the very first episode. Being a 20 year IT person with a very diverse tech background, I found these podcasts not only informative, but very eye opening! Keep up the great work!2018-12-01Eclypse201850.99
iTunes (US)Always excited to see a new showJack is a new to the podcast world but it doesn’t show. He strives for good quality shows. More than once I thought a show would be boring because I had known about it or it was about a security issue from a while back, but I am often proven wrong when it is relevant and interesting. Thanks for brightening my day and keeping me motivated in my field of work!2018-12-01lo_n_slo50.90
iTunes (US)Excited by new episodes in feed!I do not know how I stumbled onto this podcast but really glad I did. Not only is it super entertaining, well researched and well produced, but it has also caused me to examine my (lack of) cyber security and make some changes.2018-12-01Psuedorandom_Gibberish50.87
StitcherNerdy newsAs a geek, I'm pretty interested in the world of hacking. Always thought it would be more difficult but the subjects of these episodes make it sound like it's ridiculously easy and we're relying on the general goodness of society to prevent chaos. Very interesting topics.2018-11-27wadingmoose50.83
iTunes (GB)Original, high-quality, binge-worthy podcastJack’s podcast is just fantastic. I don’t come from a hacking background or even have in-depth knowledge of computers, but this has become one of my favourite podcasts. Bridging the gap between true-crime and cyberspace, most of the stories covered aren’t any that I’ve encountered in mainstream news outlets. Along with the storytelling, the production quality is excellent and I can’t believe Jack makes this all on his own. Truly binge-worthy!2018-11-27tabadabbadoo50.90
iTunes (US)Very well done, excellent contentI’ll just “ditto” what the user 0x6869 says in the reviews. Definitely addicted to these podcasts and look forward to each new episode.2018-11-27Cmprather50.98
iTunes (GB)A busman’s holiday!As a cyber investigator you’d think I’d get my fill of crime in work! Yet I’m engrossed in this podcast. Jack is doing some brilliant work by bringing these cases into public consciousness. I’ve just finished listening to the IRS case, and I’m fascinated by the similarities between this and one of my current investigations with HMRC here in the UK! Great work Jack, easily my favourite podcast. 👍2018-11-24ColJGG50.96
iTunes (US)CyberSec Gold.Long Live Jack Rhysider! Long Live Darknet Diaries!2018-11-19Medinz50.50
iTunes (US)Content rich and eye-openingwhen so many podcasts have so little content (just some guy(s) rambling), it's amazing that Darknet Diaries have in-depth content and great edit that captivate me episode after episode. This podcast opened my eyes to so many things that I didn't know about!2018-11-16led200050.95
iTunes (BE)Excellent podcast about the dark side of the InternetI really enjoy all the stories reported in this podcast ... they’re concret, well explained and very interesting.2018-11-16Louisdd50.97
iTunes (US)Very well doneOne of the things I love about this podcast so far (I’m only two episodes in) is how the host gets right to the chase. No intro, no shoutouts, and no crypto ads. Press play and BOOM you’re spoon deep in Darknet soup! He’s so good at this he doesn’t even bother introducing himself. I’ve don’t know that I’ve seen that before. I think the only thing I am craving for in these stories is a little extra natural sound. Sound from tv news or interviews from the time the story took place. Buy now, this podcast is going to the moon!2018-11-16EchoBrav050.83
iTunes (US)If you're into tech, give it a listenGreat venture into the history of tech, as well as where we are going. A well balanced mix of technical info, and storytelling.2018-11-09Great topic, great podcast50.89
iTunes (GB)Cunning cyber insightCongratulations on delivering quality podcast with splendidly relayed insights from the darker side of cyber security. Gaining inputs from characters involved from policing or cyber plaintiff.2018-11-03LxsB50.86
iTunes (US)So interesting!I can’t recommend this podcast enough! It’s interesting, well written and thought provoking. The technical concepts are explained simply - logically and yet eloquently. The hosts’ voice is calm and smooth, but not annoying or patronizing. (Ahem, Aaron Mahnke...) He stays quite neutral, even though he works in the technology field. The stories told are interesting and varied, but also all contain that common thread of tech. The research and facts provided are in-depth and relevant, no off-topic ramblings or rants - because the subject and the content is interesting enough without them. I look forward to every new episode. I can’t get enough. If you’re into tech - or if you just wish you were - listen to this!2018-11-02Mrs.Storey66250.93
iTunes (ZA)Great contentThe best of it’s kind2018-10-30Gaddez8850.98
iTunes (US)Super excitingTop quality production and keeps me on the edge of my seat with all the crazy things that have happened! My favorite podcast out of the 30 others I listen to2018-10-27scmgames250.95
iTunes (US)Incredible tech writingAn engaging and important bit of tech writing. I’m always so impressed with how the host breaks down complex technical issues while also getting across their general importance. I’d definitely give it a listen.2018-10-25justkatarin50.92
iTunes (KE)Worth that 5 star rating.The production quality is beyond that of an average podcast. Content quality is really good and last but not least, the best use of vocal range, intonation, diction etc. Really impressive. Good work.2018-10-18nixorb50.98
iTunes (AU)BrilliantThis is such a fantastic podcast . Being interested in technology and computers and to find such a podcast with interesting and informative retellings of events is a treat. Jack does a terrific job researching and presenting these episodes . I look forward to each new one and an always excited to see a new ep released. Keep up the great work .2018-10-17JamesSouthAustralia51.00
iTunes (GB)Such an amazing showEntertaining, well produced, and each episode is a wonderfully engrossing listen. I'm currently binging all past episodes and am totally hooked to this brilliant project, keep up the great work Jack!2018-10-17llapgoch50.98
iTunes (US)Keep going!Listened to every episode, really interesting!2018-10-15Bored&seeking50.97
iTunes (CA)Seriously awesome!Easily one of the best podcasts on this subject. I wish I could give it 10 stars! Definitely recommended if you're into computers, security or just good story telling.2018-10-14Q665950.90
iTunes (AU)An instant favourite!I listened to all of the available episodes in one week. Keep them coming!2018-10-14nickdrewe50.97
iTunes (US)Endless streamingMy favorite podcast.. I have and continue to listen for hours. I am dreading fully catching up!2018-10-12Xojessicamoon50.85
iTunes (US)Awesome show!I work as a full stack dev and it’s reassuring to see that all of the security measures that I take, in all aspects of my life, are well worth it! Very interesting episodes, I’ve just finished listening to every one and they’re all amazing.2018-10-09the_LizardKing50.99
iTunes (US)Interesting and informativeThis podcast is definitely worth your time. I love this podcast and listen to it daily. I 100% recommend everyone listen to this!2018-10-08Sean_Reviews50.99
iTunes (US)Best podcast everI listen to podcasts everyday while I work so I’ve listened to them all. This is by far the best podcast I listen to and wish the creator could put out more content! The story’s are great and it gets me thinking about the dark side of the internet that I barely know.2018-10-01Elroy Bennington50.89
iTunes (CA)👍Great job, loving it. Keep them coming!!2018-09-30TheClutchBear51.00
StitcherInteresting and informativeReally well done. Well produced and the topics are really unique and interesting. Always worth a listen.2018-09-27slapshot1250.98
iTunes (US)Unexpectedly DelightfulI discovered this podcast by accident (on the recommendation from a fellow true crime podcast fan in a Facebook group) and am glad I did! I consider myself moderately techy but only enough that I know I could get myself in over my head easily by mistake. From this position I genuinely appreciate the accessibility of the stories and explanation breakdown of how things like blockchain, bitcoin and different ways hacking is accomplished. At the same time the podcast’s pace isn’t hampered by these explanations and tell throughly satisfying stories. I love the interviews with individuals who the stories are about- it really adds to uniqueness of the story. Can’t wait for many more episodes!2018-09-24Demi 😈50.96
iTunes (AU)Interesting...While I was listening to the episode about people stealing card numbers I got the urge to check my latest transactions to make sure they were legitimate. I noticed that my card had been used to purchase online software not 2 minutes before. I did not make that purchase and I did not recognise the company that charged me. So I called up the bank and they froze my account...my account is still frozen...2018-09-23snipper88850.09
iTunes (PL)Great storytellingThe author has awesome storytelling skill. These podcasts are great stories told in very entertaining way. Listen and learn from them.2018-09-20The SiliconMind50.98
iTunes (US)OutstandingI recently discovered this podcast having an interest in Network security and privacy. The stories are fascinating and Jack Rhysider is a master storyteller. I have now listened to all the available episodes. I was familiar with many of stories covered, but this presentation was a unique look at the story from a perspective not found elsewhere. I have made a small donation to the podcast and plan to donate in the near future. Please keep up the good work.2018-09-16mjd179150.96
iTunes (US)Great stories and very well doneThis is a great podcast. The stories are ones I can’t find anywhere else and the host does a great job of leading you through the stories. Very well done keep it up. Thank you2018-09-15TimScannell50.99
StitcherReally great stories, keep 'em coming!All of the episodes are excellent. Some bring to light little known events from history, usually with some interviews with those involved or surrounding the event. Sometimes they're interviews with the people who did those interesting things. Great Podcast, reminds me of a favorite book called Approaching Zero.2018-09-14pkp_50.98
iTunes (US)Tremendous PodcastIf you're not listening to this show, you are missing a lot. Great show.....addictive. Keep up the good work.2018-09-10samike50.93
iTunes (US)SweetVery interesting & relevant 🙌🏼2018-09-09❤️Mtns♥️51.00
iTunes (AU)fabulous stuffnuthin beats a cold beer, sunshine,and cranking up the pwnage...2018-09-08haveibeenpwned50.77
iTunes (US)So fun and informative!I’m just your average computer user. I am fascinated by, but know nothing about the dark side of the internet. I love this podcast since it introduces me to fabulous characters doing things I can’t imagine doing. It’s also beautifully produced. You will not be disappointed if you give it a try.2018-09-08mezzsing50.93
iTunes (NZ)Thrilling and informativeThis podcast is one of the most interesting and gripping I’ve ever listened to. There’s something to learn about security and privacy in every episode. Must listen for anyone interested in IT2018-09-07BenP_00050.98
iTunes (US)Exactly what the Cybersecurity Scene NeedsThis is hands down the best cyber security podcast out there. I was floored when i found out he was interviewing the maker of Sub7! From botnets, crypto, APTs, and game hacking this podcast goes everywhere! Thank you very much Jack!2018-09-05braker1550.82
iTunes (US)Factual entertainment for your infosec needsThis is an increadibly solid and well produced podcast that continues to offer interesting and thought provoking content.2018-09-03Prion250.93
iTunes (US)AwesomeI absolutely enjoy this podcast, thank you!2018-09-03RRX1150.99
iTunes (GB)Great podcastDarknet Diaries is one of my favourite podcasts. It offers a fascinating insight into some of the internet’s most mysterious and compelling stories, from hacking to the deep web. The true stories are well researched, and Jack delivers them in a simple, concise manner without any cringe jokes or random tangents. I’d recommend this to pretty much anyone with any interest in technology.2018-09-01benspeight50.96
iTunes (US)The most underrated podcast out thereThis podcast is an endless torrent about all the important hacks in the world, produced with the quality of This American Life. Check this out now.2018-09-01GrayZabel50.81
iTunes (US)Amazing, bingeworthy podcast on infosecBefore you listen to one, make sure you’ve cleared your calendar. This is bingeworthy content, the likes of which you’ve never heard before.2018-09-01Wakler50.99
iTunes (US)Excellent DocuDrama Style Podcast on Real Hacks/HackersThis is the "Serial" of stories from the dark side of cybersecurity. Extremely well researched and explanations provided to explain the techniques being used by the hacker featured and the music and narrative really brings you into these fascinating stories. This should be recommended listening to anyone who works in cybersecurity or interested in learning more about how hacks/hackers work which should be a must for anyone working in the field! Offense informs defense. Keep up the awesome work, Jack Rhysider!2018-09-01xchg eax,eax50.98
iTunes (US)love this podcastAwesome host with a soothing voice. Love the interesting topics he covers. Please keep making these!2018-08-29bren956550.99
iTunes (DK)Well told stories about the dark side of the webEntertaining and educational podcast about the shady side of the internet. Hacking and cybercrimes. Very well put together with relevant soundbits and interviews.2018-08-29Peter von L50.86
iTunes (AU)Interesting and thought provoking...So amazingly good... Such interesting content.2018-08-27balthakk51.00
iTunes (US)Best for info concerning what we are up against in the wildThe info in this podcast is essential to understanding just how seriously marginalized we are when we open that browser and head out into the wild Wild West that is the Internet. The host has a great presentation style and a smooth non irritating voice.2018-08-27Ldonelson50.92
iTunes (SE)More!!Please, best podcast I have heard!2018-08-26Patrullen50.84
iTunes (AU)AhhhmazingThis is such a great listen. So much research and love for the nerdier things in life. Awesome presentation and draws you in. Huge fan. 👊🏼2018-08-24Jezz15850.97
iTunes (US)RadioLab for HackersI recently discovered this podcast after a co-worker shared the Mobman & Sub7 episode. I'm hooked! The show is well worth keeping in your podcast feed if you're remotely interested in security and hacking. Keep 'em coming!2018-08-23AndrewC987550.94
iTunes (CA)Super InterestingInteresting and exciting hacking and cyber crime stories. I’m sold. My new favorite podcast. My only suggesting would be to....make them daily!2018-08-19Joeyjango50.89
iTunes (US)In my top 3 InfoSec Tech podcastsJack does an amazing job introducing us to these interesting characters. He’s turning into the Malcolm Gladwell of InfoSec. Keep up the good work Jack. I can’t wait for the next episode.2018-08-18Evanx11125248150.99
iTunes (US)good stuffRecently found this show and really dig the tone and topics. Looking forward to diving in more.2018-08-17fil--50.98
iTunes (US)Right up my alleyDude is balling.2018-08-17Von666650.70
iTunes (CA)Great storytelling on a complex topicJack Rhysider has a great storytelling style that brings the human side of complex stories to your ears. If you are interested in cyber security at all, you should be listening to Darknet Diaries.2018-08-16MacAdk50.96
iTunes (US)Fantastic showI love listening to this, even though I’m closer to the novice end of the computer knowledge spectrum. I can’t get enough!2018-08-15YourPretzel50.82
iTunes (US)So Interesting!Just started listening yesterday and I can’t stop. I enjoy the fact that an explanation of technology is broken down for non techies to understand. Currently binging!2018-08-14mommytothemaxx50.82
iTunes (US)Darknet DiariesThis is a fascinating podcast, and it made me realize how little I really know about cyber security and the shadier sides of the internet. Jack clearly puts a lot of work and research into each episode, and that makes for a great listening experience. Even when some of the tech talk goes over my head I still find myself engaged and always looking forward to the next episode.2018-08-12houndsmoon50.77
iTunes (US)Intriguing and Excellently ProducedI love this show. Every episode has been intriguing and thought provoking, especially as a software engineer. I’m quickly running out of episodes and I only started listening a couple weeks ago!2018-08-07Troutinator50.93
iTunes (US)Awesome storytelling!I enjoy listening to this podcast because of its cool subject matter and awesome storytelling. My background is in IT but I think that anyone interested in tales of hackers would love this show. Keep it up!2018-08-03kriss50.99
iTunes (US)If you like Reply All and Breakmaster CylinderSuper happy to have discovered this podcast. Like them on Facebook and check them out. Deep dive into hacks and other cool stuff about depths of the Internet!2018-08-02bionicgram_on_IG50.98
iTunes (ZA)*****Thanks for effort. Always happy when this show appears in my feed2018-08-01danielmalan50.82
iTunes (US)AwesomeBest podcast about this topic since Hacked suddenly stopped making episodes.2018-08-01its_bmo_time50.76
iTunes (US)really well researched good toneif you like this stuff it's up your alley for sure2018-07-31Bill Automata50.98
iTunes (US)Good timesI would have to say this podcast wasn’t what I expected. I certainly judged a book on its cover. To my delight. I have been enthralled by the story’s and learned a thing or two as well. If anyone is reading this and can’t decide to listen or not. Let me be the first to say, trust me. It’s a fun rabbit hole to jump down.2018-07-26Saucey198150.96
StitcherBest netsec/cyberops podcast out thereReally well researched and put together, episodes aren't overly dramatic or sensationalized. Wouldn't change anything other than having more in my queue!2018-07-26erehydobon50.89
iTunes (US)Love it!Well done! Glad I found this podcast.2018-07-23Snowpenny50.99
iTunes (US)Can't stop listeningI came across this podcast when there were already 16 episodes available and I binged through them. Stories are amazing, the guests intriguing, the narration oustanding. I keep wondering how Jack dug up these captivating stories and guests. Highly recommend this to anyone who loves computers, the internet or just a good yarn.2018-07-15RunnerLuis50.97
iTunes (US)Stakes are too lowIt’s like locked up abroad, if they were smuggling fruit at the risk of a stern reproach.2018-07-14Crustopher Colonpus50.11
iTunes (US)Fascinating and InformativeI always learn something new with every listen. Great quality production and well written. It should be right up there with This American Life. Jack Rhysider has a wonderful voice and keeps you on the edge of your seat. One of my favorite podcasts!2018-06-30TLDuke50.99
iTunes (CA)Awesome showEven if you’re not a computer geek, all the stories are well executed. They are all entertaining, well narrated, genuinely good story. Now go listen to it!2018-06-27Kane7750.99
iTunes (US)Absolutely Excellent!Fascinating stories and great info every episode. Highly entertaining. Highly recommended!2018-06-24TuneTalker50.99
iTunes (US)One of My Top 3 Fave Podcasts of All-TimeOne of my friends works in cyber security security introduced me to this podcast, and I listened to the first episode. Thought it was pretty good, so I subscribed. Then within 30 days, I had finished all of the episodes. I really love the audio quality as well as the editing. But most importantly, the topics discussed are very dear to my heart and I think that the quality of guests that are on the show are top notch.2018-06-23Rob Xander50.90
StitcherGreat showVery well put together, with great content and guests.2018-06-21vu1can50.99
iTunes (GB)top podcastthis is a very well made podcast. nothing much around as well done.2018-06-21aidans audio review50.98
iTunes (SE)Best podcastBest pod ever. This is for you If you love hacking, gaming or crimes. The music is perfect (especially in manfred 1 & 2) it’s just so much feeling in this one!... and have you noticed the hidden/secret messages in the first couple of episodes? Think this mystery is unsolved... Maybe something to check out.2018-06-13Honor...50.91
iTunes (DK)NiceVery interesting and good interlude music! Nice!2018-06-13mester950.99
iTunes (GB)Great PodcastI have listened to every episode back to back I love these podcasts.. keep doing these Jack, they are awesome. Well done Would love to hear you on the smashing Security podcast one day2018-06-09ChrisTimm150.99
iTunes (CA)Love itI look forward to listening to darknet diaries at the start of every month. It is full of quality content and editing. I am always intrigued by the stories Jack tells. This podcast deserves more credit!!2018-06-06emmajonuts50.95
iTunes (US)Great contentGreat stories without ads besides the mention of his website at the very end. Which isn’t really an ad to me.2018-06-06Mus1cF1end50.89
iTunes (US)Must listen. Top notch across the board.Excellent production quality, exceptionally written, Brilliantly narrated, and excellent soundtrack.2018-06-06jp7x750.98
iTunes (GB)Such an amazing podcoastI’ve been waiting for something like this for ages. I always wanted to know what happens on the dark side of the net. I would like longer episodes and better quality voice coming from the people telling the story. The host sound perfectly fine it’s just the people saying there story. I’ve been spreading the word to all my tech guys as this is perfect for them.2018-06-05kiran.thomson50.94
iTunes (US)GordonLove all the stories. Wish they came out more often.2018-06-05ddresdfg50.14
iTunes (US)Great podcast!!!Love the stories love the production quality. The story of finn is the greatest!2018-06-04argo7650.97
iTunes (US)History LessonsIt’s fantastic to hear the history behind some of these incidents that I’d completely forgotten about. Keep up the great work Jack.2018-06-04l0st1nw4ttz50.86
iTunes (US)Don’t stop making these!It’s a niche show with a niche topic set, but I love it.2018-05-24carbon_350.92
iTunes (AU)Great PodcastGreat podcast once you start you can't stop. It just gets better and better. Gives you a great perspective and inside look on hacking and the law side. Keep going Jack love ya work.2018-05-04Toastercheese50.98
iTunes (US)Great Cyber PodcastExcellent podcast - well done, intriguing and informative for techies and non techies!2018-05-02Littlemissmedamnit51.00
iTunes (US)PhenomenalThe best representation of what it means to be a hacker in any form of media, ever.2018-05-02dimethal50.94
iTunes (US)Inspiration!Stumbled upon the cast and it’s incredible! It inspired me not to tread water and to venture out and learn more.2018-05-01Dutch25350.94
iTunes (US)Highly Recommended, fascinating!!!This is one of the best podcast I’ve ever listen to. I highly recommend it. If you guys come on, and you into the darker side of the web for a fantastic stories that many cases are extremely exclusive.2018-04-28Deschutes8850.99
iTunes (US)Entertaining and informativeThis is the only podcast I currently follow2018-04-27Calebmadrigal50.97
iTunes (US)5 🌟This podcast dives deep into some of the craziest stories ive ever heard of the Internet. Of all the things to get complete details about, these episodes will basically let you understand what its like to be on both the good and bad side of cyberspace. Amazing show! Send this out to EVERYONE you know, lets make Jackery famous!2018-04-05alexxeladua50.93
iTunes (GB)Really enjoy listening to how the deep web cogs workReally enjoy listening to this podcast whilst in bed falling asleep, however I find them far too short and would of given 5 stars if each podcast was gone into in more detail and been longer. Should be 1hr minimum as I find them very informative Keep up the great work2018-04-02Rottie Mad40.93
iTunes (CA)Darknet Diaries is Addictively goodWe love good storytelling in infosec. Fascinating topics and very well told. I was mesmerized. More please!2018-03-233ncr1pt3d50.97
iTunes (US)Entertaining and informative.I listen to a lot of info/cyber sec podcasts, and this one is unique in the style of addressing a story in an end-to-end fashion. Great production and content; two of these are required listening for my students. Keep up the great work!2018-03-08sal.a50.99
iTunes (US)Excellent PodcastI just recently discovered this podcast. Ripped through every episode, love it!2018-03-04Kyle Craft50.85
iTunes (US)Great podcast great hostExplains hacking in a very easy to understand way. Excellent2018-02-27Skunz1851.00
iTunes (GB)Absorbing and interestingWell I listen to quite a few podcasts, some tech and some entertainment, and I think this is the first time I've been inspired enough to write a review. Darknet Diaries combines elements of tech and entertainment. The sheer quality of the story-telling, and the unique angle - taking a security incident that I might recognise from the news and telling it as a logical narrative make this my new favourite podcast! We hear from some of the protagonists in interviews or quotes, there's detail on what happened in the aftermath and great quality audio, music, and a good "radio voice" from the presenter. I'd be happy with all the technical detail they care to throw into the episodes but I can see that too much would detract from the flow. Just excellent, thanks.2018-02-22splut50.99
iTunes (US)Great info!This is one of the most thorough Infosec podcasts I have ever heard! Very thorough historical background and great storytelling. I think the production team could use a little boost, but despite that - 5 stars!2018-02-20AcroTiger50.98
iTunes (US)Excellent overview of those stories you didn't pay attention toReally great podcast that covers some of the topics/people you never really heard of (but should). Excellent technical writing about things like a famous game hacker, Bitcoin, the Crypto Wars, and more. Really strikes a good balance between clarifying just enough for typical people to follow, but still enough details for more technical folk to find interesting.2018-02-05Ninja_kitteh50.98
iTunes (SE)Interesting and well producedMost interesting podcast I have ever listened to. <>2018-01-26Mr. Musman50.97
iTunes (US)Great crime story telling!If you're into crime stories you will love it. If you're in tech, even better. Well paced, edited and produced.2018-01-24NYC794950.94
iTunes (US)Incredibly engaging and well-producedIf I sent you an episode of this podcast, unmarked, you'd be forgiven for thinking it had some serious backing from NPR, or Gimlet. It's professional, well-produced and engaging as heck. Darknet Diaries is a seductive show that lures you in with its storytelling prowess, so while I'm only an episode deep, I won't be for long.2018-01-19Michael Callahan50.88
iTunes (US)This One's Gonna Be HUGEThis pod has everything needed in the formula for success. This isn't just some guy with two hours, a case of energy drinks, a mic and Wikipedia. It's well-written and listener friendly for a wide audience, not just tech people. Jack explains just enough of tech concepts or terms without interrupting the flow, or turning off those who already get it. Production values and sound quality are top-notch. Narration is excellent, there are no weird pacing or syntax issues, and Jack has an appealing podcasting voice. The stories are engaging with mass appeal, for these are issues that can affect any one of us. Jack has also done his due diligence in research and fact-checking (I checked for a couple stories) and has relied on multiple, legit sources. I would not be surprised to see this podcast listed as a "Best Of" or some other distinguishing rating for 2018. This one will only get better with time.2018-01-17eeveel50.84
iTunes (US)Amazing Tech Deep DivesEverything about this podcast is done right. Hopefully it gets more traction, the podcast is too good not be noticed.2018-01-03willvio50.87
iTunes (US)One of my favorite podcastsFirst off, the production value is fantastic. I have absolutely zero complaints in thag area. To be honest I don't have a great complaints. This podcast is awesome, I find myself re-listening to the episodes all of the time. Extremely interesting topics, guests, and topics with every episode. Highly recommended.2017-12-20Zachary Rohrbach50.94
iTunes (US)A must listen to podcast.I really enjoy this podcast. The topics are informative, well researched, and entertaining. I very much look forward to every episode showing up in my feed. The sound quality and pacing are great.2017-11-18Bddst750.98
iTunes (US)Truly enjoyableGreat stories. Great production quality. This is quickly becoming my favorite podcast.2017-11-17Latroc50.98
iTunes (GB)A very good listenA interesting, wish there was more podcasts like this. Keep up the good work- thank you!!2017-11-16MikesMessage50.97
iTunes (GB)Ridiculously goodHeard about this on Libsyn Feed and took a listen. What an excellent show! Very engrossing episodes and very professional, with good music and sound quality. I’m hooked for good, not often I become a devout fan of a new show. Thanks for the many days, weeks and even months that I’m sure each episode takes to put together! Paul from the Fighting Through WW2 Podcast2017-11-14JustMePaul50.99
iTunes (US)You need to listen to this!This is easily becoming a favorite, very interesting and in depth!2017-11-03k fred 6750.95
iTunes (US)CS student / tech enthusiastI really hope this podcast keeps turning out more content. Great production, soundtracks/sound designs are well done, narrator’s voice is great, and the stories are interesting and very well presented. My favorite new podcast!2017-10-30Red-noobie50.99
iTunes (US)Interesting/entertaining/informativeI found this podcast on a Reddit post and decided to give it a try. There’s a lot I didn’t know about security wise that I’m learning from listening and this has just really stoked my interest. I want to be in web security as a Career so I couldn’t ask for a podcast better fit for my interests. I recommend to anyone with interest in the web or crime.2017-10-25AudioGrail50.89
iTunes (CA)Great stuff!Love listening to stories like this.2017-10-23josh10910950.99
iTunes (US)You can't miss this.I'm a HUGE fan of crime/hacker YouTube shows and Mr. Robot... this podcast is my new favorite addiction! The quality of the sound and editing is top notch - 10 out of 5 stars. Can I get a new episode every day!?! Brilliance, Jack.2017-10-19fashionablyfrank50.93
iTunes (US)A must to listen tooStories are great and the production quality is top notch. If you love listening to hacking stories you’ll love this podcast.2017-10-18w@rr@nt50.97
iTunes (US)A great view into a seldom seen worldFirst off the production value is really great on this podcast. The background music really draws attention to the episodes without being overpowering. Jack has a subtle and yet cognet voice that draws you in to the story, and in some ways reminds me of Ira Glass. The series provides a good balance between technical details and piecing together the big picture of what happened in the story. I would recommend it if you want to expose people into the infosec world through through some interesting stories.2017-10-180x686950.91
iTunes (GB)Great and interesting stories for such a big hidden worldReally interesting to see how the dark web works and the people involved!2017-10-17RemakingEden50.96
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